We Promise You Quality Dental Work

Peace of Mind at Dental Designs Clinic

Dental treatment is an investment in your health, and it is natural to wonder how long that investment can last. When you come to us, we are committed to take good care of your health.

We help you protect your wellbeing, and your investment in your health, by providing high quality, long lasting dental treatment. Here at Dental Designs, we are proud of the work we do, and we confident in our quality.

This is why we are happy to provide a dental warranty for you.

Treatments Covered under our Dental Warranty


  • 5 year warranty applies if, under normal conditions, the dental restoration breaks, loosens, cracks or dislodges.
  • Replacement with a similar or better material is covered
  • It does not cover the treatment cost of root canal treatments (if needed thereafter) nor the breakage/fracture of the natural tooth supporting it. In cases whereby the dentist has advised the patient beforehand that the restoration may not last due to tooth/gum/bite factors, the warranty is not valid.
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  • 10 year warranty applies if the entire procedure was done at our clinic, including the bone grafting, implant placement and crown.
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The Patient’s Commitment

Maintenance of good dental health is also dependent on you, the patient. In cases of dental neglect, disease is unavoidable. The warranty is only valid if you abide by the following conditions:


Bacteria builds up on the teeth naturally after some time, which cannot be removed by just brushing. This causes tooth decay and gum disease. To avoid that, please let us professionally clean and check your teeth for decay and other issues at least once every 6 months


Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, and following any special instructions your dentist or hygienist has given you to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.


Please notify us and come in for a check immediately once you encounter any problems after the treatment. Any delay may result in more damage to the condition and may void the warranty.


  • Does not cover the cost of travel, accommodation nor any consequential losses incurred by the patient.
  • The warranty does not include any cost associated with routine maintenance required over the course of its working life

Warranties may be deemed null and void if:

  1. If the patient misses routine check-ups which should be done at recommended intervals, which are usually 6 monthly, or may be 3- or 4-monthly in cases of gum disease.
  2. If the dentist has advised and patient has consented that the treatment would have a guarded prognosis/longevity prior to treatment.
  3. Negligent oral hygiene by the patient.
  4. If the dentist’s instructions are not followed on the care of teeth and gums.
  5. In the event of an accident, or if there was an instance of any accident resulting to impact to the face or head after the treatment.
  6. If there are relevant medical conditions that predisposes the patient to failure of the treatment outcome. (e.g. smoking, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.)
  7. If the failure of the restorative work is due to abuse or negligence due to any form of mistreatment of the prostheses. This includes but is not limited to, biting into metal objects, chewing ice, self-adjustments, etc.
  8. If the dentist has determined a night guard/occlusal splint was necessary to protect the prostheses, but which was not made or not worn as directed.
  9. if the specific dental work was adjusted or altered at another clinic without prior notification and agreement.
  10. Any other unforeseen circumstances which is beyond the control of the dentist.
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