Clear Retainer

What is a Clear retainer?

A Clear retainer, is a dental retainer and is used to maintain the position of your teeth to prevent them from shifting. They are usually done when there is a need to hold the teeth in a certain position such as after teeth straightening (orthodontic) treatment with braces or Invisalign. They may also be called removable retainer or orthodontic retainer.

Harnessing Technology,
We can now do more for you.

3D Scanning + 3D Printing

Over at Dental Designs, we believe in making retainers that are of the highest quality while making sure that our patients are as comfortable as possible. We have intra-oral scanners that virtually takes a record of teeth shape and position and 3D printers that create dental models within 25 micron accuracy. This replaces traditional methods such as dental mould taking and stone models that are often inaccurate and unpleasant for our clients.

Great Materials. Precision Equipment.
Accurate fit to retain teeth in their position.

Authentic materials

We use HSA approved materials with long-term track records to make sure our products are safe and long-lasting.

Precise fit

With 3D scanning and printing, we are able to fabricate accurate models of your teeth so that your retainers will fit better. A better fit means that your teeth are better maintained in that position.

Convenient Replacement Retainers

Order another duplicate retainer without needing an appointment to do a 3D Scanning (or a dental mould) again.

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No Dental Moulds with 3D Scans

Dental moulds are a part of traditional dentistry and are uncomfortable. We do 3D digital scanning of your teeth instead which are fast, comfortable and more accurate.

Data Archiving

Your dental records are saved in our secure databank. This saves you time if you wish to make another retainer in the future or if your dentist needs to use it as a reference.

3 Days turnaround

Our highly skilled in-house lab significantly reduces processing time needed to create your retainers.

At Dental Designs,
Our retainers are made with quality Zendura™ material

why is Zendura™ better for clear retainers?

BPA and phthalate free

As a dental retainer is used in your mouth for long hours every day, it’s important to ensure that the material is non toxic and safe to use. Zendura is a high-performance polyurethane (PU) material designed and engineered just for dental appliances.

Proven Stain Resistance

Colour stable and clarity optimised to endure the harsh day to day usage in the oral cavity

Tested for Durability

For our orthodontic retainers, we use Zendura™ retains its strength and toughness up to 300% longer than other retainer materials while maintaining its visual clarity and fit.

Picture of a Dental Retainer

Clarity and Durability.
Customised Clear Retainers made for you.

  Dental Designs  X   Zendura™ Clear Retainers


First Set



Additional 2nd Set



3rd set or More

$150 /set

Each set consists of one upper and one lower clear retainer

  1. A 3D scan and print a 3D model of your teeth is included in the price.
  2. If it’s your first time to our clinic, we require a dental checkup and cleaning (not included) to be done as some oral conditions and/or bacteria buildup can affect the fit of the retainers
  3. Price for additional sets are applicable only when you purchase them together with the first set.
  4. Prices are subject to 7% GST

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I highly recommend Dr. Jo Ann as she was patience and gentle in handling dentistry treatments. She takes the time and great effort to explain clearly before starting the dental treatment and that has helped me gain confidence. I really enjoyed my routine check ups with her. Not forgetting the front desk lady that greeted me and assisted my administrative and I am impressed with her diligence and efficiency.Overall, I highly recommend Dental Designs and thankful as in my view, they portray prestigious.
Joe Han
Joe H.
08:26 11 Oct 21
Dr Hani is awesome! She’s meticulous and explains everything I need to know very clearly.
Ronald Ip
Ronald I.
03:22 09 Oct 21
Updated on 8 Oct: I am a happy returning customer here. I have been doing my scaling and polishing with Ms Kelly for 1.5 years and very satisfied with the service provided. Booked my 2022 appointment with Ms Kelly alr and looking forward to coming back. Strongly recommended if you are looking for a dental clinic in the CBD area.Best dental clinic I've ever visited! Kind staff and very nice dentist. I went for scaling and polishing but the dentist kindly offered to help me check on my Invisalign aligner state (done with my own dentist somewhere else). Did a X-RAY to check my root according to the rrcommendation and the final cost is reasonable with the level of service they provided. Full 5 star is well deserved.
Run Jin
Run J.
03:45 08 Oct 21
It was a great experience! Dr Tiffany and Ms Kelly have changed my view about dental visits being painful and scary. They are both very professional, personable and took great care of my teeth. The scaling/polishing service was also a smooth and absolutely painless process.
Judy Lim
Judy L.
10:27 13 Aug 21
Went for my first Wisdom Teeth Surgery on 12 July. Before this, I had heard horror stories from my peers that they suffer from pain after the surgery, which makes me scare hahaha. But on that day, Dr Noah had made the whole session not as tension as I thought it would be like, he is funny and make the effort to prompt questions to you so that you can be more chillax. The pre and post procedure was explained super clearly also by Dr Noah so that you know what to expect and what to do or not to do. The whole procedure was not painful at all (THANKFULLY YAY). Just that you will feel a lot of pressure and the sounds from the drilling might make you scare a bit. But maybe can try to wear a noise cancellation sound ear buds if you think you cannot tahan the sounds. The next day after the surgery, I also did not feel any pain, just a bit sore at the surgery area that is about it. Medications and mouth rinse will be assigned to you as well. Now I am really looking forward to next wisdom teeth surgery for my right side with Dr Noah again. Cheers!
Angie Yip
Angie Y.
05:25 13 Jul 21
Such a fabulous experience! Dr philip miller found and removed this long lost piece of metal wire stuck behind my tooth from back when I had braces! Years later.. feels so good! The photos he took found the wire after no other dentist all these years pointed it out! He also spent a detailed amount of time scaling and polishing my teeth. Very American style 🙂 my other dental cleaning appointments in SG have lasted 10-15 min tops and I was told thats just how they do it here. Happy to have found this place! I am very happy with how my teeth look and feel. Appointment lasted 50 min overall of which the cleaning was the bulk. Will be back every 6 months!
anoosha saran
anoosha S.
10:22 07 Jul 21
Dear Dr Tiffany and Dr Rares, thank you so much for being you. I can't thank you enough for your professionalism and for every experience i have been through with you thus far.Dr Tiffany, i'm glad with myself that i can finally sit down and put my gratitude towards you in written words. I remember telling you how you could effortlessly make me and probably every patient feel. Thank you for being so extremely professional and humble. You are so awesome at your work, it makes it so easy to trust you in total comfort right from the first session. As much as im guilty of procrastinating my straightening course this late, im at the same time convinced that everything happens for an unknown reason at the right timing of readiness. Thank you for being a good portion of the reason.Dr Rares, i want to let you know in written words of what i have yet told you in person. You live up to all i have previously thought and wrote about you. Thank you for being so professional,super gentle and extra caring to details. I believe alot of dental patients elsewhere when going through arduous processes like deep cleaning will be in either fear or discomfort, but what went through my mind a few times when you were doing deep cleaning for me were mostly how impressive you were at your work and that i owe you another thank you. You are also so respectful and polite to your assistant each time. I'm so proud to be your patient.Dr Rares and Dr Tiffany, sometimes i feel that the phrase in good hands has been widely misused all over. But to be used on you, i feel that it is inadequate at all. May you be blessed the same way everywhere else with the same standards you bless on people.Thank you Sherlene and Christine so much too for being so responsible, cheerful and responsive! 🥰Gin Goh
Kion Moy
Kion M.
08:56 30 Jun 21
The appointment reservation was seamless. Christine was responsive in responding and answering to our inquiries. She was very caring too. On the day of my appointment immediately upon my arrival at the clinic, I felt very sick and stayed in the washroom. But, she came and escorted me up to the clinic, assuring that I would feel better there rather than staying at the washroom. She made me ginger tea and immediately I felt better.I rescheduled my appointment to a different day. Dr Jo Ann was the dentist in-charge. She was empathetic and took the time to clear some of my concerns as well as offering her advice on a few issues of my teeth.All the ladies at the receptionist are were efficient and helpful too.
Lady M Mara Nat
Lady M Mara N.
05:24 25 Jun 21
Dr. Nicholas made my visit as pleasant as possible. His explanations were thorough and clear. The procedure was performed quickly. The staff was very helpful and I truly appreciate the care I received from all involved. Thank you for making a very difficult situation easier. Thank you so much.
durga devi
durga D.
06:55 16 Jun 21
Great experience with Dr. Tiffany and Dr. Joann!
Noam H
Noam H
07:13 10 Jun 21

