In House Dental Laboratory

Designed with Dentists

Dental Designs Clinic has a unique in house laboratory where our dentists work closely with the dental technicians to create high quality custom dental veneers, crowns and bridges, retainers and other dental prostheses for our patients. This ensures that every custom detail which you have discussed with your dentist will come to life under our full control.

Crafting Aesthetics Tooth by Tooth

Not all restorations are created equal. Our experienced ceramists handcrafts each tooth restorations to make them both natural and aesthetics. Our tooth designs are taken from real beautiful teeth to mimic nature’s morphology and anatomy and then hand-finished by our craftsmen. Even our glaze is mixed in a special ratio to reflect the natural fluorescence of teeth. After all, nature is beauty.

What’s the difference with other clinics without an in house dental laboratory?

The majority of dental clinics will send out the crown and bridge work to be made by an external laboratory. Some of these are located overseas, such as in China or Vietnam. Typically, there is a longer turn around time of two weeks where the patient would have to make do with a temporary restoration which many patients find uncomfortable and inconvenient.


What’s the advantage of having an in house dental laboratory?

Having an in house dental laboratory allows effective communication of your specific requirements for dental work and also efficient turn around time. Most of our dental veneers, crowns and bridges are able to be completed within the same day or next day. It offers us flexibility to accommodate your schedule as we work closely with the laboratory for faster fabrication while still maintaining our high standards of quality control.

The Dental Ceramists

  • Joanne Lee
    Joanne Lee Dental Ceramist
    • Yi-Lin Chin
      Yi-Lin Chin Dental Ceramist

      Dental Crowns Singapore

      Same Day, Emergency appointments available

      Only High Quality Materials are Used

      We ensure that the materials that we use are of prime quality, which means they will look great and last for as long as possible. They are backed by extensive research and have long term studies showing their success. Be it sintering in a hot furnace of 1560 degrees for 12 hours or using a microscope to check for micro-cracks, we have strict protocols to ensure that our products can withstand rigorous conditions in the oral cavity.

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