What is a Porcelain Veneer?

Porcelain veneer or if more than one, porcelain veneers, are thin ceramics that are bonded onto the surface of your teeth to improve the shape, harmony and colour of teeth. Porcelain veneers are also sometimes called ceramic veneers, or front teeth veneers. With good care, porcelain or ceramic veneers can last from a range of between 10-30 years and can be replaced with minimal damage to your natural teeth.

Given its minimally invasive nature, a porcelain veneer may be the solution for you if you are thinking of having a more balanced, brighter, or simply a different smile.  Furthermore, even though they may look very delicate, they are extremely resistant when bonded to enamel which is the outer layer of your teeth.


Smile Makeover

A Smile Makeover procedure is a broad term used to describe a set of dental procedures to significantly improve one’s smile. It is a highly customised treatment plan unique to each individual which restores not only beauty, but also health and function of the teeth. That way, we are able to build smiles that are long lasting and beautiful throughout the years.

A beautiful smile is made of not just straight or white teeth. our philosophy is that a beautiful smile is one that is in harmony with the rest of the face shape and lips. Apart from beauty, it should be functional so that you feel at ease when eating and when speaking.

To achieve this, we measure the proportions of your face and correlate it with your teeth. For natural aesthetics, all our dental work is made in house piece by piece by skilled technicians. As we want our work to last as long as possible, we use quality materials that have undergone rigorous testing and research to prove their strength and durability.

Experienced Dentists

High Magnification

Our dentists keep themselves up to date with international techniques that are effective and comfortable for you.

We use a specialised Carl Zeiss microscope with magnification of up to 15 times for precision work

Facially-Driven Digital Smile Design

Observing nature; design based on the golden proportions to produce a smile that perfectly suits your face shape and personality.

Fully Digital Workflow

3D Scanning of your teeth = No Dental Moulds. Dental moulds are a part of traditional dentistry and are uncomfortable. We use digital scans instead which are fast, comfortable and more accurate.

dental designs logo

Fast Turnover

Our in-house lab and dedicated ceramist allows us to match your time schedule, even if you are travelling from overseas.

All steps are under full control. Unlike traditional dental laboratories, which are made off-site, we make all our ceramic veneers in house to ensure full quality control.

Unique Smile

Instead of the stock standard sterotypical look, we will impart natural designs, from nature’s unlimited library of beauty.

Natural Aesthetics

Through the use of high-quality, genuine materials including high grade ceramics and methodology.

Personalised Treatment

Each porcelain veneer is designed individually, hand stained, polished and finished and inspected to ensure quality before giving it to our patients.

Prototyping for satisfaction

You will receive a final prototype on the teeth before we bond the actual ceramic veneers. This ensures that you are absolutely happy with your new look before moving forward.


Our Ceramics – Beauty. From Nature

Hand selected by us, we utilise pure ceramics, fabricated from natural high-purity feldspar found in Norway and Sweden. These ceramics have a natural fluorescence and inner glow, and beautiful value, just like the one we find in young teeth.

Our Ceramics – Strength. With Science

One of the most frequently asked questions about ceramic veneers are its strength and durability. No doubt, this is a legitimate question as these front teeth veneers can be as thin as 0.1mm (although they usually range between 0.3 to 0.5mm). Furthermore, ceramic is a brittle material. How is it possible that ceramic veneers can last up to 30 years without any problems?

To understand this, we first must understand the building blocks of natural teeth.
1. Enamel – the outer layer of your teeth. It is the toughest tissue in the human body but also very brittle and similar to ceramics.
2. Dentine – the inner part of your teeth which is more flexible and acts like a shock absorber.

When we bond front teeth veneers onto your enamel, we are able to take on the mechanical property of your enamel and dentine. Therefore, when combined together, the resulting tooth has the toughness to cut and chew while having the flexibility to absorb shocks and biting forces.

A simple example to understand this phenomenon would be the glass panel analogue. If we drop a 5kg bowling ball onto a glass panel that is unsupported, it would most likely shatter and break. However, if we glued this glass panel onto the floor and use the same bowling ball, it will not likely break. This is because, similar to the porcelain veneers, the glass panel takes on the strength and flexibility of what they have been glued on.


How Do We Create a Brand New Smile?

Creation of each unique smile requires a complex coordination between the dentist and our in house laboratory

with the dentist

1. The Smile Consultation

Your smile is something that defines you. Therefore, it is vital that we create a smile that belongs to you and that you are proud of.

