Teeth Straightening

Benefits of Straight Teeth

Appearances matter

Having straighter teeth can improve your facial appearance and confidence. A person who is self conscious about their smile will tend to smile with lips closed together or with their hand covering the mouth, which can come across as awkward.

Speech and eating may be improved after braces treatment with straight teeth as braces not only straighten teeth, but improve how the teeth fit together as well.

Easier Cleaning, Less Bacteria

Crooked teeth tend to trap more food and bacteria, as the toothbrush is unable to reach into the crevices. Flossing may be difficult or unable to completely clean. This can cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and maintain, and usually have less chances of tooth decay, staining and gum inflammation.

Improve your facial structure

Apart from straightening teeth, we aim to improve your facial proportions.

Braces bring about a change in the position of the teeth and this can affect the facial structures. The dentist will check your facial skeleton and teeth position and plan to optimise your facial shape. Examples are correcting overbites and underbites which lead to enhanced appearance and symmetry, or expanding your dental arch for a wider smile.

Orthodontics and Sleep Apnea

Your general health can be improved. Some patients with sleep apnea may benefit from treatment to expand their oral space and appliances to improve the airway function.

Recent studies have shown that children with narrow jaws, crowded teeth, enlarged adenoids can benefit from early treatment to improve airway and breathing. Symptoms of child sleep apnea include disrupted nocturnal sleep, snoring, fatigue, school difficulties, hyperactivity or inattention.

Is it Necessary to Extract Teeth for Braces?

    • “I heard that it is necessary to extract teeth for braces. ” “Can I straighten my teeth without extraction?” “Do I always need to pull out teeth for braces?”
    NO. It is not always necessary to extract your teeth for braces. 9 out of 10 cases we straighten teeth without extraction. In some cases, extracting teeth for braces could result in an undesirable change in your face shape and facial profile.
    At Dental Designs Clinic, our goal is for you to straighten your teeth as painlessly as possible and without losing your teeth. When you come to us to fix your teeth, our braces dentist will do a comprehensive assessment of your teeth, jaws and face. We will then advise you on all your options and how you can avoid teeth extraction for braces.

Types of Braces We Provide

Invisalign – Clear Removable Braces

In the past, only painful traditional metal braces were available to straighten crooked teeth.

We now have the luxury of modern technology such as Invisalign clear braces. Get straight teeth without braces (no metal!) to fix crooked teeth quickly, painlessly, and with you in control.

Invisalign uses a set of clear plastic retainers that are virtually invisible. Aligners are removable, which means for important social events, they can be taken out easily. You can eat whatever you like, and teeth are easily cleaned. This is usually a more comfortable option compared to fixed braces as there is less pain.

With invisalign, you can see how the teeth will move and adjust the final result to your liking, even before you start wearing them.

teeth with whitening tray

Want to Know More About Invisalign?

invisalign comparison
Find out More on Invisalign.comOfficial Website for Invisalign

Damon Self Ligating Braces

Newer types of braces such as Damon do not have rubber bands around the braces, which tend to trap food and bacteria, and are easier to keep clean after meals.

Damon self-ligating braces are a revolutionary shift in braces treatment, with many advantages over traditional braces,  more comfortable, less pain and much shorter treatment time, even for complex cases.

Damon clear braces are also available that blend in to your tooth color.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 12.43.05 pm

Metal Braces – Traditional

Metal braces move teeth using wires and metal brackets bonded to your teeth. Traditionally, they are held in place with colourful rubber bands. These braces are the most commonly seen, especially in young children and teenagers.

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How will my face change with braces?

    • Having braces could affect your face and side profile. Many people are unaware of how much your face can change after braces.
    • Braces can improve your face shape and side facial profile. Our braces dentist will let you know how your face may change with braces, and discuss with you how you would like to improve your smile with braces. We can guide you on how to achieve the ideal facial proportions that make up a beautiful smile.

More than Meets the Eye

There are many things that go into achieving a beautiful smile.

Certain facial proportions appeal to us as being more beautiful. Your braces treatment can also potentially improve your face shape and side profile.

We will take into account how we can use them to design your smile, creating a beautiful smile curve and improving how your face looks.

To the untrained eye, both the people in the pictures on the right have beautiful, straight teeth.

To us, we identify what makes a smile more beautiful than just straight teeth.

Move your mouse over the two images to see what we see.

We want to achieve more than just straight teeth. There are many factors that can subtly enhance your smile. For example, we can improve your smile curve, reduce the dark spaces between your teeth and cheeks, bring in your upper teeth and ensure proper display of your front teeth when you smile or speak, and many more.

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