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Amazing and comfortable clinic. Doctors are very knowledgeable and give good advice on dental care and treatments.
Harsh Gupta
Harsh G.
05:22 17 Dec 20
As a foreigner, my first dental experience in Singapore has been a nightmare and scared me for the nexts...When I had to go dentist again, I took time to check for a clinic with good review, discovered Dental Design and now I go here closed eyes every time, very happy with a perfect service from the rendezvous planning to doctors. Many thanks
Pandas Vert
Pandas V.
12:17 25 Jan 21
Been to many clinics and since I went here I never changed clinic and doctor. Doc Justin is the best! So patient and so skilled he really knows what he's doing. Their hyginiest Kelly is very good too, no pain everytime. Thumbs up services!
Maria Barcega
Maria B.
07:38 31 May 21
I would like to say that going to a dentist indeed is not a good experience for me, as I had a bad experience when I was younger.But I got to praise Dr Jo Ann Wong, she is very patient with me and very gentle.She explained the whole process one by one.She consistenly talk to me and comforting me throughout the process.I would say I had a better experience because of her, so thank you so much.I never regret choosing this clinic. 👍👍
Gary Lim
Gary L.
03:58 01 Jun 21
The best dental clinic in Singapore. Dr. Nicholas is not only professional, but his kindness, sincere caring, and concern make everything better and are a great encouragement. I'd highly recommend him to everyone who wish for dental care and who wants a great smile 🙂
Jisun AN
Jisun A.
11:40 14 Jun 21
I’ve been going to Dental Designs Clinic for my regular check ups and cleaning with Dr. Hani for over a year now.Dr. Hani is a friendly doctor who always patiently answers my questions on treatments and dental care. Her scaling and polishing is always meticulously done and I’ve not had any problems with the filings done by her.Overall, my dental health has improved considerably since I started going to the clinic and I definitely recommend Dr. Hani and this clinic for their friendly and professional service.
Annabel Tay
Annabel T.
09:55 13 Mar 21
It was a very good experience. Super recommended. Dr Joann is a good, caring dentist and I love every time I visit the clinic.
John grava
John G.
04:00 12 Dec 20
Visited Dr Rares for my pain tooth and I really lucky that I’ve met him and now my toothache has gone after rood kanal ? (sorry if i spell it wrong!) treatment with him. He is very experienced and caring, keep asking me if I were doing fine during the treatment, making me feel extra safe. Will stick to him in the future! The receptionist at Dental designs are all very friendly and caring as well, unlike other dental clinic which were kinda rude to me when i was just trying to find out their treatment charges etc... 🤷‍♀️Anyway, thank you Dr Rares and thank you Dental Designs!!100% will recommend to my friends to visit Dental Designs👍👍
Aaron CH
Aaron C.
06:39 11 May 21
Thank you Dr Rares and team for making me feel comfortable throughout the treatment process. One of the best dental clinics I’ve ever visited.
Najah Zainal Abidin
Najah Zainal A.
03:51 29 Apr 21
My experience with Dental designs is awesome, Everyone is very accomodating, the service is excellent! Dr. Tiffany is an amazing dentist , she is so kind and patiently addressed all my concerns and issues with my teeth , during the lockdown I couldn’t fly overseas to have my braces adjusted so she recommended me another alternative - Invasilign! The process was really spontaneous , and it was the best decision!! I also had my cleaning and scaling done and was also very good! Highly recommend this dental clinic in singapore!! ☺️👌👍🏻Thank you Dental designs for the amazing service!
Tara Asturias
Tara A.
10:16 29 Dec 20
cosy clinic and great environment. dr chong is very gentle and detailed. never had my gums bleed doing scaling and polishing while all my previous visits to various dentists had me bleeding the past 20 years. definitely recommended.
Carine Ching
Carine C.
10:26 05 Jun 21
Super nice clinic. Front Desk staffs are extremely welcoming. Thank you Dr Nicholas for his patience and highly skilled on his job to give my twins Hannah & Hazel for dental cleaning and fillings. Highly recommended!!
Mi Mi
Mi M.
13:33 07 Jun 21
