Dental Mouthguard

Protection for your teeth

Our teeth are subjected to tremendous forces every day from regular chewing, speaking or habits such as grinding, nail biting and more.

Unlike the other hard structures of the human body like bones or nails, the tooth is not able to heal. This means that any damage, crack or chip to the tooth is permanent and irreversible.

Sleep Apnea

What Is Sleep Apnea? How Does it Affect Me?

Sleep apnea is a common disorder in which you stop breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep.

Breathing pauses can last from a few seconds to minutes. They may occur 30 times or more an hour. Typically, normal breathing then starts again, sometimes with a loud snort or choking sound.

Sleep apnea usually is a chronic (ongoing) condition that disrupts your sleep. When your breathing pauses or becomes shallow, you’ll often move out of deep sleep and into light sleep.

As a result, the quality of your sleep is poor, which makes you tired during the day. Sleep apnea is a leading cause of excessive daytime sleepiness.

Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea often goes undiagnosed. Doctors usually can’t detect the condition during routine office visits. Also, no blood test can help diagnose the condition.

Most people who have sleep apnea don’t know they have it because it only occurs during sleep. A family member or bed partner might be the first to notice signs of sleep apnea.

The most common type of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea. In this condition, the airway collapses or becomes blocked during sleep. This causes shallow breathing or breathing pauses.

When you try to breathe, any air that squeezes past the blockage can cause loud snoring. Obstructive sleep apnea is more common in people who are overweight, but it can affect anyone. For example, small children who have enlarged tonsil tissues in their throats may have obstructive sleep apnea.

Source: National Hearth, Lung and Blood Institute USA (

Sleep Apnea and Dentistry

In some people, Sleep Apnea may caused by your jaw position, constricted upper jaw, or crowded teeth.

We can take a specific 3D x-rays of your airway with your jaw in various positions, similar to during sleep. Using a specialised software, we can stimulate how your airway is affected, and design a small oral appliance that fits over your teeth, for you to use during sleep.


SICAT is the unique treatment for treatment of certain forms of sleep apnea, without the need for bulky CPAP machines, or surgery.

Visualization and planning of the appliance-based therapy customised to your individual anatomy, taking into account the mandibular joints.

If you suspect you have sleep apnea, please come in for an assessment and our dentist will check if your case is suitable for our SICAT appliance

Read more about SICAT by clicking here

Types of Dental Mouth Guard



  • Plaque Index Disclosing Solution- identifies bacteria for effective removal
  • Full Dental Scaling and Polishing
  • Airflow Prophyjet Stain Removal
  • 15 minute application of WHITEN+ gel



  • Plaque Index Disclosing Solution- identifies bacteria for effective removal
  • Full Dental Scaling and Polishing
  • Airflow Prophyjet Stain Removal
  • 15 minute application of WHITEN+ gel
  • Take Home Whitening Kit consisting of Customised Upper and Lower Soft Trays and Gels



  • Plaque Index Disclosing Solution- identifies bacteria for effective removal
  • Full Dental Scaling and Polishing
  • Airflow Prophyjet Stain Removal
  • 15 minute x 3-4 cycles application of WHITEN+ PROFESSIONAL gel
  • Protective Gingival barrier to cover gums and tooth root surface
  • 15 minute Topical Fluoride Gel for tooth sensitivity relief



  • Plaque Index Disclosing Solution- identifies bacteria for effective removal
  • Full Dental Scaling and Polishing
  • Airflow Prophyjet Stain Removal
  • 15 minute x 3-4 cycles application of WHITEN+ PROFESSIONAL gel
  • Protective Gingival barrier to cover gums and tooth root surfaces
  • 15 minute Topical Fluoride Gel for tooth sensitivty relief
  • Take Home Whitening Kit consisting of Customised Upper and Lower Soft Trays and Gels

To achieve a boost to your normal tooth colour with the minimum effort in a short time, during your routine cleaning appointment.

This can be done at your regular 3-6 monthly cleaning appointments to easily maintain a brighter tooth color.

The Take Home Whitening Kit has upper and lower soft trays customised to fit your teeth so the whitening gel contacts each tooth equally for even whitening results and reduces the danger of gel leakage. It needs to be worn daily over 2 weeks.

The WHITEN+ PROFESSIONAL gel is an extra high concentration tooth whitening gel. It deeply penetrates and removes stains over multiple cycles. For safety, we apply it under a light cured gingival barrier that  protects the sensitive areas of your gums and teeth surfaces.

