Teeth that have large decay or fillings are weaker than pristine teeth, thus these teeth can crack or fracture more easily. A crown is like putting  a strong cap over your tooth. It restores the structure and strength to the tooth that is badly damaged.

Why Do Teeth Need Crowns?

The most common reason why you would need a crown or veneer is because your tooth is weakened, either from dental cavities or fractured. Crowns are also used in worn out or discolored teeth to achieve a more beautiful shape and to hide any discoloration.


These situations could be:

Teeth with Large Fillings or Cavities
Teeth with Cracks or Chipped
Teeth that had Root Canal Treatment
Teeth that have a odd shape or color different to the neighbouring teeth

Crowns can protect your teeth from further wear and cracks, letting them last longer in your mouth.


How It Works

  • Prepare and Scanning your teeth

    A 3D Model of your teeth is created on the spot with our scanner.

  • Have a Coffee - while we Design and Mill your crown CAD/CAM

    All made inhouse, and hand finished, for precise quality control.

  • Back to Fit Your Crown in, All Done!

    No compromise on your lifestyle as there are no temporary crowns needed

Machine Precision + Hand Finished for Quality and Aesthetics

CEREC Crown –  Precision milled, Precision Fit Ceramic. Well established for more than 30 years, with >250 scientific studies confirming the clinical safety of tried and tested CEREC tooth restorations. Worldwide, more than 30 million tooth restorations have been produced with CEREC.

Bridge/Ceramic Filling/Crown Warranty

5 year warranty applies if, under normal conditions, the dental restoration breaks, loosens, cracks or dislodges.
it does not cover the treatment cost of root canal treatments (if needed thereafter) nor the breakage/fracture of the natural tooth supporting it

Here’s what our patients feel about us:

Compliments to Dr justin and Dr Kelly.. thank you for a nice crown job and allow me to smile confidently again!
Tan Loo ping
Tan Loo P.
13:03 03 Oct 19
By an accident I broke one of my front tooth. As young woman i found myself in despair because living in Bali I understood that i would need a good dentist to get my smile and confidence back, I would not feel reassured to find a dentist that would give me enough confidence to trust him. So I started searching for dentist in Singapore, organized a few appointments and flew in from Indonesia to meet with different dental clinics ( I met 4 of them). Randomly the last appointment happened to be with Doctor Justin GIAM from Dental Design and from the start i was convinced. Doctor Justin, was clear, precise and very knowledgeable ! And in regards of price he was even a bit less expensive than others.. but on top of that he has a machine that makes a ceramic crown in one day ! All other dentist were asking me to comeback 3 weeks later to put the ceramic crown on ! Since I am living in Indonesia Doctor Justin offered me to do it all in one day, which was such a relief for me, as well as time and money savings ! He was very gentle and dedicated when it came to work on my tooth, he even did 3 crowns on the same day until he was totally satisfied with the result ! He did a wonderful job, as of today's date none of my friends are able to tell me which of my front tooth is ceramic ! I Even my boyfriend was impressed as he had two ceramic crowns done in France a while back and did not receive such a level of dentistry ! So I will recommend doctor Justin to any of my friend without any hesitation ! Even the one back home in Europe !
Rosa Rafikova
Rosa R.
06:25 30 Jul 19
I'm really happy I found this clinic, all thanks to the excellent reviews posted. Dr Justin Giam is truly passionate about his craft and equally caring towards his patients. His equipment and methods are so amazingly modern it makes the clinics I've previously visited feel like they are from dinosaur age. I hate dentists and avoid them for as long as I possibly can but I feel I'm in safe hands after going through 1 crowning and 2 fillings in 2 separate sessions. Injections are painless because he uses numbing cream and if you usually struggle with keeping your jaws opened for over 60 mins or need to swallow your saliva all the time like me, ask for a bite block which comes in different sizes to fit your jaw, it's a life-saving device no other dentist has ever provided me with! Can't believe I've overcome my phobia 🙂
Shirley Tan
Shirley T.
15:56 12 Jul 19
Been in Singapore 10 years and been struggling to find the right dentirst. It always just felt like my dentist was trying to extract the most amount of money from me. Dental Design is just the opposite. Doctor Justin is very personable and exteemely honest and straighforward. The machinary and techniques are super current ( they 3d printed my crown in 2 hours) and pricing is tatally fair. while i was charged 5000$ for a crown in some other shop DD does it for me on the same day for little more than 1000$.
Jonathan Hacon
Jonathan H.
10:04 25 Jun 19
Terriffic service. I was told I needed three crowns by an expat dentist and luckily sent my friend who is a dentist back home the x easy to check out and he told me to find a different dentist. Ended up needing only one crown and didn’t have to wait a week to get it. I am so happy to have been able to safe my teeth. Now one year later still all good no pain no issues! So happy to have found dental designs
Ellen Nepilly
Ellen N.
12:49 10 Jan 19
Had a very pleasant experience doing my crowns and scaling/polishing at dental designs. Both Dr Justin and Dr Tiffany are very professional and friendly. Highly recommended!
Geraldine Chia
Geraldine C.
05:01 07 Nov 18
Just wanted to say that this clinic is by far the best dentist I've been to. I've been to a lot of different dentists over the years in different countries, and Dental Designs Clinic has been the most enjoyable dental experience. I wouldnt hesitate to pay 2x the price for the level of quality, service and professionalism that I've received here.1st off, the staff, dentists and everything about the office is top notch. 2nd, they have their own little state of the art, onsite, fast computer assisted dental machine that makes crowns and more (I used to wait days for my previous dentist to send out the work to a lab to do the work and then send it back; long turn around time!)3rd, they are so attentive and gentle that I almost forgot that they were working on my teeth. 4th, they are located conveniently right around the corner from Telok Ayer Mrt Station5th, did I mention that everyone there is AMAZING!?!?!?! Because they are and deserve all the success they having coming to them!Every time I go back, I find something new to rave about. I look forward to my next visit.
John Michael
John M.
16:26 11 Jun 18
Probably the best dental clinic I have ever been in Singapore. I initially went in for a second opinion on implant case with Dr Justin. With his superior experience and latest dental equipments there, the opinion was completely different from the other reputable chain clinic I went (literally from a traumatic case that will cost me almost $10k to replacing of the screw and crown for the price of $1500). Treatment was fast and informative. Dr Justin went extra mile to even contact the implant company to find out whether what he can reuse and what he needs to order from the implant company to help save the cost (again from traumatic treatment physically and financially of $10k down to $1500). Team there was also amazing and efficient. There is no non sense of having to see your physical insurance card (yes they have moved on to accept your card on insurance company application - it is possible for other clinics out there). Highly recommended.
Fon Supannakul
Fon S.
02:18 17 Mar 18
I have two crowns and a mouth guard done along with some general maintenance in February 2018. Dr Giam is a very meticulous and dedicated dental professional. I am very impressed with how efficient and effective their dental service is. I was able to have my crowns and mouth guard assessed, designed and tailor made within the same day (over 3 days) with their state of the art dental technology inside the clinic. The crowns and mouth guard fit perfectly! Now I can laugh out loud with a great smile! 😀
Sessusi Sessusi
Sessusi S.
04:55 08 Feb 18
So glad that a friend recommended this modern & friendly dental clinic to me as I was searching high & low for a good dentist in SG. The 5 star experience starts the moment you step in with a warm welcome from Mary, the office manager who sends you to the dentist chair and offers you a cosy blanket! First time I have ever had such a 5 star treatment at a dentist! Dr Justin & Dr Tiffany are both motivated & super passionate about offering dental treatments using cutting edge technology like the Cerec machine for same-day crowns and digital scans etc. Not your typical scary dental clinic. Thank you so much to all at Dental Designs for making me feel so comfortable. Wishing you every success!
Carolyn Taylor
Carolyn T.
12:49 24 Oct 17
I've been moving a lot for work and whenever I return home to Hawaii to get dental work done, it's almost impossible for me to get anything done or to book an appointment when I needed it. I was on vacation in Singapore last April and I decided to get a complete dental exam. Dr Justin was absolutely wonderful-- friendly, caring, and sensitive to my dental concerns. Not only was I satisfied with Dr Justin's professionalism, but I was quiet content with the service given by his staff, especially Ms. Mary. I had such a great experience with Dr. Justin and the Dental Design staff that I returned to get needed dental work done. I had a partial crown, full crown, and a filling done without much pain. I was able to schedule appointments and have the dental work done during the four full days I had in Singapore. I'm very content with the dental work done and will definitely return next year for more dental work.
Aileen Fermin
Aileen F.
05:33 13 Jul 17
Dr. Justin is an excellent Dentist. I have visited his clinic on several occasions and have always had a positive experience, whether its painless root canal or even a crown application. I would definitely recommend Dr. Justin as he is one of the few Dentists who is not only great at his job but also has a very pleasant personality and is very honest with his patients. Certainly changed the Dentist visit experience for me.
Raj Shah
Raj S.
07:24 21 May 17