Dr Annette Ong

Dr Annette graduated from Newcastle University (U.K) with a Bachelor in Dental Surgery and achieved a Merit in academic dentistry in her final exam. She previously practiced at the Newcastle Dental Hospital as well as suburban areas around Newcastle.

Her scope of practice lies in general dentistry and she enjoys working with patients of all ages. With her cheerful and gentle disposition, Dr Annette strives to provide patient-centered care by taking the time to better understand their concerns and create pleasant experiences for them. Recognising the importance of preventive dentistry, she actively advises her patients on how they can tailor oral hygiene techniques to maintain good oral health.

To provide holistic care for her patients, Dr Annette believes in staying up to date with current technologies and improving her skills by attending courses and seminars regularly.

Aside from dentistry, she enjoys travelling, baking and going for Pilates classes. She is also always on the lookout for new walking trails to take her dog on.

Dr Annette is fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese.

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