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Telok Ayer MRT or Raffles Place MRT
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Welcome to Dental Designs Clinic, a Dentist in Singapore!

We provide a full range of dental services including general dental services, with a focus on cosmetic, crowns and bridges, dental implants, and Invisalign. We believe in utilising technology to achieve predictable long-lasting results, using high quality products and equipment from Germany and Switzerland. At Dental Designs Clinic, our dentists are trained in the latest high tech equipment such as a SIRONA CEREC 3D CADCAM machine which can produce high quality, long lasting ceramic and zirconia crowns in a day, compared to typical clinics which require 2 weeks for a crown.

When you come for your consultation, we offer thorough examinations, a detailed discussion of your oral health condition, and treatment plans customised to your needs. We want to be your partner in maintaining good dental health throughout life, and we believe in providing high-quality dentistry that will last, rather than a ‘quick fix’ filling or ‘patch up’ work.

We have two branches, one located opposite Telok Ayer MRT, near the junction of Cross St and Telok Ayer Street. The second branch is at Raffles Place, Robinson Rd, directly connected to Raffles Place MRT Exit F. No matter which branch you choose, our dentists are the same and will provide you with the Dental Designs experience that you know and trust.

I have been to a LOT of dentists in my over 3 decades of experience. I have a mouth full of fillings and have had many different dentists drill, fill and cap various teeth. I say this because when it comes to good dental experiences, I KNOW what I'm talking about.I found this clinic because I wanted something that was within my provider network and also close to work. Fortunately for me, Dental Designs are simply the best dentist practice I have been to in a very long time, if ever. From the moment I called with an emergency, and every step of the way thereafter, my entire experience has been extremely positive. Both Dr Tiffany and Dr Justin are very very good dentists. They have all the latest modern technology used in dentistry today, so can provide you with the very best results, and quickly. Not only that, they are both very lovely people who know exactly what they are doing and have an absolutely excellent team behind them. I have honestly never felt so cared for as I have with this team. From the moment I walked in I knew I was in good hands. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who needed dental work, no matter what it is. Your experience here will be better than what you could imagine.
Olivia Dale
Olivia D.
04:50 20 Jul 17
When I first enter the clinic, the atmosphere was splendid, it makes customers to feel welcome which is the beginning plus points. When I entered the clinic, the administrator was delivering an excellent customers service to greet every single customers to her fullest and was very well mannered. She shown great knowledge of her job scope and provided an extra miles for delivering great customer services to interacts every customers just like friends. Other than the administrator, the back of the house staff was serious and shown professionalism in their job field. Every staff was giving their best to work and to deliver the best for every patient of us. I am very pleased and particular when it comes to customers services.I have such wonderful dental treatment with Dr Justin. He has been very skilful and knowledgeable. I can’t praise enough for his great patience and interaction with me and I believe to all his patients too. I felt comfortable and at ease as going to dental clinic is never a fun thing, but because of Dental Designs that mentioned “We believe in providing high-quality dentistry that will last.” They have made their promise and to deliver this services through words and actions! I highly recommend this clinic and overall it was an excellent for adults and children. Thank you Dental Designs.
Aaron Lum
Aaron L.
13:19 06 Mar 19
Had an appointment with Dr Hani and she was very clear in describing the procedures needed to be done. Best dental clinic that i have been to! Would definitely make a visit here again for my next scaling and polishing appt in the future!
Terence Ng
Terence N.
03:12 04 Jan 20
I am pleasantly surprised by this comprehensive clinic. always have fear going to a dentist - painful and costly. BUT Dr justin gave me a total different dentist experience. A lot of patience and assurance and professional. For the first time, I literally see my own teeth on the screen. In an hour, I had a thorough check including bitewings and panoramic x rays and had 3 most urgent decays fixed without much pain. A sincere and understanding dentist that explained cost involved and suggested "prioritizing " teeth that require urgent attention. Definitely going back to him to fix my other decays. Detailed and skilled .
Choo Elaine
Choo E.
05:29 26 Apr 17
Prettiest dental clinic I’ve been to. Went to the Raffles Place branch~ friendly receptionist~ gentle, patient and professional hygienist Kelly! Best visit to the dentist I’ve had so far!
wendi lin
wendi L.