Designed for people who want the maximum whiteness their natural teeth can achieve, this multi stage program starts with WHITEN+ PROFESSIONAL to kickstart the deep stain removal, followed by the take home whitening kit to enhance and maintain the whitening effect.

Effectiveness of Tooth Whitening



by Dental Designs Clinic


Wow thanks Dr Justin Giam! I thought I was never going to be able to get a crown sorted and you were extremely thorough in testing, cleaning then getting the crown made and fitted in the same day! My case was super complicated as I cracked my tooth in the States and ended up having to have a temporary crown put on days before we moved to Singapore...had complications with all of that and Dr Justin sailed through and fixed all the mishaps I had! So thanks again!So relieved to have found a great dentist and will be booking the kids in too!
Tamara Jani
Tamara J.
01:31 04 Mar 20
I did my cleaning, and subsequently root canal and crowning with Dr Chong. Visited them about 5 times over the last 2 months, and in every visit, Dr Chong and her assistant was friendly, attentive and meticulous - I am very impressed at how they can deliver such excellent service in all my five visits. Also, I generally get apprehensive before any visit to the dentist but with Dr Chong and her assistant, I look forward to getting my teeth fixed. Just want to say a big thank you to Dr Chong, her assistant, and also the receptionist for making my experience such a pleasant one.
Veronica Loy
Veronica L.
06:09 04 Feb 20
Place is clean and I like the way that doctor shot my tenth photo so I could understand how healthy/unhealthy my teeth are
Poonsiri Wongwiseskij
Poonsiri W.
00:55 22 Jan 20
I’d recommend Dr. Hani to anyone in need of seeing a dentist, she’s very thorough and answered all my questions. Kelly, the dental hygienist, was also extremely thorough when cleaning my teeth and ensured I was comfortable.
Imran A
Imran A
08:03 20 Jan 20
I love visiting dental designs, Dr. Chong always my favourite to have my teeth clean and she always encourage me cause she knew I very afraid of dentist. She always very gentle and patient with me. This time I wanted to know about invisalign and met Dr Tifanny, she was very detailed and nice to explain everything and you can see she genuinely wants you to get better teeth. Dental design always my favourite dental clinic ❤️
Vicel Liew
Vicel L.
09:29 17 Jan 20
Grateful for the dental advice which was something I hadn’t notice before. Will be back for deep cleaning.
Haruki Shindo
Haruki S.
02:22 15 Jan 20
Waiting time is long but dentist is very detailed in the cleaning.
Jiahui Ku
Jiahui K.
06:19 13 Jan 20
Been with Dr Justin since the opening of the first clinic at Telok Ayear. Great dentist always good to chat and very friendly. Never did many complicated treatments other than cleaning ( thank god) but he puts us at ease Congrats on your new clinic
Gerald Lim
Gerald L.
03:58 11 Jan 20
Great dental clinic with very friendly doctors and staff. I did my Invisalign here and continued coming back regularly for cleans.
Jocelyn Tay
Jocelyn T.
08:13 07 Jan 20
Experience was excellent nice clean clinic staff professional
k nasr
k N.
07:44 02 Jan 20
It is my first time at Dental Designs and the experience was very pleasant. Dr Hani was very friendly, patience and detailed in informing me about my teeth conditions. Kelly who cleaned and polished was very friendly and took the initiative to explain what the purpose of she did on me was for. Would definitely recommend this clinic to everyone.
Chiu Lin Ang
Chiu Lin A.
03:04 30 Dec 19
Nicely design place with friendly staff. Good service and the cleaning is enjoyable.
Yang You Low
Yang You L.
10:05 27 Dec 19
Thanks to Kelly for your gentle and thorough clean and Kudos to Dr Justin for making me a properly fitted mouth guard. Hope it helps with my night grinding! Five star clinic all around even with a TV on the ceiling! 感动
10:03 26 Dec 19
Visiting regularly now for cleaning. First visited a couple of years back for toothache and very happy with service. Would highly recommend
Lor C
Lor C
06:28 23 Dec 19
I love the doctors here - every one of them is professional and dedicated to make sure you leave with sparkly clean teeth! Lovely place and music too, you’ll be sitting comfortably on the chair while they do the magic.
Junmay Cheng
Junmay C.
02:21 23 Dec 19
Been with this clinic for a few years, dental clinic is big clean and very modern in its technology!
Royston Sng
Royston S.
02:20 21 Dec 19
We have followed Dentist Tiffany for many years. She is good with our kids and able to get them to do their polishing & cleaning w/o fuss.
Chye Guan Tan
Chye Guan T.
08:17 19 Dec 19
Went for general cleaning. Very thorough. Conveniently located near Raffles Place Exit F. Nice and conducive environment.
