How much do veneers cost in Singapore (2022 options, prices, process)

Have you ever looked at a picture of a Hollywood star and thought to yourself, “I wish I had teeth like that.” 

Well, your dream of having straight, healthy pearly whites is possible – dentistry has come a long way in helping us to achieve that. This comes in the form of dental veneers. 

Studies have shown that the use of dental veneers, especially at the front of the mouth, have become increasingly popular due to its reliability and compatibility1. 

Are dental veneers the right fit for you, what goes behind their price tag, are there subsidies for dental veneers in Singapore? Let’s find out. 

What are dental veneers?


Dental veneers are thin shells made of either porcelain/ceramic or resin composite materials, which are cemented to your natural teeth to improve its appearance. Aesthetics aside, veneers can also protect your teeth from damage. 


If this procedure is suitable for you, you can have your perfect smile made in just a few days, lasting anywhere from 10-15 years. 

There are two main types of dental veneers available: porcelain/ceramic veneers and composite resin veneers.

Porcelain/ceramic veneers

As its name suggests, porcelain veneers are made of porcelain, and they are permanently adhered to your natural teeth. 

These types of veneers are the more popular choice as they are stain-resistant, and they are also able to replicate the light reflecting properties of natural teeth2. Therefore, they look as close to natural teeth than any other materials. 

Porcelain/Ceramic Veneers are also much more stronger so are more resistant to breakage and fractures.

They have a high longevity of 10-30 years.

Composite resin veneers

Made from composite resin or dental plastics, there are two main types of composite resin veneers: direct composite resin veneers and indirect composite resin veneers. 

Direct composite resin veneers are cemented to your natural teeth, while indirect composite resin veneers are customised and made in a laboratory before they are fit onto your teeth. 

Resin Composite material tend to degrade over time which leads to the material looking dull or even discolour.

Both types of composite resin veneers are reversible and so are a popular choice for individuals who wish to maintain the original structure of their natural tooth3. Do note that removal of these composite materials can slightly damage the surface of your natural teeth.

They have a longevity of 5-7 years before they start to decline in aesthetics. 

Am I a suitable candidate for dental veneers?


Dental veneers can be used to cover up a multitude of issues, allowing you to have a superstar smile. In Singapore, veneers are usually used for the following issues:

Overall, they are a good option as they are long-lasting and provide good aesthetic outcomes4.

While some individuals are well-suited for dental veneers, there are some who are not a good match. If you have the following issues, you may not be a good candidate for dental veneers:

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Are dental veneers any good?

As with all procedures, it is important to know the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

It is important to note that the amount of tooth structure needed to be reduced is dependent on a number of factors. These factors include:/p>

  1. The underlying tooth colour that we need to mask and the desired final tooth colour
  2. The position of your tooth in relation to your desired smile curve,
  3. The quality of tooth structure present
  4. The presence of tooth decay or dental fillings
  5. The need for additional lip support
  6. The material properties such as the minimum thickness requirements

Therefore, porcelain and composite resin veneers can actually result in the same amount of tooth reduction. However, composite resin veneers tend to require less tooth trimmings as they can be directly pasted on teeth. This advantage is somewhat neutralised due to the shorter longevity of resin composite as replacing them would require the dentist to grind them out (inadvertently removing tooth structure) before placing a new composite resin veneer.

Should there be excessive tooth reduction, it may cause teeth to be sensitive and may lead to root canal treatment in very severe cases. This is extremely rare.

Porcelain veneersComposite resin veneers

  • Stain resistant
  • Natural looking; catches light similarly to the way a natural tooth does
  • Usually lasts for 10 to 15 years. Studies have shown that porcelain veneers can even last more than 30 years!
  • Durable
  • Aesthetics remain great for throughout the years
  • Reinforces tooth structure in broken down teeth
  • Textures on the veneers are very similar to natural teeth
  • Good gum health due to excellent fitting


  • Reversible
  • Does not require too much alteration of your natural teeth
  • Can be repaired if chipped or damaged
  • If well-maintained, can last for 4 to 8 years


  • If damaged or chipped, they must be replaced as they cannot be repaired
  • Costly
  • Longer process than composite resin veneers


  • Can be stained like your natural teeth
  • Not as durable as porcelain veneers
  • Looks dull over time which might require replacement, repolishing or repairing
  • Composite Resin Veneers might not fit your tooth well - resulting in poor gum health

How much do veneers cost in Singapore?