03:16 23 Jan 20
Always dreaded to visit a dental clinic. But Dr Justin and the staff over there made it a very pleasant and stress-free experience for me. I still get tensed up but it has been so much better. I would voluntarily book my own dental appointments rather than avoiding them at all costs. Dr Justin is very experienced and gentle. 🙆🏻‍♀️ Gonna stick to Dental Designs Clinic
Alexis H
Alexis H
02:37 13 Dec 19
Wonderful! Dr. Justin is an exceptional dentist: he's really good at what he does, but more importantly, he genuinely cares about his patients. You'll immediately know you're in good hands. In addition, communicating with the clinic is always efficient & pleasant, thanks to Germaine at the front desk. I strongly recommend Dental Designs Clinic.
Hena Choi
Hena C.
09:21 27 Mar 19
An exceptionally warm and welcoming experience when I first stepped into the clinic. The friendly receptionist greeted me by my name which caught me by surprise. This shows the amount of effort the receptionist makes in remembering the customers, rather than the customers going up to the receptionist and identifying themselves.The dentist, Dr Justin Giam, was undoubtedly professional and skilled. His calm and reassuring demeanour ensures that I was relaxed throughout, which made the entire process so much smoother. With state-of-the-art camera imaging equipment to document the affected areas in the mouth, it has made it easier for me to understand my condition when I can view the images for myself. The clinic is also equipped with 3D printing equipment so that more accurate 3D prototypes can be mae before making the final product. In essence, I have never felt so welcomed and warm upon entering a clinic. I really had a wonderful and memorable experience with Dr Justin Giam and his team, and I will defintely recommend Dental Designs to everyone I know!
13:59 26 May 17
Great experience at the clinic. Nice staff and Dentist! Would definitely come back and recommend to friends.
Babyze Luv
Babyze L.
05:21 20 Nov 19
Best dental clinic so far! Dr Justin is so professional!
sin yee lee
sin yee L.
10:01 15 Nov 19
Lovely new and clean clinic. First time cleaning with Dr Tiffany and it was a wonderful and informative experience.
Aw Ling
Aw L.
02:56 22 Nov 19
Highly Recommended! I visited the clinic recently and was attended by DR Justin Giam. He was very professional and made it a point to explain each step of the treatment in an engaging and light-hearted manner. He was also very patient in discussing ways to improve my dental health. The staff at Dental Designs are very friendly, and do their best to ensure you have a comfortable visit! 🙂
Jian Rong Chan
Jian Rong C.
05:35 01 May 17
Dr Tiffany Tan is my dentist and I highly recommend her! She's friendly, detail-oriented, gentle and professional. We first met at Tanglin Dental where she worked previously, and I followed her here when she moved. I'd consulted her to get my crooked teeth fixed, and eventually got my Invisalign done by her. My teeth have never been straighter and I'm extremely pleased with the result. If you're looking for a dental clinic that is convenient (in the heart of CBD), cosy and has good doctors to boot, look no further.
Chermaine Phoon
Chermaine P.
04:16 18 Jul 17
very responsive on my first contact. they found a suitable appointment for me although my timeframe was quite limited. both dr. giam and the front office assistant mary were very friendly. both of my damaged teeth were repaired very well in one session. thanx to dental designs clinic, i had an awesome stay in singapore and could continue my travel for another couple of months in bali.
d. yakitori
d. Y.
01:19 14 Mar 18
Experience was excellent nice clean clinic staff professional
k nasr
k N.
07:44 02 Jan 20
Excellent service, very affordable and very gentle but effective cleaning. My favourite dental clinic
Hans Zhong
Hans Z.
07:58 28 May 18
Dr Tiffany Tan was very friendly and unassuming. Can ask her many questions about my teeth. The clinic is very clean and nicely decorated. I would return again.
yi xiang tan
yi xiang T.
13:18 08 Dec 19
Thanks to Kelly for your gentle and thorough clean and Kudos to Dr Justin for making me a properly fitted mouth guard. Hope it helps with my night grinding! Five star clinic all around even with a TV on the ceiling! 感动
10:03 26 Dec 19
Great new clinic location and well-recommended dentist service!
Kelvin Liew
Kelvin L.
04:15 12 Dec 19
Wonderful clinic. From Ms. Mary to the nurses and Dr Justin, i would like to thank you for accommodating my schedule and for finally bringing back my smile.
02:50 08 Jun 18
It is my first time at Dental Designs and the experience was very pleasant. Dr Hani was very friendly, patience and detailed in informing me about my teeth conditions. Kelly who cleaned and polished was very friendly and took the initiative to explain what the purpose of she did on me was for. Would definitely recommend this clinic to everyone.
Chiu Lin Ang
Chiu Lin A.
