Invisalign in Singapore

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Studies have shown that people with straight teeth are perceived as being more successful in life, more trustworthy, more youthful and make a greater positive first impression.
Founded in 1997, Invisalign is a treatment that uses transparent aligners to move and straighten teeth. You can put on and take it off easily, allowing you to still make important presentations, enjoy food and keep your teeth clean without metal braces hindering you.
Tooth decay and gum disease are often linked with crooked teeth. Having straight teeth makes it easier to keep them clean and healthy. Time to start owning your smile!
Invisalign vs Braces

Why Choose Dental Designs Clinic For Your Invisalign?

3D Scanning

Step 1- Our Invisalign dentists use 3D scanner to create a 3D model of your teeth, instead of the usual dental moulds which are messy and painful. These are transferred instantly to Invisalign USA (all rights reserved) to get your aligners designed, without waiting for shipping time. These aligners are made specifically for your dental makeup.

Start Invisalign Treatment Earlier

You can start aligners treatment and achieve straight teeth quickly, as your teeth movement speed will be optimized by our experienced Invisalign dentist.

Convenient For You

Directly Connected to Raffles Place MRT (Exit F), it’s easy to come for your regular treatment appointments.

Dental Designs Invisalign Platinum Elite Provider

Dental Designs Clinic

Transparent Invisalign Cost

Flat rate pricing for Invisalign Full. All Invisalign Singapore costs discussed upfront, without any surprise charges. If you have dental insurance, you may pay only a portion of the price for Invisalign.

Personalised Smile Design

Each and every smile is individually designed for you, with the same Invisalign dentist throughout your journey.

Avoid Extractions When Possible

9 out of 10 patients we see have straightened lower and upper teeth without extractions.

Experienced Invisalign Dentists

As a Platinum Elite Provider, our Invisalign dentists are experienced in all types of complex cases. Most kinds of crooked teeth conditions can be straightened successfully.

Included with our Invisalign Full:

Digital Smile Design & Simulation

2 Invisalign Refinements

1 Set Clear Retainers, Upper & Lower

5 Year Warranty From Start

1. The Invisalign Consultation with our Invisalign Dentist

Welcome to our clinic! During your first appointment, our Invisalign dentist will do a detailed examination to ensure that we fully understand your concerns and needs.

Our Invisalign dentists use advanced 3D scans and photography to discuss:

  • Your Dental Condition
  • Whether Invisalign’s aligners are suitable for you
  • Other Teeth Straightening Options (E.g. traditional or other invisible braces)
  • The Pros and Cons to each treatment choice (braces/Invisalign comparison)
  • Treatment Plan and Duration
  • The need for Tooth Extraction
  • The stages involved to achieve straight teeth

We will then be able to formulate a treatment plan tailored just for you.

2. Creating a 3D model of your teeth

It’s hard to visualise how your teeth look, especially from the point of view of other people. With our Invisalign iTero scanner, our Invisalign dentist can do a quick scan and capture the position of your teeth and how you are biting, on the spot. This allows us to create a set of aligners that will be ideal for a successful treatment. This usually takes less than 5 minutes and is much more pleasant than dental moulds!

3. Invisalign Simulation+ Clincheck

Once we have scanned your teeth, the Invisalign software is able to simulate your tooth movement and to see your own set of straight teeth. This is an initial draft which will be further refined by your Invisalign dentist in the Invisalign Clincheck program.

At the second visit, you can see the Invisalign Clincheck program and our Invisalign dentist will go through your aligners treatment plan for approval. We’ll also discuss the details of the treatment such as (1) Number of Invisalign Aligners, (2) Duration, (3) Attachments on aligners, (4) Space Creation.

4. Getting started with Invisalign

You’re about to start your Invisalign journey with us! During your first appointment, our Invisalign dentist will be preparing you for Invisalign customised aligners. We’ll talk about how to wear and take care of your Invisalign aligners.

We’ll let you know what to expect and make sure that you take care of your teeth while they are moving.

Embarking on your journey to having a beautiful smile can be a daunting one, but rest assured that we’ll be there for you.

5. Let’s Get It Moving!

You’re now on track to having beautiful straight teeth! We know that you’ll do well with Invisalign treatment but, just to be sure, our Invisalign dentist will be seeing you every 1-2 months to help you along that path. Remember, you have to wear your aligners at least 22-23 hours a day to ensure the treatment is successful!

As soon as you know it, you’ll be grinning happily with a whole new smile! To make sure your smile stays the way it is, our Invisalign dentist will be giving you retainers to maintain the new position of your teeth.

Get a personalised followup and access to our treatment portfolio!

Hear from our Patients about our Invisalign Dentist!