(Translated by Google) Singapore dentist, Dental Designs five-star praise ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Highly recommended! !Because I had an inexplicable fear of seeing a doctor, especially a dentist since I was a child, I came here cautiouslyDental Designs Clinic-4 Robinson Rd,#03-01(Level 3) The House of Eden S(048543)💗💗💗💗💗Through the enthusiastic and patient introduction of three lovely young ladies at the front desk, I chose a good husband, dentist Dr Nicholas Ng. I heard that men’s hands will be gentler and full of expectations, hoping to show mercy. . 💉🙅👈👧👧👧👧👧It’s the first time I came to this dental clinic. After the doctor asked about my condition, he helped me to take an X-ray. Before I described my dental fillings in the last dental clinic two weeks ago, I was dissatisfied, so I was a bit dissatisfied. I was nervous about whether the dental cavity would be digging bigger and bigger this time. As a result, Dr Nicholas patiently explained to me the current situation of my teeth and the consequences that will happen in the future, so that I understand the root canal treatment, the teeth If the crown and root may become irritated in the future, the tooth must be extracted and replanted. The crown treatment has at least preserved my original tooth and gave me a section about teeth. .🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷After getting to know, I put down my precautions, handed over the teeth to Dr Nicholas, and made an appointment for the next treatment plan.👀👀👀👀👀Because my tooth roots are very thin, and there is another tooth root at the bottom of the tooth roots, it is very difficult to clean up. It also tests the professional skills of the dentist. It was only discovered in the second treatment that it was really a very hard doctor. Dr Nicholas has been meticulously helping me with disinfection, cleaning and dispensing. The whole process lasted more than an hour, but there was no pain at all. Even at the beginning of the anesthetic treatment, he was very careful to say sorry to me, it might be a little painful, but it was really a little bit. The pain can still be tolerated. The whole experience is very comfortable. Listening to beautiful music, there is a large TV above you can watch. There is no fear of the sound of electric drills like watching teeth. The environment here Super beautiful and elegant, located in the center of riffles, next to the subway station. When I first came, I took my camera and took pictures everywhere, because it is so elegant and comfortable, the sofa here feels like I don’t want to leave when I sit down, if I have a drink Coffee, a book, a computer should be able to sit for an afternoon without being bored 🌝🌝ᥬ😂᭄💖you💖you💖you💖you are pretty good👍👍👍Today is the third root canal treatment. It is faster than the previous two. It will be over after a while. I will be able to do dental crowns next week. I look forward to it. The dentist Dr Nicholas is really attentive and conscientious. After helping me with the root canal treatment, he helped me check other teeth 🦷🦷🦷 and asked me some suggestions and comments. A very serious and responsible dentist, highly recommended. . 🌝🌝 is pretty good👍👍👍💖youThan heart ❤️(Original)新加坡牙医,Dental Designs 五星好评⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 强力推荐!!因为从小对看医生尤其是牙医有着一种莫名恐惧感,兢兢战战的来到Dental Designs Clinic- 4 Robinson Rd,#03-01(Level 3) The House of Eden S(048543)💗💗💗💗💗通过前台三位可爱的小姐姐热情而耐心的介绍下,我选择了一位好好先生,牙医 Dr Nicholas Ng,听说男士的手都会比较温柔,满怀期待,希望可以手下留情。。💉🙅👈👧👧👧👧👧因为是第一次来这家牙科诊所,医生询问我的病情后,先帮我拍了一个X光片,在我描述两个礼拜前我在上一家牙科诊所补牙令我不满意,所以我有点紧张这次会不会牙洞会越挖越大,结果,Dr Nicholas很有耐心的给我讲解了我的牙目前的情况,和未来会发生的后果,才让我明白了根管治疗,牙冠和以后有可能牙根发炎就必须拔牙再种牙,牙冠治疗,至少还保住了我原有的牙,给我上了一节有关牙齿方面的知识。。🦷🦷🦷🦷🦷在了解后,我才放下了防备,把牙齿交给了Dr Nicholas,并预约下一次的治疗方案。👀👀👀👀👀由于我的牙根非常细,而且在牙根底部又多出一条牙根还是打钩的,非常困难清理,也很考验牙医的专业技术,也是在第二次治疗中才发现,真的是非常辛苦医生了,Dr Nicholas 一直精心帮我消毒清洗放药,全程一个多小时,却一点疼痛感都没有,就连一开始打麻药也是很小心的跟我说对不起,可能会有一点疼,但其实真的就一点疼还是可以忍受的,全程的体验感非常舒适,听着优美的音乐,头顶上还有一台很大的电视可以观看,一点也不会有看牙的那种电钻响声的恐惧感,这里的环境超级美观大方,坐落于reffles市中心,地铁站旁边,我第一次来时,就拿着相机到处拍,因为实在是太优雅舒适了,这里的沙发坐下来就不想离开的感觉,如果有一杯咖啡一本书,一台电脑应该可以坐一下午也不会无聊的那种🌝🌝ᥬ😂᭄💖你💖你💖你💖你 整挺好👍👍👍今天是第三次的根管治疗,比前两次速度都快,没多一会就结束了,下个礼拜就可以做牙冠了,非常期待。Dr Nicholas牙医,真的非常细心认真,在帮我做完根管治疗后,又帮我检查了其他的牙齿🦷🦷🦷并且嘱咐我一些建议和意见,非常认真负责的牙医,大力推荐。。🌝🌝整挺好👍👍👍💖你比心❤️
Victoria Han
Victoria H.
17:44 18 May 21