03:04 30 Dec 19
So glad that a friend recommended this modern & friendly dental clinic to me as I was searching high & low for a good dentist in SG. The 5 star experience starts the moment you step in with a warm welcome from Mary, the office manager who sends you to the dentist chair and offers you a cosy blanket! First time I have ever had such a 5 star treatment at a dentist! Dr Justin & Dr Tiffany are both motivated & super passionate about offering dental treatments using cutting edge technology like the Cerec machine for same-day crowns and digital scans etc. Not your typical scary dental clinic. Thank you so much to all at Dental Designs for making me feel so comfortable. Wishing you every success!
Carolyn Taylor
Carolyn T.
12:49 24 Oct 17
The clinic is so high advanced, big and pretty. Dr Justin and Kelly are so professional, always take good care of my teeth.
Richelle Lim
Richelle L.
05:06 14 Nov 19
Best dental clinic i ever visited. Dr Tiffany and Hygienist Ms Kelly always very kind to answer all my questions. They are highly skilled & professional. I used to scare dental scaling but at Dental Designs, the scaling & polishing is not pain at all. I highly recommend this dental clinic. 👍👍
Shanice Yin
Shanice Y.
10:27 03 Jan 20
Had a routine scaling and polishing with Dr Jo Ann. Dr Jo Ann is friendly, professional, thorough and always checks in to make sure that you are comfortable - everything you hope for in a dentist! She also took the time to go review pictures of my teeth that she had taken, and highlighted the good things I was doing with my dental routine, and offered advice on areas that could improve, which I greatly appreciated. The staff in the clinic are all polite and professional, providing a overall pleasant experience.
02:21 22 Oct 19
Second outlet that I visted, the atmosphere was felt spacious and impressive, it makes myself felt very welcome. When I entered the clinic, the same administrator that I visited in the first outlet was as usual delivering an excellent customers service to greet every single customers to her fullest and she was very well mannered. She shown great knowledge of her job scope and provided an extra miles for delivering great customer services to interacts every customers just like friends. Other than the administrator, the back of the house staff was serious and shown professionalism in their job field. Every staff was giving their best to work and to deliver the best for every patient of us. I am very pleased and particular when it comes to customers services. Once again, the experience that I had was fantastic and the all the doctors here are very friendly & professional in their each individual specialised scope. Cheers!
Aaron Lum
Aaron L.
07:48 23 Nov 19
Visited this clinic for the first time today after reading all the reviews. Indeed a dental clinic with very good service. The receptionist was very friendly. My appointment was at 12pm and I saw Dr Justin at 12pm without any delay. He was very professional with his work and casual when talking. Made me feel comfortable. Took pics of my teeth to tell me what is wrong and what needs to be done. Not pushy at all asking me to do this and that. Price is pretty reasonable for where they are located. Thanks for the great service!
Mohamed Yousuff
Mohamed Y.
05:12 04 May 19
I liked the clinic’s convenience and its welcoming atmosphere. Dr Wong Jo Ann was friendly, thorough and made my first dental experience in Singapore since my move from the UK fantastic. She seems to be very knowledgeable, honest and professional post-examination. I have no qualms going to Dr Wong again.
Joyce Cheung
Joyce C.
05:39 01 Jan 20
Very professional and friendly service! Did my invisalign here with Dr Tiffany, highly recommend! Their new clinic at Eden House is very spacious and swanky 🙂
Jacqueline Ang
Jacqueline A.
02:57 04 Dec 19
All staffs are friendly. The dentist is patient, gentle and experience. Best dental clinic i have come across so far and i'm gonna stick with it for life.
I Ang
I A.
03:22 01 Jun 19
I have been visited Dental Designs for 2 years now, it’s really the best dentist experience ever! In this dental clinic, I have done the routine cleanings, fillings, and extractions. All these treatments were comfortable. My Dentist Dr Tiffany is very gentle, patient and skilled. The receptionist Ms Mary is so efficient and friendly, she always remind me about my appointment time and make every visit very enjoyable with her smile : ) thank you all.
Wenting Ma
Wenting M.
11:06 29 Oct 18
Great dental clinic with very friendly doctors and staff. I did my Invisalign here and continued coming back regularly for cleans.
Jocelyn Tay
Jocelyn T.