Regardless of the number of dental porcelains veneers done, it is important to first spend a significant amount of time to discuss your concerns and expectations. Similar to an architect, we are only able to design your smile when we fully understand your needs and specifications.

After an extensive discussion, we will then perform a comprehensive smile examination. This includes taking x-rays and photographs of your teeth as well as digital 3D scans. This creates a full “picture” of your dental condition, which will be used as a framework for your front teeth veneer or smile makeover.


Using the information that we have gathered, we will create a virtual framework of what will be your future smile. The size, volume and shape of your teeth should in accordance with your facial profile, and most of all, it should be unique and represents you.

in the dental laboratory

LAB: Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile design is a tool we use on a daily basis to determine the planned architecture of your smile makeover. The review of photos and videos compiled for your case will provide our smile designers with a better understanding of the intertwining relationship between your teeth, gums, lips and smile. Think of it like an orchestra playing a musical set piece, every aspect and components need to work in harmony so that we can create something beautiful.

with the dentist

2. Dentist: Smile Trial

Here at Dental Designs, we believe the smile is the key to human expression. We believe that any smile starts with an inner emotion, a state of joy, that is expressed on our faces as a smile.

We understand that the initial steps to this journey of regaining your smile can be a daunting one. Daunting because it is a journey to the unknown. “Is it worth the effort?” or “Will I look worse than I started?” are valid questions that we always hear.

Therefore, we created “Trial Smile” – so that you can directly see how the final outcome can be, before we start any treatment. This non-invasive procedure requires no drilling and damage to your teeth. Most of all, there are no obligations to having this procedure done.


with the dentist

3. Preparation of Teeth

Once we have decided on the final shape of your front teeth veneers, it is time to start! To allow the ceramic veneers to blend in well with your tooth, we may polish off approximately 0.5mm of the surface of the tooth. This surface will subsequently be covered with the front teeth veneers. All our veneers are done with our philosophy of minimum intervention – that means, we will only prepare or remove only what is necessary on the tooth in order to achieve a good result, so as to preserve the most of your tooth structure.

After the preparation has been done, we use a 3D scanner (CEREC) to create a 3D model of your teeth, instead of the usual dental molds which are messy and gag-inducing. 3D models are more accurate and allow us to start work on creating the porcelain veneers immediately. This allows us to significantly shorten your appointment times and waiting time between visits.

No Prep Veneers: In certain circumstances, we might not need to perform any tooth surface removal to do the ceramic veneer. In such cases, we are able to produce “prepless” or “no prep” veneers which allow the porcelain work to be bonded directly onto your teeth. This is a technically difficult procedure that is non-invasive and requires no anaesthesia. In terms of success rate, they are no different from regular dental front teeth veneers, and therefore share similar aesthetic properties and longevity.

However, not all dental veneers can be “prepless”. They are only indicated only in specific cases where the finalised smile design requires us to add volume to your existing teeth (small teeth, teeth with spaces and in some post-orthodontic treatments ). In many cases, dental veneers can be used in conjunction with no prep veneers, depending on the design of the future smile.


with the dentist

4. Smile Prototype

To ensure that your new smile suits you, it is vital that we test-run your smile and have your approval first before moving on to the permanent dental veneers.

Hence, after the preparation phase, we will be making a temporary set of front teeth veneers that will allow you to try on your new smile. We will then see you back in a week’s time to receive your feedback. If you are satisfied with your new smile or require minor adjustments to it, we can move forwards to bonding the permanent ceramic veneers! However, if your smile prototype requires major changes, we might make another set of temporary front teeth veneers for you to try on.


with the dentist

5. Bonding of Porcelain Veneers

You are almost there! Your permanent front teeth veneers are now ready for bonding! We will give them a try in first and make sure you are satisfied before bonding them in place. This is the last approval that we need before we commence our bonding protocol.

During our bonding procedure, we will try our maximise our bond strengths between your porcelain veneer and your natural teeth. This ensures that your dental veneers last for the longest amount of time. Care is taken to minimise contamination from moisture and plaque. Our bonding materials are regularly checked and need to display long term success indicating good adhesion and colour stability before we use them in our clinic.

Once the bonding process has been complete, welcome to your new smile! To celebrate your new smile, we take a set of professional studio photos to showcase the new you, so dress up! Your dentist will be giving you some instructions on caring for your porcelain veneers. See you at the review appointment!