I had my wisdom tooth extraction here at Dental Designs - and for someone who hates the pain (and dental clinics in general) I did it flawlessly all thanks to Dr Rares who patiently made sure it was painless and quick. The process took less than 15 mins and was done seamlessly. For me, it’s going to be nowhere else but Dental Designs!
Raudah Yusoff
Raudah Y.
06:41 21 Jan 21
I would strongly like to recommend Dr. Hani for dental treatments.i am a dentist myself and i visited her yesterday for a few fillings.She is extremely polite, knowledgeable and very good with her work.i would love to recommend her to everyone that i know and the ones reading this.Thank you to Dr. Hani and the dental assistant for the treatment.Will see you again soon🙂Also the clinic is beautiful, very hygienic with very helpful staff.
simran khaira
simran K.
05:17 03 Jun 21
Had my consultation here. From the reception to Dr. Tiffany, everything was smooth and in place, not to mention the aesthetics of the clinic itself. 🙂 The people were very friendly and Dr Tiffany was very gentle and thorough in explaining my case. I definitely recommend Dental Designs! 🙂
06:53 08 May 21
The appointment reservation was seamless. Christine was responsive in responding and answering to our inquiries. She was very caring too. On the day of my appointment immediately upon my arrival at the clinic, I felt very sick and stayed in the washroom. But, she came and escorted me up to the clinic, assuring that I would feel better there rather than staying at the washroom. She made me ginger tea and immediately I felt better.I rescheduled my appointment to a different day. Dr Jo Ann was the dentist in-charge. She was empathetic and took the time to clear some of my concerns as well as offering her advice on a few issues of my teeth.All the ladies at the receptionist are were efficient and helpful too.
Lady M Mara Nat
Lady M Mara N.
05:24 25 Jun 21
Wonderful and kind dental clinic - I felt very cared for and the treatment was clearly explained. Great results with a kind dentist and team.
Sally Kingi
Sally K.
07:54 14 Dec 20
Been a patient from Dr Justin for about 5 years and we are super happy.Profesional, friendly and with an amazing team, it's the dentist clinic I recommend everyone who asks me.
Alfonso Castillo
Alfonso C.
04:26 27 May 21
I'd just visited the clinic 2nd time today, first for scaling and this time for wisdom tooth extraction. All 4 in one go. I highly reccomend this clinic as the doctors and specialist are at their best as professionals and they take good care of you. My specialist Dr Noah knows his job very well and executed minor surgery as I was required to do for my 2 wisdom teeth, without pain and a smooth one at that. Dr Joann then took over for general extraction also with ease. I am very pleased and I was well taken care off.
13:28 04 Jan 21
Hi dental designs,On 21st December, on recommendation by my son, I decided to get cleaning done for my teeth at your clinic which involved scaling and polishing by Ms Kelly.The cleaning was not painful at all as she was patient, skillful and gentle on my upper molars which are a bit sensitive near the gums. She answered all myqueries well and advised me about the condition of my teeth and gums. She also suggested the benefits of fluoride gel application which was optional. Idecided to go for it.I found Ms Kelly highly skilled and was impressed by her excellent service. The staff at reception were nice and courteous. Overall I was quite satisfied with my treatment at Dental Designs.
Ram Mamidi
Ram M.
01:05 24 Dec 20
Clean, professional dental clinic with friendly staff and dentist.
Daniel Lai
Daniel L.
06:38 30 Dec 20
visited house of eden branch today. I narrowed down my choices to 2 clinics with very good reviews on google, one of which walking distance to where i live.Dental Design Clinic is not convenient for me at all, though it is accessible. However, i'm very glad with my final choice. One of the biggest deciding factors was the customer service when i enquired via whatsapp. It was welcoming and extremely prompt.Ms. Christine, the frontdesk lady was outstanding at her work with great interpersonal skills and an empathetic mindset. I think she is a quite a gem to the organisation. Thank you for being you. 🙏😊Dentist Mr. Rares was absolutely detailed, skilful, gentle and assuring. 5☆ is an understatement. Thank you for being you. 🙏😊will confidently recommend to anyone.Gin.
zelig official
zelig O.
15:39 16 Apr 21