Types of veneers

Cost (per tooth)

Porcelain veneers


Composite resin veneers


*These are rough ballpark figures, prices vary depending on complexity. Please speak to our friendly staff for more information.

What affects the cost of dental veneers?

Ultimately, how much you pay for your veneers will depend on:

The complexity of your condition

Before you can be considered for dental veneers, your mouth and teeth will be examined to check for any underlying problems – if you do have some issues, they will have to be treated first before your veneers can be fitted.

The material of your veneer

Porcelain veneers will cost more than composite veneers. However, keep in mind that porcelain veneers last significantly longer and look the closest to natural teeth.

The clinic you go to

The cost of getting veneers fitted may vary across clinics, depending on factors like the dentist’s credentials, experience and clinic’s waiting time. Considering veneers are an aesthetic procedure that requires a skilled dentist, cutting corners by choosing a cheaper provider may not be the best option. Keep in mind the performing dentist’s track record and always ask for before/after photos.

Are dental veneers Medisave claimable?

Dental veneers are not Medisave claimable as only dental work that requires surgery can be claimed from your Medisave.

Are there cheaper alternatives to veneers?

If veneers are too expensive for you, depending on your goals and condition, you may consider alternatives like teeth whitening or Invisalign. 

Many patients have described veneers to be “worth it” and that the benefits greatly outweigh the costs – one huge benefit being veneers significantly improves the appearance of your teeth, and consequently your self-confidence and quality of life. 

On top of that, veneers can last at least 10 years – this reduces the hassle of getting frequent dental work done. 

Consider veneers a long term investment in your smile. Any questions? Please drop us a message! 


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How Having a Great Smile Can Help You Become Successful in Life?

We all have experienced how a beautiful smile can brighten up our day. An adorable smile of a baby can make us forget all our worries. Indeed as Phyllis Diller once said: “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”.

Did you also know that a beautiful smile may also be the key to a successful, fulfilling and happy life? Whether you’re going for a job interview or you merely want to succeed at your workplace, the effects of a charming smile cannot be ignored.

Why is your smile such a powerful tool and how it can make you successful? Let’s find out.

Smile and Make Friends

Would you prefer talking to some stranger who is frowning, or one who is wearing a big smile on their face? We find it easier to talk to strangers who have a pleasant smile and the ones who appear happier. So, if you develop the habit of smiling, you look more approachable and are more likely to make friends at your workplace and in social circles.

Smiling Boosts your Confidence

confidence with smile

People who keep smiling appear more confident and intelligent. This has been proven by multiple research studies.

Also, all of us have experienced a situation when weeks of preparation go to waste when we lose confidence during a speech or presentation. When this happens, try this. Just take a deep breath, and smile. Not only will you get your confidence back, your audience will also become empathetic and understanding towards you when you smile while talking to them.

A Beautiful Smile Makes You Successful in Relationships

Do you want to know the secret behind appearing attractive? Here’s one for you. Whether it’s your colleagues, friends or your loved ones, a beautiful smile goes a long way in making you look sexy and attractive.  According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), 45% of the respondents believed that the smile was the most attractive feature of one’s personality, ahead of body build, hair, and legs. So, if you have a beautiful smile, flaunt it!

Smiling is Contagious!

When you flash a smile to strangers, they will most likely smile back at you. Your smile is contagious! If you want to cheer someone up who is having a bad day, all it takes is a smile. Imagine how many lives you can change by just putting a smile on your face! It’s easier than you think! Did you know that you need only 17 muscles of your face to laugh, in comparison to 43 muscles to frown? We spend more energy on appearing sad and unhappy instead of looking cheerful and happy.

A Beautiful Smile is an Excellent Recommendation Letter

We all have heard the old saying that a beautiful smile opens many doors. Well, it will undoubtedly open doors for you when you appear in a job interview. According to the statistics of a survey provided by the American Dental Association (ADA) in 2015, 28% of the young adult respondents believed that their smile has a direct effect on the ability to perform well during a job interview. This is because when you smile, you appear more confident and likeable.

Your smile and facial aesthetics have become even more critical when you work in a line of work which involves human interaction. Research has shown that people who keep smiling appear more intelligent and trustworthy. So, if you want to become the employee of the month, or want your business to prosper, you should smile more often, especially when you’re dealing with clients or customers.