6. Review Check

with the dentist

We’ll see you in about a week after completion of the treatment to check on how you are doing. To be precise, we will check your bite, the stability of the porcelain veneer and ensure that you are comfortable with your new smile.


Here’s what our patients feel about us:

Dr Justin is a great dentist! everything is well done and my tooth looks natural after treatment. He is very professional and yet humble and friendly!
Lim Chiew Pin
Lim Chiew P.
03:56 10 Jul 21
Dear Dr Tiffany and Dr Rares, thank you so much for being you. I can't thank you enough for your professionalism and for every experience i have been through with you thus far.Dr Tiffany, i'm glad with myself that i can finally sit down and put my gratitude towards you in written words. I remember telling you how you could effortlessly make me and probably every patient feel. Thank you for being so extremely professional and humble. You are so awesome at your work, it makes it so easy to trust you in total comfort right from the first session. As much as im guilty of procrastinating my straightening course this late, im at the same time convinced that everything happens for an unknown reason at the right timing of readiness. Thank you for being a good portion of the reason.Dr Rares, i want to let you know in written words of what i have yet told you in person. You live up to all i have previously thought and wrote about you. Thank you for being so professional,super gentle and extra caring to details. I believe alot of dental patients elsewhere when going through arduous processes like deep cleaning will be in either fear or discomfort, but what went through my mind a few times when you were doing deep cleaning for me were mostly how impressive you were at your work and that i owe you another thank you. You are also so respectful and polite to your assistant each time. I'm so proud to be your patient.Dr Rares and Dr Tiffany, sometimes i feel that the phrase in good hands has been widely misused all over. But to be used on you, i feel that it is inadequate at all. May you be blessed the same way everywhere else with the same standards you bless on people.Thank you Sherlene and Christine so much too for being so responsible, cheerful and responsive! 🥰Gin Goh
Kion Moy
Kion M.
08:56 30 Jun 21
The best dental clinic in Singapore. Dr. Nicholas is not only professional, but his kindness, sincere caring, and concern make everything better and are a great encouragement. I'd highly recommend him to everyone who wish for dental care and who wants a great smile 🙂
Jisun AN
Jisun A.
11:40 14 Jun 21
Had 2 wisdom tooth extraction done by my regular dentist Dr Hani recently. She detected cavity on them and advised me to go extraction. Thankfully I went for it because after that we realised that one tooth was actually decaying very badly! The whole procedure was done quicker than I expected, and I also did not need surgery on the lower tooth, as she was able to extract it smoothly. Dr Hani is friendly and puts people at ease, yet a very professional and skillful dentist. Highly recommend!
Ding Billa
Ding B.
16:12 03 Jun 21
Been to many clinics and since I went here I never changed clinic and doctor. Doc Justin is the best! So patient and so skilled he really knows what he's doing. Their hyginiest Kelly is very good too, no pain everytime. Thumbs up services!
Maria Barcega
Maria B.
07:38 31 May 21
(Translated by Google) Dr. Nicholas is professional and attentive.Explain the condition seriouslyvery patient.The consultation process is very comfortable, the environment is very good, and it is very clean.(Original)Nicholas医生,专业又细心。认真的讲解病情很有耐心。看诊过程很舒服,环境很好,很干净。
szu we i she
szu we i S.
14:22 28 May 21
Been a patient from Dr Justin for about 5 years and we are super happy.Profesional, friendly and with an amazing team, it's the dentist clinic I recommend everyone who asks me.
Alfonso Castillo
Alfonso C.
04:26 27 May 21
(Translated by Google) Singapore dentist, Dental Designs five-star praise ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Highly recommended! !Because I had an inexplicable fear of seeing a doctor, especially a dentist since I was a child, I came here cautiouslyDental Designs Clinic-4 Robinson Rd,#03-01(Level 3) The House of Eden S(048543)💗💗💗💗💗Through the enthusiastic and patient introduction of three lovely young ladies at the front desk, I chose a good husband, dentist Dr Nicholas Ng. I heard that men’s hands will be gentler and full of expectations, hoping to show mercy. . 💉🙅👈👧👧👧👧👧It’s the first time I came to this dental clinic. After the doctor asked about my condition, he helped me to take an X-ray. Before I described my dental fillings in the last dental clinic two weeks ago, I was dissatisfied, so I was a bit dissatisfied. I was nervous about whether the dental cavity would be digging bigger and bigger this time. As a result, Dr Nicholas patiently explained to me the current situation of my teeth and the consequences that will happen in the future, so that I understand the root canal treatment, the teeth If the crown and root may become irritated in the future, the tooth must be extracted and replanted. The crown treatment has at least preserved my original tooth and gave me a section about teeth. .🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷After getting to know, I put down my precautions, handed over the teeth to Dr Nicholas, and made an appointment for the next treatment plan.