08:13 07 Jan 20
I'm really happy I found this clinic, all thanks to the excellent reviews posted. Dr Justin Giam is truly passionate about his craft and equally caring towards his patients. His equipment and methods are so amazingly modern it makes the clinics I've previously visited feel like they are from dinosaur age. I hate dentists and avoid them for as long as I possibly can but I feel I'm in safe hands after going through 1 crowning and 2 fillings in 2 separate sessions. Injections are painless because he uses numbing cream and if you usually struggle with keeping your jaws opened for over 60 mins or need to swallow your saliva all the time like me, ask for a bite block which comes in different sizes to fit your jaw, it's a life-saving device no other dentist has ever provided me with! Can't believe I've overcome my phobia 🙂
Shirley Tan
Shirley T.
15:56 12 Jul 19
My millions thanks to my dentist kelly for always her patience and care towards my dental needs.An excellent clinic with latest technology and best service award to Mary too. Thank you
Ho Alvan
Ho A.
05:07 07 Jul 18
Been with Dr Justin since the opening of the first clinic at Telok Ayear. Great dentist always good to chat and very friendly. Never did many complicated treatments other than cleaning ( thank god) but he puts us at ease Congrats on your new clinic
Gerald Lim
Gerald L.
03:58 11 Jan 20
I can’t recommend this clinic enough, was so glad to have found it. Great facility, really enjoyed the ambience with radio music. But thats beside the point, Dr Jasmine and Dr Tiffany are so terrific, they are so kind and really care about doing a good and meticulous job, and are so professional to share with me all x-rays of my teeth and explaining the issues and the process. I’ve never had any dentists that are so genuine and pro-active to help the patients be informed and understand the situations thoroughly. I feel very assured to be in such good hands. Thank you greatly!
Trang Pham
Trang P.
11:34 27 Feb 19
I have two crowns and a mouth guard done along with some general maintenance in February 2018. Dr Giam is a very meticulous and dedicated dental professional. I am very impressed with how efficient and effective their dental service is. I was able to have my crowns and mouth guard assessed, designed and tailor made within the same day (over 3 days) with their state of the art dental technology inside the clinic. The crowns and mouth guard fit perfectly! Now I can laugh out loud with a great smile! 😀
Sessusi Sessusi
Sessusi S.
04:55 08 Feb 18
Looking more like a lounge, the clinic is well appointed and has a very homey feeling with comfortable sofas and (rocking chairs). Dr Tiffany is a great Dentist who patiently explains the condition to her patients.
Glenn Lee
Glenn L.
03:18 16 Nov 19
I'm generally quite terrified of going to a dentist, because I have multiple sensitive teeth. Every time I go to one, I will inform the doctor to patch my sensitive teeth first before scaling and polishing. I didn't know this can be a vicious cycle, without solving the root of my problem (i.e. brushing too hard and improperly). Dr Justin showed how my sensitive part of my teeth look like (with photos...the proof of my bad brushing habits which I only had myself to blame) and explained the correct way to brush. For the first time, I didn't have a filling before the scaling and polishing. Dr Justin was very gentle with the highly sensitive teeth in the scaling and polishing. I felt I'm in good hands, because Dr Justin took the time and care to educate me on my issue, which other dentists didn't do. All the others do is just fill my teeth and get on with the rest of the job. Dr Justin shows great passion in his work.Instead of fillings, I did a fluorine treatment (banana flavour), which Dr Justin explained that it's a microscopic filling of the "pores"/"holes" on the sensitive parts. At the end of the day, what's most important is on my part to cultivate correct brushing habits. I also purchased the Oral B Pro 5000 electronic sensor toothbrush, which can tell me if I am brushing too hard. Excited to try it tonight! I've already made an appointment to see Dr Justin in 6 months time, which is next year March. Dental Designs is an exceptional clinic. Highly recommend that you try them out. You will experience a positive dentist visit.
Sharon Lee
Sharon L.
04:01 23 Sep 17
I had a good experience when I visited the clinic last week for a check up and cleaning. Mary at the front desk was especially courteous, taking great effort to remember my name to greet me when I come in. The overall design gives a very bright feel to the whole place, making me less anxious about the experience.Kelly the hygienist did an especially great job on the clean of my teeth. I am actually terrified of scaling and polishing of my teeth as I have very sensitive teeth, so I appreciate the time and effort she takes to clean my teeth. Dr Justin also gave me very constructive and helpful advice on my dental problems.I would highly recommend this clinic to people who are scared of pain when it comes to cleaning.
Alfie Lam
Alfie L.