Adeline Wee
Adeline W.
01:57 16 Dec 19
Dr Tiffany Tan was very friendly and unassuming. Can ask her many questions about my teeth. The clinic is very clean and nicely decorated. I would return again.
yi xiang tan
yi xiang T.
13:18 08 Dec 19
Just when to their new Branch, very well decorated better than airport lounges I visited , as usual very advance in technology, Kelly was super gently and patience in cleaning my tooth, no pain at all and price is as usual reasonable .Receptionist was very polite and efficient . Appointed time on the dot for busy patient like me is added point. Will definitely recommend to anyone
paul tan
paul T.
09:02 02 Dec 19
Good and efficient dental clean.
Diana Kho
Diana K.
01:47 28 Nov 19
Dr Tiffany is located at this clinic to do ur dental treatment so rest assured and come on down to see this beautiful new clinic. Dr kelly is really good at cleaning and great advice too! Would totally come back to this new branch again! Location is also very easy to find!:)
Cyndi Lee
Cyndi L.
04:45 23 Nov 19
Lovely new and clean clinic. First time cleaning with Dr Tiffany and it was a wonderful and informative experience.
Aw Ling
Aw L.
02:56 22 Nov 19
Very spacious waiting area! Had a great teeth cleaning session with Dr Tiffany!
JiaHui Lee
JiaHui L.
02:56 16 Nov 19
The teeth cleaning service with Dr Jo Ann is great! And learned the knowledge of teeth whitening without hard selling, will definitely come gain!
06:40 15 Nov 19
Made an appointment over the phone for routine cleaning. Fuss free and received a reminder via sms one day prior. Hygienist was very meticulous during the procedure. Overall, a good experience. Highly recommended.
KangWei -
KangWei -
17:18 09 Nov 19
Amazing Dental Clinic. Professional, clean, and most importantly, pain-free. Changed my life!
Matt Pugh
Matt P.
08:31 09 Oct 19
By Vanessa Mathieu GenoletI never liked going to the dentist but always did it as a preventative. Prevention is better than cure.I am very lucky to have found Dental Designs. Dr. Tiffany is our family dentist. She is kind, sweet, patient, very attentive and explains things very well and of course very professional. I trust her! My kids love to visit her. Dr. Tiffany is not only present during the consultations but also very reactive and available to answer my questions by email about the teeth of my children (yes, I am a very anxious mother). And this, for me, this is exceptional.The reception is fantastic at Dental Designs. I would say that we feel almost at home.The entire office breathes cleanliness and this is very reassuring when you open the door of an dentist for the first time.I highly recommend Dental Desings for their skills, professionnalism and customer service.
David Genolet
David G.
06:18 11 Sep 19
It is the best dental clinic I have visited in my entire life. I am awed by the level of service that was provided. The attention to details, caring service that pays attention to details, and most importantly to me, the patience of the doctors (Dr Tiffany & Dr Justin) in suggesting treatment and giving you time and space to process, before jumping in to get the work done. And the many works we have done over there whether cleaning or the invisalign that my wife is using, is just fantastic. Patients care and well-being is the top priority for them it seems. We were recommended by a friend actually and we have not stopped recommending to our friends. This is the kind of dental clinic that should exist. I will continue to support them and recommend more people. Super thumbs up!
Hong Seng Ong
Hong Seng O.
10:41 15 Mar 19
The humility, kindness and genuine care for patients really stood out in all my visits with Dental Designs, across everyone who provided their help (Dr Justin, Dr Tiffany, Dr Jasmine, Ms Nancy). It really warms my heart that there are dentists out there who hold themselves to such high standards for their patients no matter the type of dental treatment they engage with. During my first visit, even though it was only a cleaning session, Dr Tiffany was extremely thorough, patient and gentle. When we discovered that the toothache stemmed from a crack, Dr Justin went above and beyond, providing meticulous care and follow-ups. I appreciate that Dr Justin has a really high level of knowledge and expertise, on top of that, he shares this knowledge during every step of the process, even amidst treatment, and this was really comforting and assuring to a patient. In a way, I really enjoyed my visits to Dental Designs and I am really happy to have found a dentist I'll happily revisit. A big thank you to the Dental Designs team! 🙂
Ng Jia Mei
Ng Jia M.
07:24 22 Feb 19
