Dental Veneers vs. Crowns: What’s the difference?

At our clinic, two popular aesthetic dentistry procedures we often carry out are dental veneers and dental crowns, and patients often ask about the difference between the two. Granted, both veneers and crowns are often used to treat the following conditions:

They are somewhat similar in their design process and appearance; however, both have their own specifics and serve separate purposes in different situations.

What are dental veneers?

Veneers are thin layers of porcelain bonded to the front of teeth to give the impression of healthier, more pleasant looking teeth. They are usually used on the front teeth and designed to look like the rest of your neighbouring teeth. While veneers can be made from various materials, we prefer porcelain as porcelain veneers look the best and are longer lasting.

In order for a veneer to be placed, your tooth must have sufficient enamel. We also remove about 0.5mm of enamel from the treated tooth in order for the bonding procedure to take place.

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What is the process of getting dental veneers like?

Getting dental veneers briefly look like this:

  1. Your dentist will take an impression of your prepared tooth. At Dental Designs, we take X-rays, digital 3D scans and use the Digital Smile design tool to create the framework of your veneer and smile.
  2. For bigger cases (more than 4 teeth), we make a temporary set of veneers to allow you to try on your new smile for about a couple of days. For cases less than 4 veneers, this process might be simplified and we might be able to bond your veneers on the same day.
  3. If you are satisfied and once your final veneer is ready, we bond the veneer to your tooth permanently.

What are dental crowns?

Unlike veneers, dental crowns cover the entire tooth to provide protection and improve the appearance of your smile. Like veneers, crowns are made from a select few materials such as porcelain or composite resin, but we use high-quality ceramic due to their natural appearance and strength.

Compared to veneers, the procedure of getting crowns is more invasive and may require more trimming of your teeth. Local anaesthesia may be involved in some cases. If you have cavities or tooth decay, the decayed portions might need to be removed first. Here are some things to know before getting a dental crown.

What is the process of getting crowns like?

  1. Similar to dental veneers, we take impressions of your tooth with a digital CEREC scan to create a custom crown.
  2. We make your crown on the same day with High Quality materials. We call this a same day crown.
  3. Crown is cemented on.

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Main differences between veneers and crowns

  Dental Veneers Dental Crowns
Purpose More for aesthetic purposes,
not suitable if you have dental issues like tooth decay
More for aesthetic and functional purposes,
suitable if you have a very large cavity or crack,
discolouration from old fillings or wish to protect
your tooth after root canal treatment
Invasiveness Less invasive; about 0.5mm
of enamel is required to bond veneer
More invasive; the tooth needs to be filed down
in order to make space for the crown
Durability 10-30 years 10-15 years
Waiting time Patients can get their veneers on the day itself.
Temporary veneers might be needed to trial the smile.
Patients can get their crowns on the day itself

Is a veneer or crown more suitable for me?

This will largely come down to the condition of your affected tooth. Generally, if the damage is more aesthetic without any underlying dental issues at hand, then veneers are a better option. The best candidates for veneers are those with healthy teeth that have visible flaws, such as discolouration, cracks, chips or gaps. Those who wish to have bigger or smaller teeth can opt for veneers too.

However, if your tooth has damages like tooth decay, large cracks and cracked fillings that normal fillings cannot fix, then veneers may not be of help. Instead, a crown can cover the entire tooth’s surface, restoring the tooth’s health and giving it more strength.

If you think you are likely to have dental issues or more age-related wear to your teeth down the road, then perhaps it’s better to invest in a crown now to save you more dental work in future. But again, it comes down to several factors including budget concerns.

If you are unsure whether to get veneers or crowns, feel sure to reach out to us and our dentists are happy to help.


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Smile Design

What is Smile Design?

Smile Design is a branch of aesthetic dentistry that incorporates different dental procedures to create a smile that matches your mouth and the rest of your face. Under Smile Design, no two smiles are the same because of our unique characteristics and facial features. Things like gender, facial composition and even skin colour are taken into consideration. The Smile Design process uses the Golden Proportions concept, which is heavily used in design, architecture and engineering. When translated to aesthetic dentistry, the rule of Golden Proportions ensures the smile integrates harmoniously with the rest of the face (1).

In the past, patients could not have much control over their smile makeover and relied heavily on guesswork for the final result, only to be disappointed with their new smile. But with Smile Design, patients are included in every step of the process and have a say in their ideal smile, right from the shape of the teeth to the length of the gum.

How does Smile Design work?

At Dental Designs, we use a series of state-of-the-art technology to take dental impressions including full-frame digital photographs and 8k video recordings to analyse your facial expressions and dental proportions. This gives us a better understanding and objective guidance in crafting out your smile makeover.

Smile Design uses a combination of aesthetic dental procedures including dental veneers, dental implants, teeth whitening and Invisalign. The chosen treatment(s) will depend on the patient’s condition and desired new smile. For example, dental bonding or veneers are put in place to manage chipped teeth; dental bridges for multiple missing teeth; laser gum contouring for the excessive gum tissue and professional whitening for tooth discolouration.

Why choose Smile Design?

Smile Design gives you a designer, picture-perfect smile without the usual drawbacks of traditional braces(2).

Advantages of Smile Design


You get a makeover smile in as little as 7 days.

Minimal discomfort

At Dental Designs, we aim to make each dental procedure as comfortable and pain-free as possible.


Unlike braces, you do not need to wear any appliances.


Extractions are seldom required unless necessary.

Easily altered

Anytime you are not happy with anything, it can easily be changed.


With proper dental maintenance, you get to keep your designer smile for a long time without relapse.

Getting a new smile at Dental Designs

Step 1: Consultation

At your first visit, we will discuss with you your expectations and go through the whole process, including a proposed plan and estimated final cost. We will also conduct a thorough examination that consists of digital photos, videos, dental impressions and X-rays to create your digital smile design.

Step 2: Designing the smile

The dental impressions taken are used to create a virtual smile design. This digital smile design is then translated to a 3D virtual model. This will be your smile design prototype.

Step 3: Preview of your smile design and mock ups

The design is presented to you and any adjustments are made on the spot. Once the design is approved, we will transfer the smile prototype into a mockup that can be fitted onto your teeth. This allows you to have a real-life preview of how your final smile would feel and look like. Again, any changes can be made.

Once the final smile design is approved, we will discuss with you the procedures needed to achieve your makeover smile and start work on what’s required.

Step 4: Fitting your new smile

Your smile makeover and final restorations will be put in place by our team of dental surgeons and specialists. There you have it — enjoy your new smile! We do a follow-up review with all patients about two weeks after so any fine-tuning or adjustments can be carried out.

Following this, we recommend that you come back for regular dental visits as basic at-home care might not be sufficient.


  1. Jafri, Z., Ahmad, N., Sawai, M., Sultan, N., & Bhardwaj, A. (2020). Digital Smile Design-An innovative tool in aesthetic dentistry. Journal of oral biology and craniofacial research, 10(2), 194–198.
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