How many veneers do I need?

Your smile is one of the first few things people notice about you. Several studies have shown that people with straight, healthy-looking teeth are perceived as more successful, and about two thirds of people are more likely to remember attractive features. In other words, a nice smile is important, and teeth are definitely a standout […]

Why is there a black line around my crown?

Patients often ask us, “Doc, what’s this black line around my dental crown? Is it dirt?” The black line isn’t a sign of dirt or age, but it could mean three things: receding gums, the material of the crown or crown fit problems. Let’s explore these causes in greater detail.  Receding gums  Receding gums are […]

Do veneers stay white and will I still be able to drink my coffee?

If you’re a regular coffee or tea drinker, you probably would know by now that these drinks contain tannin that can turn your teeth yellow over time. But do the staining effects apply the same for veneers?  The good news is dental veneers are stain resistant, so you can still enjoy a cup of Joe […]

Is it painful to have a dental crown placed?

Many are afraid of going to the dentist as they worry their experience will be a painful and uncomfortable one. We’ve come a long way with dentistry; thanks to the use of anaesthesia and sedation, dental treatments are no longer as uncomfortable as they used to be. The same applies for getting dental crowns.  The […]

Do veneers ruin your teeth?

A common question patients have when installing dental porcelain veneers is whether this smile transformation procedure will ruin their teeth. That is a valid concern, since dental veneers involve removing some natural tooth enamel, a substance on our teeth that acts as a protective barrier against acid and bacteria. When enamel is lacking due to […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Crowns

If you have a tooth that’s chipped, cracked or damaged in some way that normal fillings or dental veneers cannot restore, then dental crowns could be an excellent option. There are many advantages to dental crowns, but as with every treatment in dentistry, this restorative procedure comes with its own set of disadvantages as well […]

Dental Veneers vs. Crowns: What’s the difference?

At our clinic, two popular aesthetic dentistry procedures we often carry out are dental veneers and dental crowns, and patients often ask about the difference between the two. Granted, both veneers and crowns are often used to treat the following conditions: Cracked or chipped teeth Discoloured teeth Decayed teeth Crooked teeth They are somewhat similar […]

My dentist told me I have to wait 2 weeks for my dental crown. Is it possible to get a crown in a day?