It's like having a spa treatment for my teeth!Went there earlier for cleaning & polishing and was greeted enthusiastically by a polite middle age receptionist.She seated me down and offered plain water to me before asking me to fill up a two-page short form.Then I was brought to see Dr Justin Giam for consultation. He used a DSLR camera and took this 4k HD photos of my teeth.Wow, I've never seen the inside of my mouth that clearly ever in my life! Cool tech!After telling me about my teeth-ituation, I finally know why I'm always bleeding when brushing.My toothbrush is too hard and I've been applying too much pressure when brushing.Time to be gentle and handle my teeth like a new born baby. ^_^Next, someone else took over and started the cleaning and polishing for me.Boy, she really gave me a thorough cleaning with lots of patience.First was cleaning and she meticulously ensure no teeth was left unclean, before proceeding next for polishing.The whole cleaningprocess took about 30min and it's one of the most relaxing experience I had. Will definitely go back for my follow up, since it's so close to my office at raffles place. It's just 1min walk from Telok Ayer MRT only.
Junxian Lin
Junxian L.
05:37 18 Dec 18
I was very glad that I have doctor Justin to help me extract my wisdom tooth in July. He is very friendly and caring and most importantly I would say that it was almost painless throughout the whole procedure. Thumbs up! I have been going back for my regular cleaning as Kelly is very pro in it. She is very careful and gentle. Simply no reason not to visit her for my regular teeth cleaning. Thank you all!
Jasmine Lai
Jasmine L.
04:52 20 Nov 18
Doctors here are very professional & experience in doing cleaning, filling and even extraction of wisdom tooth as well. Under the care of Dr Tiffany for a few years and she give good recommendations on what should be done on my tooth. Totally well taken care of! Mary is a good receptionist that handle ur appointment well. A place that you feel safe and comfortable to settle ur dental issue. Highly recommend this clinic 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻
Cyndi Lee
Cyndi L.
01:44 10 Nov 18
I have been visited Dental Designs for 2 years now, it’s really the best dentist experience ever! In this dental clinic, I have done the routine cleanings, fillings, and extractions. All these treatments were comfortable. My Dentist Dr Tiffany is very gentle, patient and skilled. The receptionist Ms Mary is so efficient and friendly, she always remind me about my appointment time and make every visit very enjoyable with her smile : ) thank you all.
Wenting Ma
Wenting M.
11:06 29 Oct 18
There is a high level of professionalism here and Dr Justin is very calm, thorough, patient and takes time to explain and answer questions. Most important is the handling is very gentle and careful but still thorough. I have had 2 cleanings here and even a wisdom tooth surgery. Dr Justin even contacted me by WhatsApp. The surgeon used was very experienced and good. My cleanings were done by dental hygienist Kelly who is a real rock star as well. I even sent my brother who is deathly afraid of the dentist and had avoided going for many years and he had a good experience there. I recommend them to friends as well. Receptionists are welcoming and patient. Clinic is well equipped.
Cindy Q
Cindy Q
02:11 16 Jul 18
Great Experience with Dr Justin and Kelly, they are patient throughout, especially commendable as I have to admit that I'm a difficult customer. The last time I went to a dentist is more than 3 years ago and the the last dentist didn't even manage to complete the cleaning due to my issue. Definitely recommended for all!
Qingxiang Li
Qingxiang L.
02:53 09 Jul 18
Excellent service, very affordable and very gentle but effective cleaning. My favourite dental clinic
Hans Zhong
Hans Z.
07:58 28 May 18
Dr Justin is very friendly and patient with good skill.Staff is friendly and warm too. Considering such a clean private dental clinic in CBD, it's affordable. Highly recommend.
Tutu Emiko Ishiwatari
Tutu Emiko I.
10:48 24 Apr 18
I had a good experience when I visited the clinic last week for a check up and cleaning. Mary at the front desk was especially courteous, taking great effort to remember my name to greet me when I come in. The overall design gives a very bright feel to the whole place, making me less anxious about the experience.Kelly the hygienist did an especially great job on the clean of my teeth. I am actually terrified of scaling and polishing of my teeth as I have very sensitive teeth, so I appreciate the time and effort she takes to clean my teeth. Dr Justin also gave me very constructive and helpful advice on my dental problems.I would highly recommend this clinic to people who are scared of pain when it comes to cleaning.
Alfie Lam
Alfie L.
11:36 27 Dec 17