Smiling Helps you Live a Long and Fulfilling Life

perfect white teeth smile

Here is an interesting fact for you. Scientists studied an old group photo of basketball players. They found that those players who were smiling in the photograph outlived the ones who didn’t. The smiling players lived, on average for 79.9 years, in comparison to the non-smiling ones, who died seven years earlier. Now, there is a gap of 7 years!

Research has shown that stress and anxiety are among the most important factors which accelerate the ageing process. The habit of smiling tends to reverse the effect of excessive stress and depression. Even if you are stressed out to your max, try smiling and feeling that you’re happy. You will note that you will start feeling happy and relaxed. Not only this, but smiling can also help in reducing the levels of stress hormones, cortisol, and adrenaline.

Now, we know that the habit of smiling can help us in becoming successful and achieving a better quality of life. However, do you know what makes smiling even more effective? The attractiveness of your smile, which is mostly dependent on our teeth. While perfectly aligned and pearly white teeth are the perfect ingredient of a Hollywood smile, crooked and stained teeth can ruin your facial aesthetics and personality.

In a survey by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), 37% of the respondents stated that individuals with cosmetic teeth defects appeared less attractive, while 25% of them were found to be less confident.

If you are having cosmetic problems with your teeth that are negatively affecting your personality, then there is no need to worry. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you can still get an attractive and charming smile.

If you want to become popular among your friends and relatives, adopt one habit; keep smiling. There is nothing more attractive in this world than a simple and sincere smile. Try it out for yourself, and you will be amazed by the results. In case you have cosmetic dental problems, don’t worry, your dentist is there is give you a smile that you can show off!


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10 Things You Should Know Before You Start Invisalign

Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic treatment that allows your dentist to design your smile. It is a patented technology which uses proprietary software and state-of-the-art aligner material which is designed to be more comfortable and effective in orthodontic treatment. The dentist takes 3D scans of your teeth to produce an impression of your teeth. This impression is sent to Invisalign which uses the digital model to create a clinical simulation created using Invisalign’s proprietary software called Clincheck that is used to fabricate your personalised aligner trays that help to realign your teeth for a straighter smile. This Clincheck allows you to visualise every step of your treatment plan and provide a clear timeline of your treatment duration, while traditional metal braces are only able to provide an approximate duration of your treatment time. Wearing these aligner trays applies pressure onto your teeth which moves them gradually until they are in their desired position.

Invisalign refers to orthodontic treatment using clear and removable trays which are custom fitted to your mouth.

Invisalign tooth aligners

These transparent aligners which are virtually invisible allow you to smile with confidence. Invisalign is able to offer a more aesthetically pleasing for teeth straightening treatment compared to the traditional metal braces. Wearing Invisalign braces presents a more aesthetic image compared to the very visible brackets or wires of traditional wires. The clear aligner trays are almost invisible, therefore it is the preferred option for people who want to look good and present a professional image.

Invisalign is suitable for people of any age.

Invisalign treatment is best utilised for people who are responsible and committed to wearing their aligners for 22 or more hours a day. Parents are able to keep tabs on their children’s wear if they opt for blue compliance indicators on their aligners to make sure they are worn for an adequate amount of time.

Wearing Invisalign aligners means no to drinking fizzy and sugary drinks.

no soda and sugary drinks

This is to prevent pooling of the beverage in your mouth which may cause tooth decay. This is important as Invisalign aligners are worn for most of the day. For best treatment results and to mitigate tooth decay, patients are advised to adhere to only drinking water while wearing their aligners. Other beverages can still be consumed by taking out your aligners, drinking quickly, and then brushing your teeth and flossing before replacing your aligners.

Invisalign aligner trays are removable which means more flexibility in eating and activities.

The ability to remove the aligners makes it easy to enjoy your favourite foods, play sports, and brush and floss to keep your teeth clean without having food stuck in the brackets or wires of traditional braces. In traditional braces, it is easy for food or plaque to get stuck or accumulate in the metal brackets resulting in poor dental hygiene. Playing sports while wearing traditional metal braces is also a concern as there is a risk of getting hit in the mouth and damaging the brackets and wires.

Invisalign needs to be worn throughout the day for 20-22 hours.

Even though Invisalign is removable, patients have a responsibility to wear the aligners for most of the day in order for the treatment to be effective and produce the best results which is a straighter smile.

Teeth whitening can be performed with Invisalign.

