General Dentist in CBD

We are a MOH Accredited Clinic providing general dental services in CBD Singapore next to Telok Ayer MRT and Raffles Place MRT. Our friendly and gentle dentists will take care of you for all your dental needs.


General Dental Care

At Dental Designs Clinic, we provide a comprehensive range of high quality, good dental treatment to all our patients. Our dentists are highly qualified and experienced in advanced techniques and thus we can perform virtually any dental treatment right here in our comfortable office. We ensure that you receive the most effective dental treatment with state of the art equipment from Germany and Switzerland and using only long lasting quality materials that meet international standards.

Dental Check Up and Consultation

Welcome to our clinic! During your first appointment, we’ll do a detailed examination to take into consideration:

  • Your concerns about your oral condition;
  • Teeth Condition including damage or decay on your teeth;
  • Periodontal (Gum) Condition;
  • Oral Hygiene;
  • Habits (e.g. smoking and grinding);
  • Which tooth is causing your pain or issues;
  • Whether you need x-rays or further investigation

Based on this information, our dentists will take photos of your teeth and discuss with you. If there is any treatment necessary, we will explain the treatments options available for your understanding and consent before carrying out any treatment.

Our philosophy is for both our dentist and you to have a detailed understanding of the situation so that you can make the right decision for yourself.


Dental Cleaning, Scaling and Polishing, Guided Biofilm Therapy

    Dental Cleaning is a routine part of dental care that keeps your teeth and gums healthy. Scaling and Polishing is done at our office with extra thin and gentle ultrasonic scaling tips that remove bacteria effectively and comfortably. We also offer airflow prophyjet which is a pressurised jet that cleans off even stubborn stains. Dental Cleaning is available with our dentists and hygienists.
    We offer Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) which is a Swiss innovation to effectively remove the plaque biofilm from the teeth and gums using a strong jet of pressurised warm water and prophylaxis powder, and removal of the hardened calculus or tartar by a piezoelectric tip. This protocol has been described as ‘a spa-like experience’ and is preferred by our most sensitive patients.

Dental Fillings

We offer only metal-free fillings which are tooth coloured.

When there is a tooth decay or cavities present, tooth coloured fillings can be done where we remove the decayed portion and place a tooth coloured filling over it.

Fillings can stain over time and need to be replaced due to wear. They typically last about 3-5 years. For a longer lasting solution, we also offer ceramic fillings.

dentist for children singapore

Kids Dentist

    Our friendly and gentle kids dentist is good at treating kids. We have a special seat at the dentist for kids and blankets to keep the children cosy and comfortable during their dental check up. There’s also a huge TV at the dentist for children to watch cartoons while in the chair.
    • Our dentist for children is patient with kids and believes that having a fantastic dental experience is important, so that kids do not develop a dental phobia. Our goal is for children to be happy to see the dentist when they come for their dental check up. Not only does it mean healthier teeth and oral health for your child, it’s also easier and less stressful for parents!

Orthodontic Teeth Straightening

Crooked teeth tend to trap more food and bacteria, as the toothbrush is unable to reach into the crevices. Flossing may be difficult or unable to completely clean. This can cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

Straight teeth are easier to keep clean and maintain, and usually have less chances of tooth decay, staining and gum inflammation.

At Dental Designs, we offer teeth straightening with either choice of metal braces, or Invisalign.

sterilisation standards dentist
sterilisation standards dentist

Root Canal Treatment

When the inside of the tooth becomes infected, it is necessary to remove the nerve or pulp contained within the inner part of the tooth. Infection and inflammation in the middle of the tooth can occur because of decay that spreads through the tooth, a crack or chip, or after multiple dental procedures on that tooth. If the infection is left untreated, it often results in pain and can lead to the formation of an abscess or systemic spread of infection to other areas of the body.

Our dentists are trained in root canal treatment using a rotary endodontic machine which is faster, meaning less visits as well as being more effective at cleaning the root canal system. Using the machine also reduces risks of complications during treatment.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Poor alignment of wisdom teeth can crowd or damage adjacent teeth and cause food and bacteria to be trapped, causing gum infection in the area or cavities to form on the wisdom tooth or even the tooth adjacent to the wisdom tooth.

All our dentists are trained in wisdom teeth removal. In more complicated cases when your wisdom tooth needs a surgery, we have a specialist oral surgeon that is experienced in removing wisdom teeth effectively and with minimal pain and stress.

same day crown dentist cbd singapore

Tooth Extraction

Our philosophy is always to try to find options to help you save your tooth as much as possible. However, in cases where the tooth is badly damaged and need to be extracted, our dentist is able to help. We practice painless injections with using a topical anaesthetic cream on the gum that numbs the area before the injection. We also do atraumatic extractions to minimize the trauma to the gums and bone surrounding  the tooth.

For best healing outcomes, we also offer Socket Preservation- the empty tooth socket is filled with a bone graft material. Most of the pain after extraction is due to having an empty hole that the body needs to heal. With the socket preservation technique, there is less pain after tooth extraction and better healing. The bone in the area also is maintained instead of sinking down like in normal extractions.

Teeth Replacement with Dental Implant, Dental Bridge, Dentures

If a tooth is missing or damaged beyond repair and require extractions, there are a few great options to replace the missing tooth and avoid having a gap between the teeth.

At Dental Designs Clinic, if you need to have a tooth removed but want to have a replacement tooth urgently, we may be able to provide a same day temporary tooth so that you will not have to a gap between your teeth.  *Pre-procedure planning is required for this same day temporary option

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