I went to the clinic today to have my scaling and polishing done. Facilities were incredibly awesome(they actually have a big tv screen for you to see your own teeth as they explain) and clean, receptionist(Mary) was super friendly and actually took the effort to remember everyone there and held the door open with an open smile when I was about the leave the clinic.Dr Justin & Dr Tiffany were very friendly, super gentle and took time to slowly explain what's wrong with my teeth and recommended all the ways to improve on my smile. No hard sell at all, and I actually felt like I was talking to long time friends when I was conversing with them. That's how comfortable and warm I felt there. Next, I also went there to enquire about teeth straightening with Dr Tiffany and she was super kind enough to give me a detailed and free consultation. She took time to slowly explain all the available treatments and I'm grateful for that.Also, Kelly the dental hygienist cleaned my teeth and kept asking about whether I was comfortable and to tell her when I need her to stop. She was gentle and very careful to the extent that I almost fell asleep. Totally no pain at all for the scaling and polishing.Out of so many dental clinics I went to, this is definitely the best one I've ever went to. The price is totally affordable and value for money. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PLACE FOR ALL YOUR DENTAL PURPOSES. I'll give it 6 stars if I can! Thank you DENTAL DESIGNS! 🙂
Yaoratio Yap
Yaoratio Y.
13:54 21 Dec 17
Dental Designs has the state of the art wonderland! With modern technology and picturesque photos, in decor. I had visited Dr. Justin Giam for consultation and was readily convinced by his expertise. A friendly and affable dentist, he is approachable and skilled in his craft. His team of staff are also warm and assuring. I always feel good during my visits. Mary, in particular is ultra sweet and helpful with a sunny personality, while Kelly was gentle and thorough when she did the cleaning and scaling for me, which I dreaded most, previously.It is convenient having my dentist in close proximity and who is always ready to offer help, with a positive persona.
Liza Chan
Liza C.
13:10 10 Nov 17
From young, I am terrified of the dentist and due to my bad dental experiences encountered in the past, that has stopped me from visiting dentist for a period of time. But recently been to a couple of times to Dr. Justin at Dental Designs Clinic located at 120 Telok Ayer St, I must say every visit are smooth, pleasant for me and so do my phobic improved. Firstly, the Receptionist~Mary.When I walked into the clinic, she welcome me with a cheerful smile, followed by a firm handshake(She is very friendly and careful in observation). She will chat with me while I am waiting for my turn(Makes me feel not so nervous while waiting). She also walked me to the dentist chair and brings me cosy blanket. Not only those, she also send me to the door when I am leaving. Thumb up for her excellent services! =))Secondly, the Dentist~Dr. Justin.I have seen him for "Polishing and Scaling", "Filling" and "Tooth Whitening". He is a good and friendly dentist~where he really: 1-Listens patiently. 2-Careful. 3-Gives good advices. 4-Honest. 5-Detail Oriented(Explained clearly to every dental concerns, very easy for me to understand). He also shows great passion in his job~there is no doubts for his professionalism, skills and knowledge towards his work. Also, he really done a great job for every of my dental problems. Thirdly, the overall environment feels like a home~clean, relax and comfortable clinic to be and latest modern technology used in dentistry. Also, during every of my visit at the clinic-there was no pushy of their products which is a added on star!Lastly, I would say I am really impressed and satisfied by the excellent service both Dr. Justin and his team brings to every patient~gives me feel like a home as they treat each and everyone like family and shows respect to us. Dental Designs Clinic located at 120 Telok Ayer St~Highly Recommended and I will definitely come again~Thank You So Much~Dental Designs Clinic and I wish you the best and great success, always! ((=
Pei Ling
Pei L.
18:24 08 Nov 17
Very friendly dentist and prices are very reasonable. Did cleaning and whitening with Dr Tiffany who is really nice and gentle and spent time to explain the procedure. Making an appointment was easy and most importantly did not have to wait very long to see the dentist!
yx Tan
yx T.
13:34 06 Jun 17
I highly recommend Dr Justin who was referred by my friend. He's got a nice smile! Came in to fix my sensitive tooth and get my teeth cleaned. Dr Justin is very professional and gentle! Friendly assistant and staff too! Will definitely drop by again!!
Meiyun Jacy Yong
Meiyun Jacy Y.
15:45 25 Apr 17