👀👀👀👀👀Because my tooth roots are very thin, and there is another tooth root at the bottom of the tooth roots, it is very difficult to clean up. It also tests the professional skills of the dentist. It was only discovered in the second treatment that it was really a very hard doctor. Dr Nicholas has been meticulously helping me with disinfection, cleaning and dispensing. The whole process lasted more than an hour, but there was no pain at all. Even at the beginning of the anesthetic treatment, he was very careful to say sorry to me, it might be a little painful, but it was really a little bit. The pain can still be tolerated. The whole experience is very comfortable. Listening to beautiful music, there is a large TV above you can watch. There is no fear of the sound of electric drills like watching teeth. The environment here Super beautiful and elegant, located in the center of riffles, next to the subway station. When I first came, I took my camera and took pictures everywhere, because it is so elegant and comfortable, the sofa here feels like I don’t want to leave when I sit down, if I have a drink Coffee, a book, a computer should be able to sit for an afternoon without being bored 🌝🌝ᥬ😂᭄💖you💖you💖you💖you are pretty good👍👍👍Today is the third root canal treatment. It is faster than the previous two. It will be over after a while. I will be able to do dental crowns next week. I look forward to it. The dentist Dr Nicholas is really attentive and conscientious. After helping me with the root canal treatment, he helped me check other teeth 🦷🦷🦷 and asked me some suggestions and comments. A very serious and responsible dentist, highly recommended. . 🌝🌝 is pretty good👍👍👍💖youThan heart ❤️(Original)新加坡牙医,Dental Designs 五星好评⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 强力推荐!!因为从小对看医生尤其是牙医有着一种莫名恐惧感,兢兢战战的来到Dental Designs Clinic- 4 Robinson Rd,#03-01(Level 3) The House of Eden S(048543)💗💗💗💗💗通过前台三位可爱的小姐姐热情而耐心的介绍下,我选择了一位好好先生,牙医 Dr Nicholas Ng,听说男士的手都会比较温柔,满怀期待,希望可以手下留情。。💉🙅👈👧👧👧👧👧因为是第一次来这家牙科诊所,医生询问我的病情后,先帮我拍了一个X光片,在我描述两个礼拜前我在上一家牙科诊所补牙令我不满意,所以我有点紧张这次会不会牙洞会越挖越大,结果,Dr Nicholas很有耐心的给我讲解了我的牙目前的情况,和未来会发生的后果,才让我明白了根管治疗,牙冠和以后有可能牙根发炎就必须拔牙再种牙,牙冠治疗,至少还保住了我原有的牙,给我上了一节有关牙齿方面的知识。。🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷在了解后,我才放下了防备,把牙齿交给了Dr Nicholas,并预约下一次的治疗方案。👀👀👀👀👀由于我的牙根非常细,而且在牙根底部又多出一条牙根还是打钩的,非常困难清理,也很考验牙医的专业技术,也是在第二次治疗中才发现,真的是非常辛苦医生了,Dr Nicholas 一直精心帮我消毒清洗放药,全程一个多小时,却一点疼痛感都没有,就连一开始打麻药也是很小心的跟我说对不起,可能会有一点疼,但其实真的就一点疼还是可以忍受的,全程的体验感非常舒适,听着优美的音乐,头顶上还有一台很大的电视可以观看,一点也不会有看牙的那种电钻响声的恐惧感,这里的环境超级美观大方,坐落于reffles市中心,地铁站旁边,我第一次来时,就拿着相机到处拍,因为实在是太优雅舒适了,这里的沙发坐下来就不想离开的感觉,如果有一杯咖啡一本书,一台电脑应该可以坐一下午也不会无聊的那种🌝🌝ᥬ😂᭄💖你💖你💖你💖你 整挺好👍👍👍今天是第三次的根管治疗,比前两次速度都快,没多一会就结束了,下个礼拜就可以做牙冠了,非常期待。Dr Nicholas牙医,真的非常细心认真,在帮我做完根管治疗后,又帮我检查了其他的牙齿🦷🦷🦷并且嘱咐我一些建议和意见,非常认真负责的牙医,大力推荐。。🌝🌝整挺好👍👍👍💖你比心❤️
Victoria Han
Victoria H.
17:44 18 May 21
I’ve been going to Dental Designs Clinic for my regular check ups and cleaning with Dr. Hani for over a year now.Dr. Hani is a friendly doctor who always patiently answers my questions on treatments and dental care. Her scaling and polishing is always meticulously done and I’ve not had any problems with the filings done by her.Overall, my dental health has improved considerably since I started going to the clinic and I definitely recommend Dr. Hani and this clinic for their friendly and professional service.
Annabel Tay
Annabel T.
09:55 13 Mar 21
Very good professional service tailored to each client
Michael Lawrence
Michael L.
04:40 06 Mar 21
Dr Justin and Ms. Kelly are amazing - they are very friendly, patient and skilled. Prior to any important steps, they would take some time to explain what would happen and would gently comfort you if needed. Also, not forgetting the receptionists, they are so cheerful, warm and friendly which makes the atmosphere feels like home!
Syron Ng
Syron N.
12:38 28 Feb 21
I'd just visited the clinic 2nd time today, first for scaling and this time for wisdom tooth extraction. All 4 in one go. I highly reccomend this clinic as the doctors and specialist are at their best as professionals and they take good care of you. My specialist Dr Noah knows his job very well and executed minor surgery as I was required to do for my 2 wisdom teeth, without pain and a smooth one at that. Dr Joann then took over for general extraction also with ease. I am very pleased and I was well taken care off.
13:28 04 Jan 21
Clean, professional dental clinic with friendly staff and dentist.
Daniel Lai
Daniel L.
06:38 30 Dec 20
Dr Rares is very professional and friendly. Highly recommended.
Meiyi Jiang
Meiyi J.
08:31 23 Dec 20
Dr Justin is really nice and professional.
Andrea Wong
Andrea W.
04:53 21 Dec 20
Excellent and professional staff, been coming back for usual polishing and scaling.
Valerie Chan
Valerie C.
03:27 17 Dec 20
Second time here. Excellent and professional staff.
Yong Yun Teng
Yong Yun T.
03:10 17 Dec 20
Root canal by Dr Nicholas - A big thanks to you for this 2 painless root canal session. Will ask us every now and then if we are ok during the session. Give proper advise and explaining the process he’s doing.Customer service/front desk officer is also polite and give proper advise when asked. And also most importantly give us a call reminder a day before so we wont forget amidst our busy schedule.My next session is with Dr Justin for crowning. See you guys soon.
06:49 16 Dec 20