11:36 27 Dec 17
I went to the clinic today to have my scaling and polishing done. Facilities were incredibly awesome(they actually have a big tv screen for you to see your own teeth as they explain) and clean, receptionist(Mary) was super friendly and actually took the effort to remember everyone there and held the door open with an open smile when I was about the leave the clinic.Dr Justin & Dr Tiffany were very friendly, super gentle and took time to slowly explain what's wrong with my teeth and recommended all the ways to improve on my smile. No hard sell at all, and I actually felt like I was talking to long time friends when I was conversing with them. That's how comfortable and warm I felt there. Next, I also went there to enquire about teeth straightening with Dr Tiffany and she was super kind enough to give me a detailed and free consultation. She took time to slowly explain all the available treatments and I'm grateful for that.Also, Kelly the dental hygienist cleaned my teeth and kept asking about whether I was comfortable and to tell her when I need her to stop. She was gentle and very careful to the extent that I almost fell asleep. Totally no pain at all for the scaling and polishing.Out of so many dental clinics I went to, this is definitely the best one I've ever went to. The price is totally affordable and value for money. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PLACE FOR ALL YOUR DENTAL PURPOSES. I'll give it 6 stars if I can! Thank you DENTAL DESIGNS! 🙂
Yaoratio Yap
Yaoratio Y.
13:54 21 Dec 17
This clinic never failed to impress me!!! The clinic at Telok Ayer outlet i previously went was cosy yet high tech.Their new clinic at Raffles Place is at a whole new level!! The waiting area is like a furniture shop with a lot of sofa with a view!My Dentist doctor chong was patient and meticulous. Followed her from her very first clinic many years ago. Everyone need to visit this clinic at least once to experience this unique dental experience!!!
07:02 24 Jan 20
My favourite dental clinic got themselves a second place and it’s gorgeous! Best dental clinic cause of the amazing staff, dentists esp. Dr Justin Giam. Really patient and gentle every single time. Highly recommend to anyone who has a fear of dentists and dreads dental visits. 🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️ You wouldn’t regret it.
Alexis H
Alexis H
08:42 19 Dec 19
Very family friendly dental clinic. It’s like a one stop dental care/services. The dentists are very good with my kids.I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed in one surgery and surprisingly it was generally painless (except those days after I finished my painkillers!)
01:17 05 Nov 18
Highly recommended as they have a fantastic dentist and clinic - I can’t praise these guys enough. Great location and friendly people make for a very pleasant experience. They have all the latest tech needed to meet your needs and I will keep coming back here.
Andy Bailey
Andy B.
01:37 12 Sep 17
Not my first visit to Dental Designs, but this is my first time to the Raffles Place clinic, as always very professional in everything they do, plus the new clinic looks fantastic!
Kenneth Seah
Kenneth S.
06:11 05 Dec 19
Have been with Dr Kelly for years. Always enjoy chatting with her during treatment. Particularly impressed with the new clinic. Highly recommended!
Teresa Lai
Teresa L.
07:10 24 Jan 20
Great dental clinic! Dr Giam is very friend and his treatments are very gentle. He is good at explaining his treatment to his patients and a lot of great cafes nearby as well. Excellent customer service and helpful receptionist. Decent location too!
Joo Dohyung
Joo D.
06:27 16 Apr 19
Doctors here are very professional & experience in doing cleaning, filling and even extraction of wisdom tooth as well. Under the care of Dr Tiffany for a few years and she give good recommendations on what should be done on my tooth. Totally well taken care of! Mary is a good receptionist that handle ur appointment well. A place that you feel safe and comfortable to settle ur dental issue. Highly recommend this clinic 🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻
Cyndi Lee
Cyndi L.
01:44 10 Nov 18
Wonderful dental office, highly recommended!From the moment you step in and are greeted by the extremely friendly receptionist to the modern technology (immediate digital scans of your teeth!) the doctors use during your visit and just the overall demeanor of the doctors, I'd have to say this is the best dental office I've ever been to! Appointments are usually very timely and the efficiency of the staff just leaves you with a positive feeling! No reason to dread those dental visits anymore when you use Dental Designs.Overall my husband and I are just so happy we found such a great dental clinic in Singapore!
Nadia Lee
Nadia L.
06:55 29 Aug 18
Dr Justin is very friendly and patient with good skill.Staff is friendly and warm too. Considering such a clean private dental clinic in CBD, it's affordable. Highly recommend.
Tutu Emiko Ishiwatari
Tutu Emiko I.
10:48 24 Apr 18
Five Stars is a modest rating. With the use of state of the art technology, comfortable environment with friendly and reassuring service, I highly recommend this clinic for all your dental needs.