Frequently Asked Questions on Clear Retainers

Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Retainers
  1. What is a retainer?
    Retainers are custom-made, removable appliances that fit over your teeth and help hold them in place after your braces have been taken off.
  2. Can a patient use the last aligner as a retainer?
    Retainers are based on the final step of treatment and are intended for the purpose of retention. Aligners are designed specifically to accomplish movement. The treating physician should determine when the retention phase begins and what type of retainer/retention protocol is best for the patient.
    When is the best time to request retainers?
    The best time to order retainers is as soon as the doctor’s objectives and patient’s preferences are resolved to the satisfaction of both.
    Why do I need to wear retainers?
    Like any part of the human body, the ageing process is inevitable. This will have an impact on the teeth. Retainers need to be worn in order to minimise these changes as much as possible. Retainers also help to stabilise your teeth in their new position and it is important to follow these instructions carefully.
  3. They feel funny, how long will this last?
    Your retainers will look, taste and feel brand new. Your speech may also be affected. This usually lasts for a couple of days until you wear them in and they become comfortable. Talk, sing, smile as much as possible. If you are having difficulty, discuss this with your orthodontist at your first check appointment.
  4. When I remove the retainers, where should I put them?
    Do not put the retainers in your pocket, do not put the in your bag, and definitely do not wrap them in tissues or serviettes as they will be thrown out! There is a cost to replace lost or damaged retainers so please look after them.
  5. How do I clean retainers?
    You can brush the with a toothbrush and toothpaste when you brush your teeth. You can also soak your plates in any cleaning solution from the pharmacy. Soak for 10-15 minutes.
  6. What types of retainers are there?
    There are several common types of retainers.
    · Traditional removable retainers: This type of retainer is made out of colored acrylic and wire. There are dozens of styles and colors to choose from.
    · Clear Retainers: This retainer is made from clear plastic and fits over your teeth. In addition to keeping your teeth in place, it can help protect the surfaces of your teeth if you have the habit of clenching or grinding them while you sleep.
    · Bonded retainers: A bonded retainers are usually placed behind the lower teeth after removal of braces. It’s bonded to the teeth with composite material and such is considered “permanent” because it can’t be removed. They don’t usually use this type of retainer with the upper teeth because it would interfere with your bite. A bonded retainer can remain in place for several years.
  7. How often (and how long) do I have to wear my retainer?
    The purpose of your retainers is to maintain the position of your teeth. Many of the factors causing crowding persist throughout life. As part of the aging process the teeth tend to shift. Therefore, it is very important to maintain retainer wear for as long as you want to maintain straight teeth. We recommend you wear your retainers every night.
  8. How much will retainers affect my daily life?
    It depends on the type of retainer you have. In general, retainers are far less noticeable than braces, so the appearance of your smile will not be affected by them. It may take you a couple days to get used to the feel of wearing one, but after that you should barely notice them. If you have a bonded retainer, you will need to brush the surrounding area thoroughly and learn to floss around the retainer. Floss threaders can be especially helpful for this.

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