Dental Implants in Singapore

A Natural Looking Tooth Replacement Option

What Is A Dental Implant?

If a tooth is missing, or damaged beyond repair, a dental implant surgery is a great option to replace the missing tooth and avoid having a gap between the teeth.

Dental implant consists of two main parts:
– The dental implant body itself that is placed below the gum during the implant surgery; it basically replaces the root of a natural tooth
– The implant crown, which is the visible part that replaces the missing tooth

The main advantage of dental implants is that it is an individual unit that does not rely on the neighbouring natural teeth to support it.

Dental Tooth Implants Singapore - Treatment Process & What to Expect?

Implant Placement

After extraction or when the tooth is missing, the dental implant is placed. Bone graft may be done during this stage if necessary.

Healing Process

After the surgery, we usually allow 3-6 months for your bone at the implant site to heal well and the dental implant to stabilise.

Placement of Crown

The crown is placed on the tooth and you are good to go!

What happens if I leave the gap between my teeth after extraction?


Over many years, without tooth implant treatment, the following long term consequences usually occur:

  1. The neighbouring teeth can start to tip or drift inwards towards the space. As this happens, food and bacteria gets stuck between the teeth, causing issues.
  2. In most cases, the opposing tooth will also start to ‘grow’ down towards the gap. Eventually, it may end up loose or biting on the lower gum and may need to be extracted.
  3. The bone and gum around the missing tooth will be lost, and collapse down.
Tooth Implant Costs in Singapore
Tooth implant instalation process

Tooth implants in Singapore cost around $2,500 to $4,500 per tooth. The price of this may vary depending on a variety of factors, such as the services or treatments that come with it. Certain services like bone augmentation, soft tissue treatment, extraction and crowning will all affect the overall price.

The place where the crown is manufactured, the size of the implant, and other aspects will all affect the overall cost.

Advantages of Dental Tooth Implant


Like a natural tooth, appearance and chewing ability is restored.


Implants transmit chewing forces to the jaw bone, maintaining bone density.


No more worry about your dentures falling out, or exposing gaps between your teeth.


Implants are independent, unlike dentures or bridges which can fail due to issues with the supporting teeth.


SAFETY FIRST – Our services as a professional dental centre concentrate heavily on the safety of our patients for every one of our treatment plans, especially during dental implant treatments. To more accurately understand the patient, we digitally reconstruct an accurate model of your mouth and jaws using our 3D intraoral CEREC scanner and 3D CBCT X-Ray, that gives us information to locate all important anatomical structures.
3D CAD-CAM Implant Guide
3D CAD-CAM Implant Guide

We then plan and design the optimal position for the implant and create an individually customised 3D CAD-CAM guide, all in our clinic. Fully Guided Keyhole Implant Surgery is an advanced technique that minimises the size of the surgery site, leading to a painless, precise, and fast guided procedure.

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