Nicholas Tan
Nicholas T.
00:00 26 Apr 17
Very nice clinic. Very good dentist. Was gentle and comfortable throughout.
Tommy Fu
Tommy F.
02:22 17 Dec 19
The most beautiful dental clinic I know. Their service very professional and fees are reasonable.
Patrick Chua
Patrick C.
03:58 25 Nov 19
My favourite Dentist of all times. Been to this dental clinic since 2016.. always excellent, a patient and cheerful doctor..
Sammy N
Sammy N
04:40 26 Nov 19
Had a wonderful experience at this dental clinic! Went for a check up and filling, Dr Jo Ann saw me without delay and was very gentle and thorough. Really appreciate her explaining each step before proceeding, which made me feel a lot less anxious. The clinic is very well equipped, and i was impressed by the care and attention provided. I like that photographs were taken and shown to me, which made me more aware of the need to take care of my teeth.Overall, a great experience; definitely recommend and will be coming back here regularly!
Jennifer Cheok
Jennifer C.
13:03 28 Dec 19
I love visiting dental designs, Dr. Chong always my favourite to have my teeth clean and she always encourage me cause she knew I very afraid of dentist. She always very gentle and patient with me. This time I wanted to know about invisalign and met Dr Tifanny, she was very detailed and nice to explain everything and you can see she genuinely wants you to get better teeth. Dental design always my favourite dental clinic ❤️
Vicel Liew
Vicel L.
09:29 17 Jan 20
Dental Designs is a high tech dental clinic conveniently located opposite Telok Ayer MRT station. Dr Justin Giam is very professional. He is caring and patient. He keeps a detailed patient record. Unlike those stressful visits to any dentist, visiting Dr Giam is always a breeze.
Wendy Kang
Wendy K.
02:03 30 Apr 17
Dr. Justin is an excellent Dentist. I have visited his clinic on several occasions and have always had a positive experience, whether its painless root canal or even a crown application. I would definitely recommend Dr. Justin as he is one of the few Dentists who is not only great at his job but also has a very pleasant personality and is very honest with his patients. Certainly changed the Dentist visit experience for me.
Konichi whack
Konichi W.
07:24 21 May 17
The clinic is situated just a few steps away from the train station, very convenient. The interior of the clinic is nicely decorated and I felt comfortable. Dr Justin Giam answered the queries I had with professionalism and I felt reassured to be in good hands. There was also no pain experience during the scaling/polishing process. The counter staff are also friendly. I would highly recommend his services!
Janie Goh
Janie G.
14:48 26 Apr 17
Dr Tiffany is very gentle and assuring. My only go to Dental clinic.
Steve Tan
Steve T.
02:12 28 Nov 19
It is the best dental clinic I have visited in my entire life. I am awed by the level of service that was provided. The attention to details, caring service that pays attention to details, and most importantly to me, the patience of the doctors (Dr Tiffany & Dr Justin) in suggesting treatment and giving you time and space to process, before jumping in to get the work done. And the many works we have done over there whether cleaning or the invisalign that my wife is using, is just fantastic. Patients care and well-being is the top priority for them it seems. We were recommended by a friend actually and we have not stopped recommending to our friends. This is the kind of dental clinic that should exist. I will continue to support them and recommend more people. Super thumbs up!
Hong Seng Ong
Hong Seng O.
10:41 15 Mar 19
I never thought I'd 5* rate a dental clinic, but here it is. These guys are excellent.
Clinton Swan
Clinton S.
06:05 10 Dec 18
My fave dental clinic opened a new branch and it looks so awesome! First time to the raffles place branch and loving it! My usual dentist Dr Tiffany & hygienist Kelly are as always so patient, gentle & making my experience a wonderful one! Will be back in 6 months time!
Serene Lee
Serene L.
04:49 22 Jan 20
By an accident I broke one of my front tooth. As young woman i found myself in despair because living in Bali I understood that i would need a good dentist to get my smile and confidence back, I would not feel reassured to find a dentist that would give me enough confidence to trust him. So I started searching for dentist in Singapore, organized a few appointments and flew in from Indonesia to meet with different dental clinics ( I met 4 of them). Randomly the last appointment happened to be with Doctor Justin GIAM from Dental Design and from the start i was convinced. Doctor Justin, was clear, precise and very knowledgeable ! And in regards of price he was even a bit less expensive than others.. but on top of that he has a machine that makes a ceramic crown in one day ! All other dentist were asking me to comeback 3 weeks later to put the ceramic crown on ! Since I am living in Indonesia Doctor Justin offered me to do it all in one day, which was such a relief for me, as well as time and money savings ! He was very gentle and dedicated when it came to work on my tooth, he even did 3 crowns on the same day until he was totally satisfied with the result ! He did a wonderful job, as of today's date none of my friends are able to tell me which of my front tooth is ceramic ! I Even my boyfriend was impressed as he had two ceramic crowns done in France a while back and did not receive such a level of dentistry ! So I will recommend doctor Justin to any of my friend without any hesitation ! Even the one back home in Europe !