Dental crowns are often used to help cover dental issues, such as cracked teeth, gaps, crooked teeth and discolouration. In the past, getting dental crowns used to be a rather tedious and complicated process with an average waiting time of 2 weeks. Today, thanks to CEREC technology, you can get same day crowns or CEREC […]

How do dentists make dental veneers look natural?

Dental veneers are an excellent way to cover up imperfections on your teeth, such as cracks, discolouration or gaps. When done well, veneers can instantly change the quality of your smile and hence are often used in smile transformation processes. However, many patients often end up with unnatural looking veneers in their quest to achieve […]

Is Invisalign painful?

Many patients undergo Invisalign treatment for straight teeth expecting it not to hurt at all. This is hardly surprising, as Invisalign in Singapore is often advertised as being pain-free or a lot less painful than metal braces. While it’s true that Invisalign is a lot more comfortable compared to traditional braces, it is not true […]

I have a cracked tooth, how does a crown help with it?

A healthy tooth is characterised by strong and hard enamel. However, sometimes this enamel gets cracked open through habits like tooth grinding or biting onto hard things like ice or bones, leading to a cracked tooth. Our molars in particular are especially vulnerable to cracks as they absorb the majority of the force during chewing. […]

What happens to your teeth under veneers?

If you are familiar with how veneers work, you should know that they are excellent choices for smile makeovers. One of the most common questions we receive at Dental Designs about veneers is what happens to teeth under porcelain veneers — will they rot, be ruined or suffer damage? The good news is when fitted […]

Spaces and Invisalign — Can Invisalign close spaces?

Gapped teeth may not appear to be much of a problem as compared to crooked teeth, but if not treated accordingly, it can cause the gums to be sore or develop gum disease. In dentistry, gapped teeth is known as a condition called diastema. The gap typically appears between the two upper front teeth, but […]

Things to know before getting a dental crown

A dental crown is often used for treating tooth problems such as repairing a cracked or broken tooth, protecting a damaged tooth or reinforcing a tooth after root canal treatment. When placed properly by a professional dentist, dental crowns can offer excellent, long lasting results that look great and protect the overall structure of teeth […]

Underbite and Invisalign — Can Invisalign fix my underbite?

An underbite is a dental condition characterised by the misalignment of the upper and lower front teeth. It is classified as a Class III malocclusion. Due to the way an underbite presents itself (lower teeth stick out in front of the upper front teeth), it can greatly impact the self esteem of patients depending on […]

Can veneers last forever?

Many patients looking to change their teeth’s appearance —be it stains, gaps, chips, cracks or crookedness— often opt for veneers as a cosmetic solution. Veneers are widely known for their ability to blend in with natural teeth and their resistance to stains. Further, the process of getting veneers is a very tolerable one; patients do […]

How long do dental crowns last?

Dental crowns are commonly used in restorative treatments to save a tooth. They’re helpful in situations where a tooth has been heavily damaged due to decay and regular filling is not enough due to a lack of healthy tooth structure. Not only does a crown add strength to a tooth, it can also correct bite […]

Crowding and Invisalign — Can Invisalign fix my crooked teeth?

There are many misconceptions about Invisalign, with one being it can only fix slightly crooked teeth and will not work on overcrowded teeth. This is simply not true — Invisalign is far more than just a retainer and can be used in almost all dental situations to straighten teeth. Granted, severely crooked teeth might need […]

Smile Design

What is Smile Design? Smile Design is a branch of aesthetic dentistry that incorporates different dental procedures to create a smile that matches your mouth and rest of your face. Under Smile Design, no two smiles are the same because of our unique characteristics and facial features. Things like gender, facial composition and even skin […]

Can veneers fix my crooked teeth?