Get a personalised followup and access to our treatment portfolio!


Ceramic Veneer/Bridge/Ceramic Filling/Crown Warranty

Well established for more than 30 years, with >250 scientific studies confirming the clinical safety of tried and tested CEREC tooth restorations. Worldwide, more than 30 million tooth restorations have been produced with CEREC.

1. Why do I need a porcelain veneer?

The primary purpose of a porcelain veneer is to cover or protect a damaged tooth. So, if you have had a root canal or a very big cavity, your dentist may suggest a dental porcelain veneer to protect the remaining tooth structure. You may also need a porcelain veneer as a part of a dental bridge or with dental implants.

2. What is involved in a dental porcelain veneer procedure?

Dental porcelain veneer procedures will vary depending on your individual case, however we will provide a general overview of what to expect. Before commencing any preparation work for your porcelain veneer, the dentist will perform an initial examination of your tooth and overall mouth, which may include taking x-rays. If there is extensive decay found in the tooth, or a risk of infection is diagnosed, you may require other treatment first. Alternatively, if there is not enough natural tooth structure left to securely hold the porcelain veneer in place, you may need a core, or a post-and-core to be placed first to create a foundation to support the overlying porcelain veneer. Your dentist can discuss with you if you need any additional procedures.

3. What types of dental treatment are available for front teeth?

We see some patients that have crowns that cover the front teeth. These may have been done due to a tooth fracture or previous root canal treatment. There are different types of crowns, which will affect the appearance.

Metal Containing Crowns

  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal dental crowns need the most amount of tooth to be trimmed away as they have 2 layers: a metal interior and a porcelain layer over the surface to have a more tooth like colour. However, a perfect match to natural teeth usually cannot be achieved as these crowns appear more opaque to cover the dark metal inside. As it is a thin layered porcelain, it is weak and the surface porcelain tends to chip or wear off over time, exposing the internal metal portion. The metal underlying the porcelain veneer’s porcelain can also show through as an unsightly dark line, especially at the gum line and even more so if your gums recede. These crowns can be a used for front or back teeth and are typically cheaper. The gums surrounding the metal portion may also become more inflamed and bleed easily due to slight metal allergies.

