Root Canal Treatment

Why is root canal treatment necessary?

When the inside of the tooth becomes infected, it is necessary to remove the nerve or pulp contained within the inner part of the tooth in order to save the tooth and stop the infection from spreading.

Infection and inflammation in the middle of the tooth can occur because of decay that spreads through the tooth, a crack or chip, or after multiple dental procedures on that tooth. If the infection is left untreated, it often results in pain and can lead to the formation of an abscess or systemic spread of infection to other areas of the body.

Root Canal Treatment X Dental Designs Clinic

The Dental Designs Difference

Use of Magnification up to 15x

When we do dental treatement, we are working with very tiny objects. An average tooth is 7-15mm wide. The root canals in the tooth are about 0.1-0.4mm wide, comparable to the size of a pin head.

For such precision work, instead of using our normal vision, we use a specialised dental microscope that goes up to 15 times magnification. This allows us to work with more accuracy on the tiny root canals in the tooth.


Rotary Instruments – For more effective removal of infection

Traditionally, root canal treatment is performed using hand files, whereby the infected part of the root canal is removed by small picks. This takes a very long time, and has a greater chance of human error. At Dental Designs Clinic, we utilise rotary endodontic instruments from Germany and the USA that efficiently and effectively clean out the root canals. This also means less time in the dental chair.

Here’s what our patients feel about us:

Went for my first Wisdom Teeth Surgery on 12 July. Before this, I had heard horror stories from my peers that they suffer from pain after the surgery, which makes me scare hahaha. But on that day, Dr Noah had made the whole session not as tension as I thought it would be like, he is funny and make the effort to prompt questions to you so that you can be more chillax. The pre and post procedure was explained super clearly also by Dr Noah so that you know what to expect and what to do or not to do. The whole procedure was not painful at all (THANKFULLY YAY). Just that you will feel a lot of pressure and the sounds from the drilling might make you scare a bit. But maybe can try to wear a noise cancellation sound ear buds if you think you cannot tahan the sounds. The next day after the surgery, I also did not feel any pain, just a bit sore at the surgery area that is about it. Medications and mouth rinse will be assigned to you as well. Now I am really looking forward to next wisdom teeth surgery for my right side with Dr Noah again. Cheers!
Angie Y.
05:25 13 Jul 21
Had dental appointment with Dr. Philip and it was the best dental treatment ever. Dr. Philip had a very though check of the overall condition of my teeth and suggested cleaning and filling. The teeth cleaning procedure is painless and the filling was done with extra care. No hard sell. Will definitely come back for my half yearly check up!
Surong M.
03:32 18 Jun 21
Been to many clinics and since I went here I never changed clinic and doctor. Doc Justin is the best! So patient and so skilled he really knows what he's doing. Their hyginiest Kelly is very good too, no pain everytime. Thumbs up services!
Maria B.
07:38 31 May 21
(Translated by Google) Singapore dentist, Dental Designs five-star praise ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Highly recommended! !Because I had an inexplicable fear of seeing a doctor, especially a dentist since I was a child, I came here cautiouslyDental Designs Clinic-4 Robinson Rd,#03-01(Level 3) The House of Eden S(048543)💗💗💗💗💗Through the enthusiastic and patient introduction of three lovely young ladies at the front desk, I chose a good husband, dentist Dr Nicholas Ng. I heard that men’s hands will be gentler and full of expectations, hoping to show mercy. . 💉🙅👈👧👧👧👧👧It’s the first time I came to this dental clinic. After the doctor asked about my condition, he helped me to take an X-ray. Before I described my dental fillings in the last dental clinic two weeks ago, I was dissatisfied, so I was a bit dissatisfied. I was nervous about whether the dental cavity would be digging bigger and bigger this time. As a result, Dr Nicholas patiently explained to me the current situation of my teeth and the consequences that will happen in the future, so that I understand the root canal treatment, the teeth If the crown and root may become irritated in the future, the tooth must be extracted and replanted. The crown treatment has at least preserved my original tooth and gave me a section about teeth. .🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷After getting to know, I put down my precautions, handed over the teeth to Dr Nicholas, and made an appointment for the next treatment plan.👀👀👀👀👀Because my tooth roots are very thin, and there is another tooth root at the bottom of the tooth roots, it is very difficult to clean up. It also tests the professional skills of the dentist. It was only discovered in the second treatment that it was really a very hard doctor. Dr Nicholas has been meticulously helping me with disinfection, cleaning and dispensing. The whole process lasted more than an hour, but there was no pain at all. Even at the beginning of the anesthetic treatment, he was very careful to say sorry to me, it might be a little painful, but it was really a little bit. The pain can still be tolerated. The whole experience is very comfortable. Listening to beautiful music, there is a large TV above you can watch. There is no fear of the sound of electric drills like watching teeth. The environment here Super beautiful and elegant, located in the center of riffles, next to the subway station. When I first came, I took my camera and took pictures everywhere, because it is so elegant and comfortable, the sofa here feels like I don’t want to leave when I sit down, if I have a drink Coffee, a book, a computer should be able to sit for an afternoon without being bored 🌝🌝ᥬ😂᭄💖you💖you💖you💖you are pretty good👍👍👍Today is the third root canal treatment. It is faster than the previous two. It will be over after a while. I will be able to do dental crowns next week. I look forward to it. The dentist Dr Nicholas is really attentive and conscientious. After helping me with the root canal treatment, he helped me check other teeth 🦷🦷🦷 and asked me some suggestions and comments. A very serious and responsible dentist, highly recommended. . 🌝🌝 is pretty good👍👍👍💖youThan heart ❤️(Original)新加坡牙医,Dental Designs 五星好评⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 强力推荐!!因为从小对看医生尤其是牙医有着一种莫名恐惧感,兢兢战战的来到Dental Designs Clinic- 4 Robinson Rd,#03-01(Level 3) The House of Eden S(048543)💗💗💗💗💗通过前台三位可爱的小姐姐热情而耐心的介绍下,我选择了一位好好先生,牙医 Dr Nicholas Ng,听说男士的手都会比较温柔,满怀期待,希望可以手下留情。。💉🙅👈👧👧👧👧👧因为是第一次来这家牙科诊所,医生询问我的病情后,先帮我拍了一个X光片,在我描述两个礼拜前我在上一家牙科诊所补牙令我不满意,所以我有点紧张这次会不会牙洞会越挖越大,结果,Dr Nicholas很有耐心的给我讲解了我的牙目前的情况,和未来会发生的后果,才让我明白了根管治疗,牙冠和以后有可能牙根发炎就必须拔牙再种牙,牙冠治疗,至少还保住了我原有的牙,给我上了一节有关牙齿方面的知识。。🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷在了解后,我才放下了防备,把牙齿交给了Dr Nicholas,并预约下一次的治疗方案。👀👀👀👀👀由于我的牙根非常细,而且在牙根底部又多出一条牙根还是打钩的,非常困难清理,也很考验牙医的专业技术,也是在第二次治疗中才发现,真的是非常辛苦医生了,Dr Nicholas 一直精心帮我消毒清洗放药,全程一个多小时,却一点疼痛感都没有,就连一开始打麻药也是很小心的跟我说对不起,可能会有一点疼,但其实真的就一点疼还是可以忍受的,全程的体验感非常舒适,听着优美的音乐,头顶上还有一台很大的电视可以观看,一点也不会有看牙的那种电钻响声的恐惧感,这里的环境超级美观大方,坐落于reffles市中心,地铁站旁边,我第一次来时,就拿着相机到处拍,因为实在是太优雅舒适了,这里的沙发坐下来就不想离开的感觉,如果有一杯咖啡一本书,一台电脑应该可以坐一下午也不会无聊的那种🌝🌝ᥬ😂᭄💖你💖你💖你💖你 整挺好👍👍👍今天是第三次的根管治疗,比前两次速度都快,没多一会就结束了,下个礼拜就可以做牙冠了,非常期待。Dr Nicholas牙医,真的非常细心认真,在帮我做完根管治疗后,又帮我检查了其他的牙齿🦷🦷🦷并且嘱咐我一些建议和意见,非常认真负责的牙医,大力推荐。。🌝🌝整挺好👍👍👍💖你比心❤️
Victoria H.
17:44 18 May 21
It was an awesome experience. Originally, I was worried that my wisdom tooth extraction would be a painful and awful experience. I was pleasantly surprised that it was painless and I was so well taken care of throughout the procedure and during the recovery period. Thank you Dr Rares Ispas for his superb skill and for being so patient-oriented. Apart from taking care of my wisdom teeth issues, Dr Rares and team also carefully designed a good plan to ensure that my overall oral health is well-taken care of. Thank you Dr Rares and the team at Dental Designs. Keep up the good work!
08:35 12 May 21
Visited Dr Rares for my pain tooth and I really lucky that I’ve met him and now my toothache has gone after rood kanal ? (sorry if i spell it wrong!) treatment with him. He is very experienced and caring, keep asking me if I were doing fine during the treatment, making me feel extra safe. Will stick to him in the future! The receptionist at Dental designs are all very friendly and caring as well, unlike other dental clinic which were kinda rude to me when i was just trying to find out their treatment charges etc... 🤷‍♀️Anyway, thank you Dr Rares and thank you Dental Designs!!100% will recommend to my friends to visit Dental Designs👍👍
Aaron C.
06:39 11 May 21
Pleasant experience with Dr Chong Wei Ling. So painless and enjoyable that I almost dozed off 👍
06:37 10 Mar 21
I had my wisdom tooth extraction here at Dental Designs - and for someone who hates the pain (and dental clinics in general) I did it flawlessly all thanks to Dr Rares who patiently made sure it was painless and quick. The process took less than 15 mins and was done seamlessly. For me, it’s going to be nowhere else but Dental Designs!
Raudah Y.
06:41 21 Jan 21
I'd just visited the clinic 2nd time today, first for scaling and this time for wisdom tooth extraction. All 4 in one go. I highly reccomend this clinic as the doctors and specialist are at their best as professionals and they take good care of you. My specialist Dr Noah knows his job very well and executed minor surgery as I was required to do for my 2 wisdom teeth, without pain and a smooth one at that. Dr Joann then took over for general extraction also with ease. I am very pleased and I was well taken care off.
13:28 04 Jan 21
Undergoing Invisalign treatment, Dr Tiffany is very gentle in doing IPR and very expert in her approach. Iexperienced no pain at all so far and my teeth is moving well. I know I am in good hands! Also love the team as they are very accommodating in changing my schedule.
Antonia T.
09:05 29 Dec 20
Hi dental designs,On 21st December, on recommendation by my son, I decided to get cleaning done for my teeth at your clinic which involved scaling and polishing by Ms Kelly.The cleaning was not painful at all as she was patient, skillful and gentle on my upper molars which are a bit sensitive near the gums. She answered all myqueries well and advised me about the condition of my teeth and gums. She also suggested the benefits of fluoride gel application which was optional. Idecided to go for it.I found Ms Kelly highly skilled and was impressed by her excellent service. The staff at reception were nice and courteous. Overall I was quite satisfied with my treatment at Dental Designs.
Ram M.
01:05 24 Dec 20
Root canal by Dr Nicholas - A big thanks to you for this 2 painless root canal session. Will ask us every now and then if we are ok during the session. Give proper advise and explaining the process he’s doing.Customer service/front desk officer is also polite and give proper advise when asked. And also most importantly give us a call reminder a day before so we wont forget amidst our busy schedule.My next session is with Dr Justin for crowning. See you guys soon.
06:49 16 Dec 20
Dr Rares was excellent during my cleaning appointment. He was patient and constant checking in if I was in pain. Thumbs up 👍
Matthew A.
07:53 15 Dec 20