My whole family is under the care of Dental design clinic for years. Dr Tiffany is very gentle and caring, my kids favourite Dentist!!
04:34 21 Oct 20
I highly recommend this place, the value for money is incredible. I went for invisalign treatment with Dr. Tiffany Tan. She is professional and an expert in invisalign. My case is rather complicated, and she has been handling it with so much care and attention. They also don't start inventing problems, just to get your money. The customer service is super friendly, facility is sterling clean, although this branch is a bit small, and everyone is attentive in taking safety measure during Covid19. Thank you Dental Design.
With Roo
With R.
03:05 31 Aug 20
I highly recommend this place, the value for money is incredible. I went for invisalign treatment with Dr. Tiffany Tan. She is professional and an expert in invisalign. My case is rather complicated, and she has been handling it with so much care and attention. They also don't start inventing problems, just to get your money. The customer service is super friendly, facility is sterling clean, and everyone is attentive in taking safety measure during Covid19. Thank you Dental Design.
With Roo
With R.
03:04 31 Aug 20
I see Dr. Tiffany Tan for my Invisalign treatment. Dr. Tan has a lot of experience with Invisalign treatment, her treatment planning is brilliant & I am very happy with my Invisalign treatment.Just had the best scaling & polishing experience, Kelly was gentle & thorough.
Alvin Foo
Alvin F.
10:26 10 Jun 20
Came here for invisalign treatment. Pricing is very reasonable for the centralized location. Dr Tiffany is patient and detailed. Easy to make appointments. Receptionist Germaine is polite and cheerful always. Highly recommended!
Jia Yan Ng
Jia Yan N.
06:19 22 Jan 20
My fave dental clinic opened a new branch and it looks so awesome! First time to the raffles place branch and loving it! My usual dentist Dr Tiffany & hygienist Kelly are as always so patient, gentle & making my experience a wonderful one! Will be back in 6 months time!
Serene Lee
Serene L.
04:49 22 Jan 20
Been with dental design for many years, my whole family comes here. Tiffany is also very patient with our kids. Congrats on the opening of the new office!
Chye Guan Tan
Chye Guan T.
02:09 18 Jan 20
I love visiting dental designs, Dr. Chong always my favourite to have my teeth clean and she always encourage me cause she knew I very afraid of dentist. She always very gentle and patient with me. This time I wanted to know about invisalign and met Dr Tifanny, she was very detailed and nice to explain everything and you can see she genuinely wants you to get better teeth. Dental design always my favourite dental clinic ❤️
Vicel Liew
Vicel L.
09:29 17 Jan 20
Great place and dentists here are great too. Personally, I look for Dr Tiffany everytime I’m there.
Glenn Lim
Glenn L.
08:06 17 Jan 20
It was great to visit my dentist, Dr. Justin & his capable and amiable team (Kelly & Clare), at their new branch in Raffles Place! Today, was my second visit to this modern avant-garde design office 😊👍 I found out that Dr. Tiffany (Dr. Justin's spouse), is the creative muse behind their latest collaboration 🤩🎈🎊🎉🥂As always, I am visually and pleasantly entertained by Dental Designs youthful and playful concept and their innovative approaches to dentistry! 💯🈵️Their new branch, at The House Of Eden premise; has a cool convex lens shaped window facing the exterior hustle & bustle traffic, overlooking the precinct of Raffles Place!!! 👣🏢🚦🚕🚘🚚Wow.. Visiting your favourite dentist is a treat, indeed! Do try out the different designer chairs, too 🥰😍🥳👏👏👏👏
Liza Chan
Liza C.
03:56 14 Jan 20
I have been going back to Dental Designs for the past 2 years and received the best customer service! The receptionists are warm and friendly, and the dentists are very approachable as well. My visits with both Dr Justin and Dr Tiffany have been nothing but pleasant.
Missyella Lee
Missyella L.
04:37 09 Jan 20
Do I Need to Extract Any Teeth for Invisalign?
9 out of 10 cases our Invisalign dentist straightens teeth without extraction of teeth with Invisalign. We do not believe in a treatment that depends on extracting teeth just because there is not enough space, as this could result in an undesirable change in your face shape and facial profile.
My Teeth Are Very Crooked, will Invisalign work for me?
Our Invisalign dentist has successfully treated severe crowding cases with Invisalign, achieving comparable results to traditional metal braces. Even with crowded teeth, we treat most cases without extractions.
Am I too old for Invisalign?
Don’t let people tell you that you are too old for Invisalign. All ages are suitable for Invisalign or braces to straighten teeth. Our Invisalign dentists have successfully treated patients of all ages.
How Effective is Invisalign treatment vs Braces in Singapore?
Invisalign is a fully customised appliance and is able to move the whole tooth to straighten, which makes it just as effective as regular braces in most cases. In fact, faster results can be achieved by an experienced Invisalign dentist due to more efficient planning mechanics.
Is Invisalign treatment Painful?
Invisalign is virtually invisible at conversational distances and is less painful compared to traditional braces. When wearing Invisalign for the first time, Invisalign will feel tight initially and go back to normal in a few days. As Invisalign is smooth, it usually does not cause painful ulcers, unlike metal and ceramic braces.
How much does Invisalign treatment cost?
The cost of Invisalign treatment in Singapore is around SGD $4,500 - $9,000. The price of the entire course will vary according to a few factors, mostly down to the differences in the individuals’ dental health and structure. This is because more crooked teeth will require more aligners to correct, thus increasing the cost.
Also, you might require dental surgery prior to starting your Invisalign such as wisdom teeth removal, which would make the overall cost increase.
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