Veneers are thin, tooth-coloured porcelain ceramics bonded over the surface of existing teeth. They are customised to match the shape and colour of your natural teeth; this is done so by digital scans taken in the clinic. During the process, your teeth are slightly trimmed and ‘prepped’ a little in order to shape them and […]

Does age matter with Invisalign?

Invented in the late 1990s, Invisalign has since become a mainstream alternative to traditional metal braces. This treatment system involves wearing a series of clear aligners over different phases or months, with each set of aligners slowly moving teeth to their proper position. Due to their transparent colour, Invisalign aligners are barely noticeable to others […]

Do I need to have a root canal treatment done before I do a crown?

Some people think that a root canal treatment is necessary before installing a crown and vice versa. However, both of them are entirely separate procedures and one can most certainly be performed without a need for the other. With that said, many crowned teeth end up getting root canal treatment done, and patients who have […]

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having veneers?

Nowadays in dentistry, the options for improving your teeth are close to limitless. Whether it’s fixing a chipped tooth or adjusting the length of your gums, it can be done. In this article, I will talk about dental veneers since they are gaining in popularity.  Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells bonded onto the surface […]

What types of problems can Invisalign treat?

Invisalign is a game changer for those who desire healthy and perfectly aligned teeth. This clear plastic aligner system allows you to achieve straight teeth without the drawbacks and hindrance of metal braces. If your appearance is important to you, or if your job requires you to attend social events and make important presentations, perhaps […]

Are clear retainers really the best type of retainers?

So you’ve just got off your braces and now have a brand new set of beautiful teeth. But in order to keep your teeth straight for as long as possible and even in the years to come, the next step is to get a pair of dental retainers. Dental retainers are custom made devices designed […]

3 Types of Retainers: Which is the best one for me?

When my patients think about retainers, they commonly think of the colourful plastic ones with metal wires that are worn after they their braces are removed. However, do you know that there 3 uniquely different types of retainers on the market right now, all with different pros and cons? Let’s go through each of them […]

Retainers for children: How to make your kids love wearing retainers

Many younger patients who’ve gone through years of wearing braces often find their teeth regressing due to incorrect retainer usage. After all the effort spent in order to correct one’s teeth alignment, it’s a pity to see many adolescent patients lose their beautiful smiles due to either losing one’s retainer, forgetting to wear them, or […]

Wearing Invisalign: How convenient is it, really?

Invisalign, a modern alternative to traditional metal braces, has seen a tremendous rise of popularity in recent years. The benefits to Invisalign are clear (pun entirely intended) and many-fold. Your friends, family and work acquaintances aren’t going to know that you’re undergoing orthodontic corrective work from sight alone. Gone are the days you need to […]

COVID-19 and what dentists are doing for infection control

At this point, the COVID-19 coronavirus has hit more than 80,000 infected worldwide with a rapidly climbing death toll of around 2,619 people. With 34 countries and regions affected, containment efforts by medical professionals and their practices is absolutely imperative. People worldwide are largely eschewing public areas; preferring to hide away at home whilst the […]

Electric Toothbrush vs. Manual – What’s the right brush for me?

Brushing your teeth is usually step one in everyone’s daily oral hygiene routine – so are we really equipping ourselves with the right tools for this crucial task? While reports show that over 41% of the U.S. population use them daily, electric toothbrushes are not very commonly used here in Singapore. Are electric toothbrushes really […]

Flossing is NOT Optional – Why you need to make flossing a habit immediately

Many of us think we have really good oral hygiene. We brush our teeth thoroughly twice a day, drink lots of water, avoid smoking and sometimes use mouthwash before leaving the house to ensure our breath stays fresh and minty. Nobody ever complains that we have bad breath, and our smile remains white and pristine. […]

Poor Oral Hygiene – Are You Guilty of These Bad Habits?

Bleeding gums, bad breath – they happen when bacteria accumulates on the teeth due to poor oral hygiene habits. Scarily enough, dental health isn’t completely localized to a patient’s mouth; research has shown that there’s a real correlation between a person’s dental health and their overall physical and mental well being. Left untreated, bad oral […]

Amalgams Vs Composites: Which is The Better Choice?