What Happens During the Root Canal Treatment?

What happens during the root canal treatment?

After numbing the area, we access the pulp chamber and canals. The infected pulp is removed and the internal area is disinfected, including the canal(s) all the way to the root end(s). Each tooth can have different shapes and numbers of canals, and it takes time to locate and clean each canal individually. Medication is placed into the root canal system to target the infection within the root system. At the next appointment, we will fill those canals and the pulp chamber with an inert, biocompatible material, and seal it permanently with adhesive cement. The access hole will have a temporary filling to seal off the area after each visit, until the completion of the root canal procedure, where a permanent restoration such as a crown is normally required.

Why do I need to have a crown after my root canal treatment?

Usually when the tooth needs a root canal, it is already badly broken down and can already have internal cracks. Root canal treatment involves removing the pulp and infected tissues from the inside of your tooth and the roots, which makes the tooth more brittle and prone to fracture. In such cases, we do strongly recommend a crown to be done on completion of your root canal treatment as an unprotected tooth can break any time.


Frequently Asked Questions on Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal vs Tooth Extraction

A root canal treatment allows you to keep your original tooth and avoid extraction, so we will always try our best to help you to keep the tooth whenever possible.

In some cases, if the tooth is severely weakened, the tooth may not be able to withstand further treatment or has a poor chance of lasting many years even with treatment. In such cases, you may want to choose tooth extraction. You can replace the tooth with a dental prostheses which is permanently fixed and appears just like a natural tooth, such as bridges, implants. You can also choose a removable option like dentures.

I have no pain, do I still need root canal treatment?

A tooth may be infected but not causing any pain. This is because the body’s immune system has localised the infection. However, in many cases, the infection eventually worsens and starts to cause severe pain. This happens without any warning, and it is impossible to predict when the infection will cause pain. Therefore, if an infection is detected on your x-ray or by examining the tooth, it is always best to have the root canal treatment done before the situation gets worse.

I’m afraid of pain, Are root canal treatments painful?

 The root canal treatment is typically no more uncomfortable than having a normal filling. The local area will be numbed during the treatment, giving you a pain-free experience while the work is done. Sometimes, if the infection is severe, it may block the tooth from becoming fully numb. Any discomfort after the procedure can usually be relieved with over-the-counter pain medication or anti-inflammatories like Panadol or ibuprofen.

Is Root Canal Expensive? How much does root canal treatment cost?

Teeth in the front of the mouth have one root and generally one canal; back teeth have two or three roots and generally three or four canals. However, each individual tooth has a unique anatomy and can have different numbers of canals. Costs vary according to the number of root canals the tooth has and the difficulty involved in treating the tooth.

What other alternatives are there to root canal treatment?

We could remove the whole tooth, but it’s always better to try to save it — especially since root canal treatment is a highly predictable procedure and has a very high success rate (over 90%). Saving the tooth will prevent other issues due to having a missing tooth, such as bite problems from teeth shifting position, difficulty eating, and loss of jawbone volume and density.

If you are experiencing any pain or issues with your teeth, please contact us

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