Teeth Whitening

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

The WHITEN+ gel contains oxygenating molecules which effectively and gently penetrates and breaks down the stains within the tooth. Different concentrations will achieve different levels of results.

Our WHITEN+ program is designed for effective teeth whitening that suits your spectrum of lifestyle and needs.

What Makes Teeth Yellow?

Teeth become discoloured over time by accumulating stains from what we eat and drink. Stains are classified by external, which are on the surface of the teeth, and internal, which means the coloured compounds actually penetrate into the structure of the teeth.

Sometimes, teeth turn yellow due to the surface of our teeth (the enamel layer) wearing out. This can be due to physical abrasion from harsh particles and heavy brushing, or can be linked to acid erosion. Once thinned, the effect is permanent as enamel layer cannot grow or thicken.

External Stains

Food and Drink
Coffee, tea and red wine are some major staining culprits. What do they have in common? Intense color pigments called chromogens that attach to the white, outer part of your tooth (enamel).

Tobacco Use
Two chemicals found in tobacco create stubborn stains: Tar and nicotine. Tar is naturally dark. Nicotine is colorless until it’s mixed with oxygen. Then, it turns into a yellowish, surface-staining substance.

Other Causes of Yellow Teeth

Tooth darkening can be a side effect of certain antihistamines, antipsychotics and high blood pressure medications. Young children who are exposed to antibiotics like tetracycline and doxycycline when their teeth are forming (either in the womb or as a baby) may have discoloration of their adult teeth later in life. Chemotherapy and head and neck radiation can also darken teeth.

If you’ve been hit in the mouth or  teeth previously, your tooth may change color because it reacts to an injury by laying down more dentin, which is a darker layer under the enamel. Your tooth may also change color due to internal injury, so it is always better to visit your dentist if you suspect any injury.

Below the hard, white outer shell of your teeth (enamel) is a softer area called dentin. Over time, the outer enamel layer gets thinner with brushing and more of the inner layer yellowish dentin shows through.

The inner layer also gets yellower with age, and this also exacerbates the yellow appearance of the teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tooth Whitening

Does Tooth Whitening Damage Teeth?
Teeth Whitening does not damage the teeth or gums when done properly
As the stain particles are removed from within the tooth, the teeth may become temporarily sensitive which can last for a day or two afterwards. To minimise this, we apply fluoride gel to the teeth after teeth whitening. The sensitivity is temporary and has no lasting effects.
How Long Does My Teeth Remain White After Tooth Whitening?
Teeth Whitening removes the color pigment molecules from the teeth. Teeth are naturally porous and will accumulate stains over time as you eat and do other activities. The rate at which this happens varys from person to person. Avoiding stain causing factors, brushing and regular dental cleaning will slow down this process.
Are Whitening Strips Safe or Effective?
Improper use of over-the-counter whitening gels and strips can cause increased sensitivity and damage to your gums. Also, these over the counter products have a lower concentration of the active ingredient for whitening which makes them less effective than whitening at the dentist. Tooth whitening at the dentist is safer as we take precautions to protect your gum and monitor the progress after each stage of the whitening. For the safety of your teeth and gums, teeth whitening should only be done under the supervision of your dentist.
How Can I Maintain White Teeth?
As teeth are naturally porous, they will pick up stains over time. Regular consumption of coffee, tea or cigarette smoking are the main causes of yellow teeth.
To maintain white teeth, you may choose to use the take home whitening trays periodically, as well as regular dental cleaning with our WHITEN+ program.
If you feel that your teeth turn yellow after whitening, you could opt to do ceramic veneers to add a layer of the whiteness you desire. As ceramic does not stain, this permanently changes the color of your teeth.
How Much Does It Cost for Tooth Whitening in Singapore?
Tooth Whitening cost in Singapore varies depending on the type of whitening. Typically, there are 2 types -
1. in office whitening: this is more expensive as the results are immediate after the session
2. take home whitening with customised upper and lower trays: you have to apply the gel and wear the trays for around 30mins - 2hrs every day for 2 weeks. this is usually cheaper, and also the trays are reusable for next time.
Is Teeth Whitening Painful?
Every person has a different experience with tooth whitening, as it depends on their enamel, the outermost layer of the tooth. The thickness of the enamel layer will affect if the tooth whitening is painful, as well as how effective tooth whitening is for them. People with thicker enamel layer will feel little or no sensitivity, and will have a better result with whiter teeth. If the enamel layer is thinner, it is more likely to have short term sensitivity and less whitening effect.
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