When people think of fillings, they think of the silver, metal fillings that have been around for the last 150 years. However, with the new advancements made in dentistry, traditional amalgam fillings are no longer the only choice available, and today many dental offices also provide composite resin. We discuss both to help give you […]


A beautiful smile not only makes you look youthful, but it also boosts your self-confidence and enhances your personality. Unfortunately, crooked, stained or chipped can ruin your smile and facial aesthetics. However, there is no need to worry. If you have damaged teeth that are negatively affecting your smile and personality, then we have the […]

Things you Should Know When You Brush your Teeth

Let’s face it. For many people, toothbrushing is just an oral care routine – its something we do every day when we get up or before we go to bed. But, did you know that brushing your teeth is not just essential for having pearly white teeth and fresh breath, but it is also important […]

Tooth grinding (Bruxism) – All you need to know

Most people grind their teeth from time to time, especially during stressful situations. While tooth grinding may not affect your teeth if it is done transiently or for short durations, it can damage your teeth if it becomes a habit. Unfortunately, many people are not even aware that they grind their teeth, as most of […]

Why you need a Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth has undergone heavy damage from decay, and bacteria has infected the tooth, a root canal treatment is performed to remove the bacteria infection and save the tooth, as opposed to removing the whole tooth. This article explains everything you need to know about root canal treatment. What is Root Canal Treatment? A […]

What are Your Options for Replacing a Missing Tooth?

Missing a natural tooth not only affects your smile and personality, but it can also seriously affect your ability to eat and speak. Therefore, it is important that you must replace your missing teeth as soon as they are lost. This article offers various options that can be utilized by your dentist when it comes […]

Should I Always Remove My Wisdom Teeth

Some people think that the removal of wisdom teeth is a complete waste of time and money. Others believe that all wisdom teeth are a source of trouble and they must be removed. So, who is right? The simple answer is that not all teeth wisdom teeth require removal; only those wisdom teeth which may […]

Things To Know About Zirconia Dental Crowns

When it comes to restoring a damaged tooth, zirconia crowns are among the top choices for dentists throughout the world. This is because of the lifelike aesthetics and durability of zirconia. Since this is a relatively new material, many patients are curious regarding the composition and uses of zirconia crowns. This article explains everything you […]

How Having a Great Smile Can Help You Become Successful in Life?

We all have experienced how a beautiful smile can brighten up our day. An adorable smile of a baby can make us forget all our worries. Indeed as Phyllis Diller once said: “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.”. Did you also know that a beautiful smile may also be the key to […]

Veneers and Crowns in Cosmetic Dentistry

When we talk about cosmetic dentistry, the first things which come to mind after teeth whitening are veneers and porcelain crowns. This is because these are one of the best options at cosmetically and functionally restoring damaged teeth. However, most people are not familiar with the differences between veneers and crowns. This article offers a […]

Dentist in Town (At the financial district)

If you are looking for a compassionate and friendly dentist in town, we are located at 120 Telok Ayer Street S 068589 (Singapore financial district) and ready to serve you the best we can. We offer broad-spectrum services, covering everything from general dental care to teeth whitening and braces, and can also step in when […]

Dental Crowns – What materials are there and what’s best for you

Dental crowns are used to restore the function and aesthetics of teeth that have been heavily damaged and to protect them from further damage. When a tooth has decayed, a filling can be placed if it is small. However, if the decay is large, there might not be enough healthy tooth structure to place a […]

How to Decrease Risk of Implant Failure with Computer Guided Implant

What are Dental Implants? An implant is a metallic fixture which is inserted into the jaw bone, and it serves as a replacement root for an artificial tooth. The dental implants have recently become a popular choice as a tooth replacement option, both among patients, owing to their excellent durability, lifelike appearance, and lifelong durability. […]

Dental Fillings – Why choose Ceramic Fillings over Regular Ones?