Rosa Rafikova
Rosa R.
06:25 30 Jul 19
The most beautiful dental clinic I’ve seen in my life❤️Staff are very friendly, especially the dentist are so gentle and nice to me, feel so safe and comfortable during the whole treatment.Highly recommended 👍👍👍👍👍👍
Tze Qing Ooi
Tze Qing O.
12:40 13 Nov 19
Dr Tiffany is located at this clinic to do ur dental treatment so rest assured and come on down to see this beautiful new clinic. Dr kelly is really good at cleaning and great advice too! Would totally come back to this new branch again! Location is also very easy to find!:)
Cyndi Lee
Cyndi L.
04:45 23 Nov 19
Had a very pleasant experience at the clinic today. Jasmine was really gentle with my teeth! Price for treatment was reasonable as well:)
esther fan
esther F.
06:48 20 Jun 18
It is the best dental clinic ever! I always afraid of the dentist and only visit when needed. The moment I entered the clinic, I was greeted and welcome by the receptionist. She greeted me by my name and talk to me while waiting for the dentist. Dr Chong is amazing with her caring and dental skill. She very detailed and knowledgable, she very patient in explaining about my oral health. She also gives genuine recommendation unlike some dentist in other clinic told me I must remove all 4 wisdom tooth. Dr Chong knew I feel very nervous for the wisdom tooth extraction, she even offered to bring me a stress ball, end up she and the receptionist brought in a CurryPuff pillow for me to hug so that I can relax. (The curry puff really helps a lot XD) The extraction was extremely quick and painless. Dr Chong praised me throughout the process so that I can relax and she gave detailed aftercare instruction. Never experience such terrific service from any dental clinic before! Set my next appt right after the extraction! This dental clinic comes with a lot of high tech equipment which helps with the dental experience as well. Definitely recommend for whoever afraid of dental appt!
Vicel Liew
Vicel L.
08:36 25 Apr 19
Really great dental clinic. I've tried several and this one is excellent for me for several reasons:- doctors will discuss with you the details of the treatment and the reason for any homework or follow-up (if you want to discuss)- quality of services and implants is very high, but the price (compared to other clinics) is great- you get SMS reminders about your appointments in a timely manner- you can find Curaprox toothbrushes here (this is a massive benefit for anyone needing a softer brush)- new tech is thoughtfully applied, not just there to charge youVery, very strong recommendation of the clinic
Nemanja Grujicic
Nemanja G.
01:41 11 Mar 19
Been with this clinic for a few years, dental clinic is big clean and very modern in its technology!
Royston Sng
Royston S.
02:20 21 Dec 19
Lovely clinic. professional, gentle and warm. V convenient location in the CBD too. I went to Dr Justin Giam and wouldn't hesitate to recommend others to him. he was thorough, super patient and with a sense of humour. as good as it gets when it comes to dental visits.
08:50 10 Jan 18
I feel that my experience at dental designs was an amazing one. Not only was the service excellent, but the dentist there was also really skilful. Equipped with the latest technology, it made my root canal treatment a relatively painless and efficient one. Thank you so much for that and I would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone who needs dental treatments.
05:30 07 Jul 18
Mary is the best receptionist I’ve ever met - friendly, warm and extremely helpful! I am under the care of Dr Justin Giam and he’s been very skillful and knowledgeable. I have also brought my 4 year-old daughter for her first dental visit with Dr Tiffany Tan whom I can’t praise enough for her great patience and interaction with my girl to make her feel comfortable and at ease. Overall a great dental clinic for both the adults and children!
Cher Sook Yee
Cher Sook Y.