Metal Free Crowns

    • All-ceramic or all-porcelain dental crowns are made from high strength ceramic, typically in a single homogenous layer. As they can be bonded permanently to the tooth, less tooth structure need to be trimmed to place the ceramic crowns. Ceramic crowns provide the best natural colour match than any other porcelain veneer type and are hypoallergenic. They are technically difficult for the dentist to do and hence have a higher cost. All-ceramic crowns are a good choice for front teeth and back teeth.
    • Zirconia dental crowns are made out of zirconium oxide, which is a very strong white silicate material used in many medical prostheses such as for the hip or ear. They are extremely high strength and are come in 2 types – solid zirconia and high translucent zirconia. Solid zirconia has a more opaque white appearance and is good for back teeth which undergoes high stresses. High translucent zirconia can be used where a more natural tooth aesthetic is desired.

If you have existing crowns on the front teeth, we will assess them and also find out if you are happy with their appearance, or if you desire a more harmonious or natural appearance, you may choose to replace them when you are doing the front teeth veneers.

4. How long do dental veneers last?

Dental veneers can last up to 20 or more years. The life span of a porcelain veneer depends on the amount of “wear and tear” the porcelain veneer is exposed to, how well you follow good oral hygiene practices, and your personal mouth-related habits (you should avoid such habits which put excessive forces on your teeth, such as grinding or clenching your teeth, chewing ice, biting your fingernails and using your teeth to open objects such as beer caps, or packaging).

5. Does a tooth with a ceramic veneer require special care?

While a veneer tooth does not require any special care, remember that the underlying tooth is still your natural tooth and is still subject to decay or gum disease. Therefore, continue to follow good oral hygiene practices, including brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once a day and make sure there is no food stuck between the teeth.

6. What Problems Could Develop With a Dental Veneer?

    • Discomfort or sensitivity. you may experience some heat and cold sensitivity on your newly veneered tooth immediately after the procedure as the anaesthesia begins to wear off if the tooth that has a dental veneer still has a nerve in it. Your dentist may recommend that you brush teeth with toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth. This sensitivity is usually temporary and will go away in a few day. Persistent soreness or sensitivity that occurs when you bite down could mean that the porcelain veneer is slightly too thick and is hitting the opposing tooth in some positions, and this needs to be highlighted to your dentist who can fix it.
    • Chipped porcelain veneer. If the tooth has some trauma such as a sharp knock, or if it undergoes constant excessive forces, it can chip. If the chip is small, a composite resin can be used to repair the chip with the porcelain veneer remaining in your mouth. This is usually just a temporary fix. If the chipping is extensive, the porcelain veneer may need to be replaced.
    • Loose porcelain veneer. Sometimes the cement washes out from under the porcelain veneer. Not only does this allow the por|celain veneer to become loose, it allows bacteria to leak in and cause decay to the tooth internally. If a porcelain veneer feels loose, contact your dentist’s office.
    • Veneer falling off. Sometimes veneers fall off. Reasons include decaying of the underlying tooth and loosening of the cementing material used to place the porcelain veneer. If your porcelain veneer comes off, contact your dentist’s office immediately. He or she will give you specific instructions on how to care for the tooth and porcelain veneer for the day or so until you can be seen for an evaluation. Your dentist may be able to re-cement the porcelain veneer in place; if not, a new porcelain veneer will need to be made.

7. Is There a Difference Between the Veneer and a Real Tooth?

The dental porcelain veneer will never stain or change color unlike natural teeth. 

8. What are the Alternatives to Porcelain Veneers?

The purpose of the porcelain veneer is to change the appearance of the tooth by covering it, and it has to be made of strong enough materials to serve its purpose. Some people may think about using a normal filling material to directly place a large filling over the surface of the tooth. This may work in the short term, but as the normal filling material is not rigid enough to hold the tooth together, cracks will continue to progress and the filling will break. The tooth will still need to be prepared or drilled again to fit a dental porcelain veneer, causing more issues.

Porcelain veneers is often done in combination of braces and teeth whitening for the front teeth to achieve a comprehensive treatment by changing the shape of the teeth as well as ensuring your bite is optimal so that you can maintain a beautiful and healthy set of teeth.


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