When we talk restoring badly worn down or chipped teeth, the first thing that comes to mind is dental fillings. Most of us are aware of the tooth coloured composite fillings which are perhaps being most commonly used by dentists throughout the world for restoring damaged teeth. However, did you also know that there is […]

How to Straighten Teeth Without Doing Metal Braces

Why Is Having Straight Teeth Important? Having straighter teeth can improve your facial appearance and confidence. A person who is self-conscious about their smile will tend to smile with lips closed together or with their hand covering the mouth, which can come across as awkward. Speech and eating may be improved after braces treatment with […]

10 Things You Should Know Before You Start Invisalign

Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic treatment which allows your dentist to design your smile. It is a patented technology which uses proprietary software and state-of-the-art aligner material which is designed to be more comfortable and effective in orthodontic treatment. The dentist takes 3D scans of your teeth to produce an impression of your teeth. This […]

10 Things You Need to Know about Tooth Whitening

Ever wanted pearly whites like your favourite movie stars? Tooth whitening can provide you with a bright and white smile that you can confidently show and make a great first impression. How does tooth whitening work? Tooth whitening uses bleaching agents to lighten the colour of your teeth. The tooth is semi-permeable. This allows for […]

10 Things You Need to know before Having an Implant

What Are Dental Implants? Dental implants are replacements of your teeth that might have accidentally been knocked out or need to be reduced due to cavities. Dental implants are replacements for such damaged teeth that look and feel like your natural teeth. Computer-aided implant surgery is the result of advances in digital technology that allows […]

Deciding Between a Veneer or Dental Crown Singapore

A common question that surfaces in the mind of patients is: Should I choose a dental crown or a veneer? Here are the answers you’ve been looking to get. Why do I need a dental crown or veneer? For one, your teeth are damaged or decayed, exposing the dentine and pulp. Or they may be […]

Which is better, Braces or Invisalign?

Think of the first time you are introduced to someone. It is said that we judge people within the first 3 seconds based on their appearance, style and grooming. We want to send a strong positive image so that the first impression is a good one. A genuine and warm smile is part of what […]

Henner Insurance – Henner Healthcare – Henner Dentist

Henner Insurance Dentist – Dental Designs Clinic is an Henner Healthcare Provider approved by Henner International Medical Network providing dental care for Henner. For expatriate dental care, if you are looking for a reliable clinic with international standards of sterilization and hygiene, friendly doctors with up to date equipment, Dental Designs Clinic is located conveniently at […]

Great Eastern Dental Insurance

Great Eastern Dental Clinic – Dental Designs Clinic is an Great Eastern Dental Clinic on the Great Eastern Dental Insurance List. Looking for a Great Eastern Dental Clinic near Raffles Place? We are a Great Eastern Dental Clinic in CBD of Singapore. We answer some commonly asked questions about Great Eastern Dentist treatment and how you can utilise your employee benefit […]

Medisave Dental Clinic – Medisave Accredited Clinic

Medisave Dental Clinic – Dental Designs Clinic is a Medisave Accredited Clinic approved by the Ministry of Health Singapore. At Dental Designs Clinic, our dentists are trained in the latest techniques in dentistry to provide the best treatment available. Our clinic is equipped with high tech equipment from Germany, and we follow international European Sterilisation […]

Cynergy Care Network Provider – Dental Designs Clinic

Have a Cynergy Care dental card but not sure where you can use it? Dental Designs Clinic is a Cynergy Network Provider on the Cynergy Care Dental Clinic list. As a Cynergy Care Clinic, you will get to enjoy dental coverage for your dental treatment with us. We are located near an MRT Station (Telok Ayer on Downtown […]

Dental Designs Clinic is an AIA Panel Dentist on the AIA Group Dental Panel List

Looking for an AIA Dentist near Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar? Dental Designs Clinic is a AIA Panel dentist located in the CBD of Singapore. We answer some commonly asked questions about AIA Panel Dentist and how you can utilise your employee benefit or AIA insurance coverage fully with us.   I am covered under […]

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