As you are wearing the Invisalign aligner trays for most of the day, make the most of the effort by whitening your teeth. Invisalign trays are custom fit to your teeth, so you could whiten your teeth, while straightening them at the same time. Please consult your dentist for advice before doing this, as using whitening gels while the Invisalign attachments are on your teeth will result in a patchy, uneven whitening result. Your dentist will be able to advise you if it is possible to whiten your teeth during the Invisalign, and when the best timing would be as well.

Your aligners and retainers are not the same.

dental aligners and retainers

The material used to fabricate your aligners are not designed to be wear resistant and they would not retain the shape and position of your teeth. After your Invisalign orthodontic treatment, your dentist will prescribe fixed or removable retainers for you. It is important to wear your retainers nightly so that your teeth do not become misaligned again.

Most Invisalign cases involve attachments or buttons for more complex cases.

Typically the more complex the orthodontic treatment, the more attachments are required. These attachments are necessary for cases where teeth need to be rotated or pulled down. These attachments are small, tooth coloured composites bonded onto certain teeth and assist the aligners in retention and helping to move teeth to the correct position. These attachments create anchor points that apply pressure to move certain teeth. They are usually unobtrusive and barely visible.

Brushing and flossing after each meal and before re-inserting your retainers is a must.

Wearing your aligners means that your teeth are constantly in contact with whatever liquid or food substance you have consumed. Therefore maintaining your teeth hygiene is a must when wearing your aligners. This routine of keeping up with oral hygiene habits is beneficial even after Invisalign treatment.

We are an Invisalign platinum elite provider.

Dental Designs Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider

Our dentists are Invisalign accredited, and our clinic has achieved the Invisalign Platinum Elite recognition. Our dentists have extensive Invisalign experience and are able to treat a wide variety of teeth conditions.


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Deciding Between a Veneer or Dental Crown Singapore

A common question that surfaces in the mind of patients is: Should I choose a dental crown or a veneer? Here are the answers you've been looking to get.

Why do I need a dental crown or veneer?

For one, your teeth are damaged or decayed, exposing the dentine and pulp. Or they may be discoloured and worn out, with parts that have chipped off. For another, treatment is needed to protect these tiny but indispensable structures from wear and tear.

What is a restoration?

This is a procedure that brings a tooth back to its original state, or better. The dentist first prepares the work site by cutting away the damaged or decayed parts. Then he or she places material to cover over the exposed dentine and pulp. In smaller areas, this can be fixed with a filling. However, when the defect is larger, or for aesthetic reasons, either a veneer or a crown may be used.

What is a dental crown?

It acts as a protective layer that encircles the structure. It is like a cap on a tooth that has been reduced due to root canal treatments and large cavities. The crown restores both structure and strength that have been compromised by chips and cracks. Think of it as a bumper for your car - if there is a high force onto your bumper, it will break but the frame will still be protected.

Similarly, if there is any high force that is large enough to damage the tooth, the crown breaks instead, absorbing the impact. It is fitted onto your teeth, beside the neighbouring and opposing teeth. The difference between this and dental implants is that the latter serves to replace missing teeth.

What are dental veneers?

These are thin shells that are adhered to the tooth. Mostly done on the front surface for cosmetic reasons, they are effective when the dentine and pulp are not exposed. Veneers are custom made to suit the shape, size, and colour (shade) of your jaw. The cosmetic dentists at our clinic are interested in less reduction of your original tooth structure because the restoration is more successful.

The main advantage here is the improvement of your smile. Teeth actually have many shades and shapes. The job of a dentist is to skillfully design one that will suit the rest, making it virtually indistinguishable from the other structures. The material is carefully painted and stained by trained laboratory technicians to make it match your natural teeth colour.

Veneers come in two materials, ceramic (or dental porcelain veneers) and composite resin veneers. There also are traditional versus modern ones. If you want no grinding down included, your doctor might recommend prepless veneers.

How do you choose the right dentist?

Dentist Chair and Tools

Indications of a good professional include one that will explain to you what your condition is and what treatment options you have. This includes all the pros and cons of picking each procedure, as well as long-term considerations. When you are settling for a permanent, long-lasting treatment like these two are, you need to be assured that the specialist is capable of delivering an outcome that you will be satisfied with in the long run.

Your choice actually lies between digital versus traditional dentistry. An orthodontist will best be able to advise whether to restore your tooth using a crown or a veneer. However, being the patient, you have the autonomy to select an expert who has upgraded their skills to the new revolutionary methods. Talk about intra-oral scanners that are less intrusive and nicer versus traditional unpleasant impressions. Or those 3-4 hours spent to restore your tooth versus two appointments with a wait of up to two weeks.