04:13 19 Oct 18
From young, I am terrified of the dentist and due to my bad dental experiences encountered in the past, that has stopped me from visiting dentist for a period of time. But recently been to a couple of times to Dr. Justin at Dental Designs Clinic located at 120 Telok Ayer St, I must say every visit are smooth, pleasant for me and so do my phobic improved. Firstly, the Receptionist~Mary.When I walked into the clinic, she welcome me with a cheerful smile, followed by a firm handshake(She is very friendly and careful in observation). She will chat with me while I am waiting for my turn(Makes me feel not so nervous while waiting). She also walked me to the dentist chair and brings me cosy blanket. Not only those, she also send me to the door when I am leaving. Thumb up for her excellent services! =))Secondly, the Dentist~Dr. Justin.I have seen him for "Polishing and Scaling", "Filling" and "Tooth Whitening". He is a good and friendly dentist~where he really: 1-Listens patiently. 2-Careful. 3-Gives good advices. 4-Honest. 5-Detail Oriented(Explained clearly to every dental concerns, very easy for me to understand). He also shows great passion in his job~there is no doubts for his professionalism, skills and knowledge towards his work. Also, he really done a great job for every of my dental problems. Thirdly, the overall environment feels like a home~clean, relax and comfortable clinic to be and latest modern technology used in dentistry. Also, during every of my visit at the clinic-there was no pushy of their products which is a added on star!Lastly, I would say I am really impressed and satisfied by the excellent service both Dr. Justin and his team brings to every patient~gives me feel like a home as they treat each and everyone like family and shows respect to us. Dental Designs Clinic located at 120 Telok Ayer St~Highly Recommended and I will definitely come again~Thank You So Much~Dental Designs Clinic and I wish you the best and great success, always! ((=
Pei Ling
Pei L.
18:24 08 Nov 17
Probably the best dental clinic I have ever been in Singapore. I initially went in for a second opinion on implant case with Dr Justin. With his superior experience and latest dental equipments there, the opinion was completely different from the other reputable chain clinic I went (literally from a traumatic case that will cost me almost $10k to replacing of the screw and crown for the price of $1500). Treatment was fast and informative. Dr Justin went extra mile to even contact the implant company to find out whether what he can reuse and what he needs to order from the implant company to help save the cost (again from traumatic treatment physically and financially of $10k down to $1500). Team there was also amazing and efficient. There is no non sense of having to see your physical insurance card (yes they have moved on to accept your card on insurance company application - it is possible for other clinics out there). Highly recommended.
Fon Supannakul
Fon S.
02:18 17 Mar 18
Went in and met Dr. Chong, she was the most gentle doctor I have ever met! I have been to multiple clinics before and really impressed by her and the clinic!Before the treatment, the took pictures of my upper and lower mouth and explained to me the areas with problems and advised me accordingly. She was very gentle and constantly checked if I was okay. This dental experience was professional yet personal. It felt like they treat everyone who walks in as an individual person and not some generic transactional services. Highly recommend this clinic and Dr. Chong!!!
Roy Tan
Roy T.
16:04 13 Apr 19
Dr Hani has been my dentist from her days at another clinic. She has always been very friendly, gentle, professional and meticulous . You wouldn't want to go to any other dentist after meeting her ! I am glad that I found her at this clinic today .
Kian Yong Seow
Kian Yong S.
07:36 20 Dec 19
Having recently moved to Singapore I needed a clinic for regular scale and polish. This clinic was recommended to me by a work colleague. It was a good experience, I would also recommend.
12:55 23 Nov 19
Just wanted to say that this clinic is by far the best dentist I've been to. I've been to a lot of different dentists over the years in different countries, and Dental Designs Clinic has been the most enjoyable dental experience. I wouldnt hesitate to pay 2x the price for the level of quality, service and professionalism that I've received here.1st off, the staff, dentists and everything about the office is top notch. 2nd, they have their own little state of the art, onsite, fast computer assisted dental machine that makes crowns and more (I used to wait days for my previous dentist to send out the work to a lab to do the work and then send it back; long turn around time!)3rd, they are so attentive and gentle that I almost forgot that they were working on my teeth. 4th, they are located conveniently right around the corner from Telok Ayer Mrt Station5th, did I mention that everyone there is AMAZING!?!?!?! Because they are and deserve all the success they having coming to them!Every time I go back, I find something new to rave about. I look forward to my next visit.
John Michael
John M.
16:26 11 Jun 18
The clinic has very friendly doctors and staff. Any questions about any problems will be explained well. I am very happy with the service.
Vixi Ki
Vixi K.
07:20 18 Nov 19
Top notch, friendly service as always, taking after the first clinic in Telok Ayer. Super cool waiting lounge! Kelly & Tiffany were both careful and meticulous, hardly any discomfort during the routine procedure. Highly recommended!
06:27 15 Nov 19

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