The most dedicated professionals invest in technology such as the 3D intra-oral scanner to design your smile. Using the software in their clinic, they have total control over the entire process. By contrast, traditional dentists sub their work out to dental laboratories and the quality of the job depends on the technician's skill.

What are the main considerations of choosing between the two treatments?

Regardless of the procedure you opt for, you still need to maintain a good oral hygiene routine in order to sustain the results.

What is involved in a visit to the dentist for dental veneers?

To answer this question, the typical traditional dentist’s workflow must be explained. For dental crowns, they first prepare your tooth to create the space it takes to fit in. They then make a hold or impression of your prepared tooth and send it to the traditional laboratory to mould. Next up, they place or restore a temporary preparation on your tooth, and this marks the end of the first appointment.

Typically, you have to wait about two weeks until the laboratory has made your restoration. In the meantime, do keep in mind the following. First, the temporary fixture is rough, hence you should be careful to not dislodge it when brushing and flossing. Second, you ought to avoid chewing hard or sticky foods on that side so as not to break it. The tooth may also be more sensitive as it is not fully covered.

After two weeks, you will have to go back to the dentist and they will place the actual dental crown.

Alternatively, you can narrow down your appointments to one if the products are made by a CEREC trained specialist. Instead of placing a traditional temporary crown or veneer, they can design your tooth immediately after the preparation work is done.

CEREC revolutionises this conventional method. In general, the whole process of starting and completing the treatment can be done in around three hours. The first visit is the preparation which takes one hour. After that, you can go back to work or have coffee while you wait. The restoration will be CAD/CAM milled in our CEREC machine, individually stained, glazed and hand-finished. In an hour’s time, you return to the dental clinic and have the permanent material fitted in.

This means no more troublesome unreliable temporary restorations, and fewer appointments. The visit itself will be more pleasant with the 3D intra-oral scanning experience, compared to the normal dental impressions that leave you gagging in the dental chair.

I Want to Improve my Smile, Can I Do That with Veneers in Singapore?

improve smile

Veneers can change the shape and size of your smile to a more alluring appearance, with the added bonus of teeth whitening.

However, if you require orthodontic treatment, you will be advised to go for it ahead of time. This is because your teeth need to be straightened before anything else is done to them. If the crookedness is massive, excess material will be ground away and the structures will be reshaped. Not to mention, the orientation is essential as well. It is important how the occlusal surfaces of your dental arches for the top and bottom teeth impact enamel wear and tear.

So to sum it up, veneers are mainly used to restore a beautiful smile when sufficient tooth structure is available. They cannot be stained with coffee, tea, and wine. On the other end of the spectrum, dental crowns are used for more damaged structures because they provide wider coverage and protection, replacing missing teeth.

Our Commitment to Quality Dental Care

Dental Designs Clinic

At Dental Designs Clinic, we offer same day crowns since we are capable of milling the restoration with our CEREC machine. Therefore, you only have to come for a couple of hours in one day to complete your treatment, unlike most other clinics which require two appointments. This frees up your valuable time.

Getting the restorations made in-house means we have total control over the designing, finishing, and quality of the process, as opposed to traditional dental laboratories whose work depends on the technician's skills. We strive to improve your overall oral health so you can have a normal life for years to come before you need to make another trip to your dentist.


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What Is Covered Under Cynergy Care?
Enjoy claiming your yearly insurance benefit through us. As your Cynergy dentist, we cover you fully for regular checkups, scaling and polishing. Other dental treatment are mostly covered as a co-payment with Cynergy Care dental insurance.

How Do I Claim my Cynergy Dental Insurance?
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Have a cracked or chipped tooth?

We understand that this is a priority that needs to be fixed quickly, as this affects your daily life very much. The good news is, our clinic is able to provide same day restorations and crowns, which are permanent and able to fix your problem quickly. Same day crowns are as strong as or even stronger than conventional crowns which usually take two weeks to manufacture.

Read more about same day crowns here

Still not sure whether you should make an appointment?

Our clinic provides a full range of dental services to you using high-quality products from Germany and Switzerland. At Dental Designs Clinic, our dentists are trained in the latest high tech equipment such as a German SIRONA CEREC 3D CADCAM machine which can produce high quality, long lasting crowns in a day, compared to typical clinics which require 2 weeks for a crown.

Our dentists are patient and caring. We believe in working together with you to provide high-quality dental treatment that suits your needs.

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